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    never thirsty.
    daughter1984 posted:
    I've noticed over the last couple of years that I don't get thirsty, at least not nearly to the same degree as other people. I live in a desert area where it is dry and hot most of the year. Doctors are always telling everyone to take water with them for fear of dehydration. I have been hospitalized twice and twice given spinal taps because I was in stage 2 of shock caused by dehydration. I just don't know when to drink water. I do get thirsty on rare occasion, if I'm not sick or am having allergy problems. If I am having those problems, I think I tend to associate a dry mouth or throat with the illness. I have to "listen" to my body for signs of beginning stages of dehydration to know when to drink any fluids. I just don't get thirsty at all on a daily basis. I can go, and have gone, almost a week without actually drinking any water. I might have milk in with my breakfast, or a fruit, or a soda, but not water.

    I've become increasingly interested as to why I might have this problem. I can't keep going to the e.r. for this, I need to figure out how to beat it. I've tried bottles of water, and having a glass at my desk, but I actually forget to drink it. I don't have that urge, so I don't think about it. The only time I do drink it is when I know I haven't had it in a long time, or someone reminds me.

    Also, I have very low blood pressure (lowest was 60/30 when hospitalized), I get leg cramps often, I feel lethargic, moody, headaches, and my hands and feet get icy cold but I don't really feel it unless I touch them to another part of my body.

    What can I do? Is this a severe problem? Should I ask my doc about it? I've looked online and I cant find anything that talks about not being thirsty. There is a lot about excessive thirst, but not non-thirst. Who/what can help me?
    sam05 responded:
    I would definately try and see your doctor about it. All those symptoms you have such as the headaches and cramps probably relate directly to you not getting enough water. I, too, do not drink very much. But I always have a bottle of water with me and make myself drink some throughout the day. I put those flavor packets in it so I don't have to drink it for thirst but because it tastes good. If I were you I would ask your doctor about ways to help with your dehydration. HTH
    daughter1984 responded:
    Thanks for the reply. I've tried the flavor packets, and it helped me a bit, too. Even a little flavor helps. I'm concerned, though, if I might have an underlying problem that causes the non-thirst. Other than you, I've never met anyone who has this same issue.
    MikePz3 responded:
    I have to gauge my dehydration level by how my mouth feels. If it feels dry and a little tight, I know that I have to drink something. Otherwise, I rarely feel thirsty, except if I had very salty food an hour or more before. I would love to drink more but water makes me gag! I hate it! Flavored water goes down okay but the artificial sweeteners in most of them give me migraines. Full-sugar drinks are not advisable as the primary means of hydration. There is no scientific basis for the often stated rule that one needs to drink eight glasses of water a day, but I'm sure zero glasses a day isn't correct either.

    My blood work is fine, but I do have mental issues. Seriously.

    sparrowsmom responded:
    I felt like I could have been reading about myself when I read your entry. Have you been to the doctor yet or found out why your body isn't telling you to be thirsty? I've never been hospitalized but I have felt dizzy, confused, my legs ache at times when walking to my office from the parking lot up a small hill or just when I crouch down to my daughter's level for a few seconds. Even worse, my pulse goes nuts (feels like my heart speeds up for a minute or two) & I find it hard to get enough air. I really have to concentrate on my breathing until I feel like I'm back to normal. When I was pregnant I told my doctor about these symptoms & they had me wear a heart monitor during the day to capture an 'episode'. After seeing the readings from the monitor, they said that nothing was wrong & pregnant women's bodies just have different reactions sometimes carrying around extra weight like that. I just figured out a few months ago (from Symptom Checker on WebMD) that my problem is & has always been dehydration. Like you, I can carry water in the car or have it setting all day by my mouse pad & STILL forget to drink it. If I really pay attention & make myself drink something every time I think of it, I never have those symptoms. But, if I have the symptoms & think back on what I've had to drink the last 2 days or so, I realize that I have dehydrated again & can fix the way I feel in a matter of a few hours by drinking water.

    Let me know if you've gotten any answers since you first wrote. I am very interested why my body isn't preventively reacting (by being thirsty) before it gets to the point of having the symptoms of dehydration. I have tried looking on-line & have seen so many things on ALWAYS being thirsty but next-to-nothing on NEVER being thirsty.
    sskatt responded:
    Oh my, I have been thinking about this lately. I had an acute kidney failure event last Sept. I now have severe kidney disease. In retrospect, I realized that I was never thirsty even in the summer heat. I was taking a diuretic and I think that plus my lack of thirst cause the crisis. My severe kidney disease will cause major problems in the future when I need certain treatments or diagnostic testing. Not a good picture. I am still not aware of being thirsty. I have a low salt & potassium dietary requirements so perhaps that is the reason. I think we must set our alarms to remind us to drink a little each time whether we think we need it or not.
    RochelleK responded:
    I had a similar problem a couple years ago and I actually had to keep track of how many ounces of water I was drinking to be sure I got enough. After a while, drinking enough water became habit even though I was rarely thirsty
    sandie_72 responded:
    Dear never thirst, would you please let me know what you find out about this issue as I have a very similar problem and have had kidney stones from not drinking enough fluids. It takes me about 3 days on avg. to finish a regular size bottle of water at work. I keep forgetting about it and when I look at it I have no desire to drink it so in the fridge it goes until the next day. I would appreciate any info you could share if you find anything out.
    rubystar2 responded:
    I would just make it a point to drink sips all day long. I think sometimes our bodies don't signal us if there is no response from us. Maybe your body has been 'trained' to not register thirst if it has been ignored for many years. I'm just guessing.

    I drink lots and lots of water because I know it's healthy for us and I have just always been doing that for the last 5 or 6 years now. I'm sure I drink at LEAST a half gallon a day.

    Maybe you have to build up to it by drinking a little bit often to let your body get used to a higher level of hydration.

    Let us all know what you find out from the doctors, if anything.
    Cherrigrl22 responded:
    Finally someone just like me. I have had this feeling of never being thirsty for as long as i can remember. In fact, when i was about 3 or 4 years old i was rushed to the emergency room because of dehydration. I am also hardly ever thirsty as well. I just never even think about drinking water; kind of like my brain forgets to tell me i need water. I have gone almost a week without drinking water as well. I have been dehydrated many times, feeling dizzy, nauseous, and sometimes very weak, but so far not as bad as the visit to the ER when i was 3. My friends and family always remind me to drink more water but when i drink it when i don't "feel" thirsty it makes me feel sick to my stomach, not because of the taste, just because my body doesn't feel thirsty even if i know i need it. Its almost like my body is thirsty but my mind tells me I'm not. As I'm writing this i actually feel more dizzy than i have in years because of dehydration. I have been feeling increasingly dizzy for the past 2 days and started to worry a little. So i looked up anything i could find on not ever being thirsty and came across this site. I too get bad leg cramps and I'm always cold but unlike your situation i realize I'm cold. I tried putting those flavor packets in a water bottle and they do help a little but I still don't even drink flavored things as much either.

    I hope you find out what causes non-thirst and hopefully its something we can fix. Thank you for posting this. It shows me I'm not the only one with this problem. Like yourself, I have never met anyone with this condition. I hope someday I can rid of it and good luck to u too.
    pjh139psu responded:
    One little thing you can try is when you feel like eating something, take a drink. Sometimes the body can read thrist as hunger. Before you eat, make sure water goes in. Just want to grab a quick bag of chips or a candy bar or nutrition bar, or meal, make the water go with them and consume it first.

    If you need to track it you might try a site like Daily Burn or Daily Plate. I believe Sparks also has a water tracker. It counts the ounces or glasses depending on the site [8 oz glass>. Keep a beverage at hand. No it doesn't have to be exactly water.

    Have your water with your meals. Mine is always unsweetened ice tea. I like it plain because I found it made me feel cooler when working in a very hot unventilated condition.

    Buy the biggest water bottle you can find. I saw some in Kmart for 32 oz. Fill it up and put it where you can't NOT see it. And make a note to yourself that says "My job is done when this is empty/half full/whatever you need to meet a water requirement.

    Set your cell phone's alarm use it to drink. There are free schedule programs you can find on the net. One of mine is Rainlander. It's free btw. You can schedule your liquids and it will pop up and remind you. If you can't remember, there are aids out there that can remember for you. Remember it takes at least 30 days for a new habit to take hold and drinking is a habit.
    ElaineMageeRD responded:
    Have any of you tried to get interested in drinking some flavored warm green tea? It might go down easier than cold water, particularly during the colder months. I love tropical green tea and I love mint green tea but there is also mango flavored tea, etc...You can try a few different types and see if any appeal to you. I am now in the habit of drinking a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening (they are low in caffeine so this doesn't interrupt my sleep).

    abakale responded:
    Oh, my goodness. I am certainly not a doctor, but this sounds so much like my friend with Addison's Disease. I would definitely get a full work up by an internist.
    vetiver8 replied to abakale's response:
    I have been reporting this "no thirst" symptom for years. Yesterday I had a breakfast coffee and a bed-time small glass of milk But had eaten fruit at each meal. Was feeling "off" all day - a cold coming? No. Am very sensitive to air pollution and it can get to bronchitis if I do not immediately begin a routine of rest, fluids, salt water up nose, gargling with Listerine, vitamin C, nasal saline spray. Have other symptoms which, according to Medhelp forum for autonomic dysfunction, might indicate POTS: low b.p,. low temp, low pulse, slow and shallow breathing, severe periodic leg movement syndrome day and night, sometimes dizzy, stumbling about, tilting sometimes. Was a fainter when younger...Salty snacks at bedtime and drinking water suggested. I can do this for a while but soon forget! But as fit as a fiddle for my 80 years! Yearly bloods fine. Was gardening until I crushed my hand,10 weeks after successful finger contraction surgery. My research tells me that the autonomic system (CNS) governs thirst. This system can be unstable. Am seen in neurology, sleep medicine, Will research Addisons. Tks. Good luck to all. idm
    Cornflower24 responded:
    Thirstlessness is something I have battled with as far back as I can remember. The main consequences for me are very dry skin and I now have very high blood pressure. One of the drugs I was prescribed has a side effect of reducing thirst so there must be a metabolic reason for this problem. In all the tests I have had for high blood pressure I have so far got away without liver or kidney damge, but I am very vulnerable to any extra stress.
    Like other people in this discussion I have no desire to drink even if it is right in front of me. I wouldn't drink anything at all if I didn't know I had to. Even when I was in labour or it is very hot I don't get thisty.
    One thing that helps is if I can manage to drink a couple of glasses early in the morning then I have more chance of drinking for the rest of the day.
    I would recommend reading "Your Body's Many Cries For Water" by Dr F Batmangheldi. He says "You are not sick, you are thirsty" and take what you can from this book.
    I am also going to try pictures of water scenes around the place and maybe one of those little indoor water fountains with the sound of running water.
    Like many of you I know I have to overcome this or my health and life are in jeopardy.
    Take care everyone.

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