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    never thirsty.
    daughter1984 posted:
    I've noticed over the last couple of years that I don't get thirsty, at least not nearly to the same degree as other people. I live in a desert area where it is dry and hot most of the year. Doctors are always telling everyone to take water with them for fear of dehydration. I have been hospitalized twice and twice given spinal taps because I was in stage 2 of shock caused by dehydration. I just don't know when to drink water. I do get thirsty on rare occasion, if I'm not sick or am having allergy problems. If I am having those problems, I think I tend to associate a dry mouth or throat with the illness. I have to "listen" to my body for signs of beginning stages of dehydration to know when to drink any fluids. I just don't get thirsty at all on a daily basis. I can go, and have gone, almost a week without actually drinking any water. I might have milk in with my breakfast, or a fruit, or a soda, but not water.

    I've become increasingly interested as to why I might have this problem. I can't keep going to the e.r. for this, I need to figure out how to beat it. I've tried bottles of water, and having a glass at my desk, but I actually forget to drink it. I don't have that urge, so I don't think about it. The only time I do drink it is when I know I haven't had it in a long time, or someone reminds me.

    Also, I have very low blood pressure (lowest was 60/30 when hospitalized), I get leg cramps often, I feel lethargic, moody, headaches, and my hands and feet get icy cold but I don't really feel it unless I touch them to another part of my body.

    What can I do? Is this a severe problem? Should I ask my doc about it? I've looked online and I cant find anything that talks about not being thirsty. There is a lot about excessive thirst, but not non-thirst. Who/what can help me?
    mostimers responded:
    You could have a rare condition known as adipsia
    cindylouroyal replied to sam05's response:
    My daughter has the same problem - has anyone ever found a reason why they don't get thirsty?
    nikki82387 replied to daughter1984's response:
    hi my name is nikki and I was just saying the same thing. I never found anyone that had the same problem with not being thirsty. I can the same weeks without drining anything and still not be thirsty. Recenty i had to go to the hospital because i had gotten a kidney stone, nad the doctors told me it was due to me being so dehydrated and my calcium intake was so high just be carefull i mean im trying to see a doctor about this as well im only 23 yrs and i get cramps and headaces and sometimes i get this shooting pain that feels like its in my heart, because of me not drinking water it got to the point where i have to force myself to drink like take juice adn just drink the whole cup till its gone and repeat every hr on the hr i have it timed on my alarm its pathetic i now but believe me you do not want a kidney stone!!!!!
    youngcoconut responded:
    I've known all kinds of people with varying ranges of thirst. Some people always forget to drink water like my father who was rushed to the ER after a a bout w/ dehydration last week. I've also known a number of people who are always thirsty and drink so much water I'm suprised they don't float away. Not a doctor and I don't know why, but what I do know is that the most prominent clinical symptom of dehydration is fatigue. I think I have pretty normal thirst mechanism, but I don't ever want to be needlessly tired. Like anyone else, I would get busy and forget to drink water. Then I would try to make up for it and drink too much and feel like I had a bowling ball in my stomach. So my Mom shared an article she read with me a few years ago about fighting afternoon fatigue. The author suggested drinking 4-6 oz. every 15 min. By the way I've found that every sip/gulp is about one oz., but you can use a graduated cup and measure yourself. Then I figured...well why just do it in the afternoon? So I set my alarm on my cell phone and just repeat every 15 min. I just do this until my urine is clear and start over after every meal. The 4-6 oz. is enough to make progress, but I don't get that bloated feeling. I don't drink anything after dinner b/c I don't want to have to get up in the middle of the night. I've done this for several years now and it's just part of my daily routine. Hope this helps.
    gizmo21663 responded:
    I have the same problem its very rare that I get thirsty too. My blood pressure is always under 120/80 . I too forget to drink it even though ts right in front of me plus I hate taste of water only very icy cold water I'll drink but again still the same been in urgent care 3 times for dehydration mostly had iv ahem anyways I'm glad I'm not he only one who has that thirst problem and don't know when to drink wAter I hope we can find out
    douros replied to gizmo21663's response:
    My wife has the same problem as never being thirsty we been to the ER several times and on one of the visits the person had said that the hypothalamus controls thirst and hunger function. The one strange thing about my wife is she doesnt get hungry either. We are going to an ENT to check her inner ear and see if there could be a problem with pressure and stuff on the brain. Most of her problems she noticed after she had an ear infection when she was around 14. It went untreated and this stuff popped up. I hope this helps you all in your endeavors. Please let me know if anyone finds anything out.
    rohvannyn replied to MikePz3's response:
    Just wanted to respond before I got sidetracked.

    For folks who want a sweet drink that doesn't have sugar or nasty ingredients, they can use powdered stevia as a sugar substitute. Or watered down fruit juice. The stevia is totally natural and I find that it doesn't give a bad aftertaste.
    Ancients1 replied to Cornflower24's response:
    Wow, Daughter1984 is so right. I have never been thirsty for anything. I don't drink sodas, coffee or juices. Just not thirsty. I never ate much though either even as a teen, maybe one meal a day. I've always had great skin and really brittle, dry, easily damaged hair. I had problems with not being regular. Now in my forties I notice problems with not being able to concentrate during study time, forgetfulness, ALWAYS cold, I never sweat, and very little during exercise. Low blood pressure, usually sleepy and drawing blood for dr.s visits is always an ordeal. I don't mind the taste of water, (I like it room temp though) Just not thirsty. I would love to know WHY i'm not. I have been forcing myself to drink more but what's wrong with me in the first place that I'm not thirsty?
    totallywiggedout responded:
    I have always heard that if you wait to drink fluids until "you are thirsty" you are already too late. Your body doesn't necessarily tell you to rehydrate until it's truly crying out for help, so, in essence you need to drink water or juice or whatever every waking hour or so. Best to do if you "forget" what's in plain sight on your desktop? Get one of those big ostentatious very brightly colored insulated water cups with a sippy straw. The straw will actually make it easier to drink more of the water or whatever than if you had to twist off a cap and drink from the bottle.
    If you hate the taste of water, and can't use the sweeteners, use lemon slices, orange slices or just plain simple sugar/koolaid but you MUST stay hydrated to stay healthy. so sip away.
    totallywiggedout replied to rohvannyn's response:
    I love, love, LOVE Stevia! I'm trying to lose weight and go au naturale also I've been reading a lot about how artificial sweeteners try to trick your brain/body and in effect your body starts storing MORE sugars to counteract it. Stevia being natural is the absolute best choice for calorie free sweeteners.
    jenniferbacorn replied to daughter1984's response:
    have the same problem except i have major high blood-pressure headaches kidney problems kidney stones but no one has ever figured out what wrong i take blood pressure meds and they give me ibp 800 for the headaches and the stomach pains hurt like hell never being regular im either constipated or have diarrhea im tired of being sick if im not sick then i am having allergy problems ive been trying to do some research so far you are the first one ive found that have somewhat similar problems
    Yitzzy replied to jenniferbacorn's response:
    I would look to see if you have a sensitvity to sulfites. I have had many of the same problems as you. Read up on it. The worst that will happen is it won't be the root of your problems. Good luck finding your root cause.
    AmyPenguin responded:
    it sounds like a lot of people on here are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency. it causes a lack of thirst, pale skin, shortness of breath, headache, cold hands and feet, heart palpitations and chest pain.
    hope this helps, and reassures people
    abinks6 responded:
    Wow. All this time I thought I was the only one who rarely feels thirsty because everyone I know drink all the time. I always think how could they drink so much. I started thinking about this problem and seeing it as a problem because I have real low blood pressure all my life. So I started questiong this. I found out it can cause heart and liver problems. Also dizzyness when standing long and nausea. I can only stand for about 5 minutes. My problems are getting worse. I have bad cramps and watery stools at least 2 times a week. I'm 48 . Being older makes things worse. My skin has no elastisity. I thought that was because of my age. A long time ago I read that some people mistake being thirsty for being hungry. I did that a lot because you're stomach feels empty even though you might have just eaten. I drink maybe 1or2 glasses a day espesially in winter. I never feel the urge to drink. I don't know why no doctor has ever questioned my low blood pressure, especially when I was pregnant. Lack of fluids my body never made enough milk to nurse. It's all finally starting to make sense. Now I also no why I can go all day withought using the rest room. I,ve been having a lot of headaches lately thinking maybe it was my medication I'm taking. I bcame most concerned yesterday when I felt real weak all day and I had to stop for the restroom twice on the way to rhe store. The pharmasist was the first one to know I was dehydrated. She reccomened I take 2 of imodium a-d and drink a lot of water. I could only drink half a bottle. That was forcing myself. I want to know why we don't feel thirsty like we should when we all need water to live more than food even. I could never drink 8 glasses of water a day. I think I would throwup. If anyone knows why we are like this, what's causing thi,please write and let us know. Thanks
    nutrik responded:
    Drinking water it's more a habit that a listen to you body thing, you only feel thirsty when you are already dehydrated so, drinking water only when your body tells you to its no good for your health. You need to keep track of your daily water intake even more if you live in warm weather you are in risk of kidney failure and severe dehydration. The average water intake for women its 1.5-2 lt of water daily. Try again with a bottle and don't wait for the thirsty feeling to drink it. can be a very useful app there you can keep track of your daily intake of calories, nutrients, foods, WATER and exercise that way you can be sure you are giving your body what it needs to stay healthy.

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