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    in agony - can't take it anymore
    gerdo posted:
    zantac stopped working, prilosec gave me hives, and pepcid isn't cutting it.. I take 40mg a day of perscription pepcid. wondering how much pepsid people are taking? I have burning, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach pains (upper stomach, and upper left) been checked for heart and upper gi was fine. also have full feeling all the time. my doc has given up
    calgal37 responded:
    Have you been scoped to make sure the problem is GERD? That may sound like a strange question, but other GI issues could mimic reflux.

    Have you been check for food intolerances? Have your gastrin levels been checked? Are you following a GERD-friendly diet?
    gerdo replied to calgal37's response:
    my upper GI was fine. small hiatel hernia. doc saw nothing unusual. No celiac either. Gastrin levels ?? hmmmm..... ?? i know my stomach kills me 24/7 and i get nauseaus often. i eat boring bland food and sleep sitting up.
    calgal37 replied to gerdo's response:
    Celiac is often missed in visual exam and can also be missed if a biopsy is done. Was gastritis of any type found? Have you had any double-channel pH testing done to check for NERD - non-errosive reflux disease?
    gerdo replied to calgal37's response:
    well I guess not because I've never heard of any thing you've asked. He said there is no reason for my nauseau or pain. I was celiac negative thru biopsy and blood test.
    I now feel better when I don't eat. when I eat I get extremely nauseas. I'm miserable. I see the GI doc again in 8 days for a follow up. I've seen so many docs for this and everyone just shrugs their shoulders and sends me home.
    gerdo replied to gerdo's response:
    well, after the all the docs tell me it's all in my head and even sent me to a shrink, I decided to give up wheat and guess what.....feel 95% better in one day. Now, what is the best way to be dx with Celiac? my blood and upper GI biopsy were neg. Do i see an allergist or an auto immune doc?
    calgal37 replied to gerdo's response:
    Go to and do both the IgA-gliadin test and the gene (allele) test. Both are the best way I know of to definitively find out if the problem is auto-immune based gluten issues.
    harleyquinn47 responded:
    Have they checked you for gallbladder issues? I have the same thing going on, but I only take 150 mg of Zantac a day plus fiber pills. I'm getting my ultrasound tomorrow to see if it is my gallbladder but I would see if that might help. I hope you find an answer! I know it's not fun when they can't find something and you feel like you're crazy.

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