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    GERD breathing issues
    justmejb posted:
    I have gerd and have suffered with it for a good number of years. I use omeprazole with good success. Occasionally I have these terrifying attacks where I wake up unable to inhale. The first time it happened, I literally thought I was going to die. I can exhale, but that doesn't help when you cannot inhale. I very slowly begin to wheeze through very short inhalations which increase until I am finally breathing normally. There is a lot of coughing and hacking and spitting involved. The cause of these attacks are from the trachea closing to keep out acids that have made their way through the upper esophageal sphincter. I spend a good many of nights sleeping in the upright position. Can anyone tell me the name for this condition, I found it once a long while back here on WebMD, but can't find it now.

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    deb6583 responded:
    I had to have my esophagus stretched because I felt like I could never take a deep breath like yawning. I had to stop and force myself to take deep breaths. I also regergitated food for 4 wouldn't all go all the way down. So far the stretching has helped but it is not a permanent fix.....antacids for life, I am afraid.
    K_G_S responded:
    I am going through something similar now.
    My GERD manifested itself with asthma-like attacks. No heartburn, just coughing, feeling like I can not inhale and some sour taste in the morning.
    I woke up every night around 1am-3am feeling I could not breathe.
    Tried a lot - omeprazole helped at lot, but did not stop the night -time attacks. I found NO connection with any food I ate - with the possible exception of corn (corn chips, corn on the cob, etc) .
    I did find almost immediate relief by drinking about 1/2 cup of aloe-vera juice 2 - 3 times a day. It was amazing.
    But after about 3 weeks, I am wheezing terribly again during the day and night. Luckily just a small puff of a rescue inhaler helps tons, but I don't want to take it and usually just sit up in a chair with a pillow and sleep. I will be seeing my primary physician soon.
    justmejb replied to K_G_S's response:
    I posted this originally about 4 years ago, so I can share a few things that I have learned. No eating at least 2 hours before bed (preferably longer). I get an uncontrollable sweet tooth. I love chocolate, so I keep M&Ms handy. I found that I overall eat much less and still curb my addiction. I always sleep on my left side. Look up pic of stomach, you will see that it's much harder for anything to come out. I still sleep in a recliner occasionally, but rarely. Last & maybe most important for me, a sleep study shows that I have severe apnea and for some reason, I feel that using my CPaP has somehow helped. One thing for sure, trial and error. Everyone is different. I hope this may help you. Oh, one more thing, I drank apple juice every morning (about 6 years ago) and didn't have to use omeprazol for a little over 5 months. You might look up the use of apples and apple juice to lessen the heartburn. Works for some people, for me only a short time. But, I'll take that. Maybe I should try it again.

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