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    GERD Help
    lissa197 posted:
    My husband 37 has been suffering from heartburn for 2 years really bad now. Went to family dr. got all meds possible and no help. Refered to surgeron got capsale put in to monitor & was way worse than normal & throat looked horrible, did surgery Jan. (fundo.) with 20 clamps and now worse than ever, did the whole 3 mths. on liquid & the works..water gives him heartburn, but now when he swallows it gets stuck and feels like his chest is caveing in and loses his breath, can't sleep from waking up trying to catch his breath. Went back to surgeron & he went back in & what he did looks good but clearly could see the heartburn was still bad so sent him to get a muscle test for some other surgery, which was told that his throat looked very tired. Went to a GI specialist for a second opioion and he wouldn't touch him said things didn't add up on what has already been done..should of done the muscle test before the first surgery, one of the meds causes severe side effects, so on. So my question is if no one will touch him or even look into this what do I do, no one can explain what is going on, why, or what to do next, even the GI is saying something needs to be done quick because of his throat, just not by him, so please what do I do?
    Craftingdiane responded:
    I don't even know really how to respond except to say, you've got to be so frustrated! I come on here to try to get new answers for my GERD problems only to read about others that are struggling along and having a worse time than I am. I know I'm frustrated with my problems but can't even imagine how frustrated you and your husband must be. I wish I had some words of wisdom to share other than the obvious of, keep looking for another doctor who actually cares enough to get to the bottom of it. I'm still in the process of going through a couple of doctors to try to figure mine out. An esophagus specialist and my rheumatologist. I have an autoimmune disease called sjogrens which causes extreme dryness of your moisture glands. It's also known to cause problems in the esophagus. I had an EDG done on June 25th which showed some problems in my esophagus so I was sent to an esophagus specialist who ordered more tests to try to pin point my problem. So yesterday, July 18th, I had a stomach emptying test done to see how my stomach is working. I don't know those results yet. Then on August 2nd I'm having a test where they put a tube through your nose into your esophagus and make you shallow some stuff and monitor how your esophagus moves the food along. So once all that's done maybe I'll know more, or maybe I won't. I do know that the specialist I saw isn't big on surgeries for the most part because she said they're not the answer for everyone and they aren't always a permanent solution and sometimes can make things worse. So I'm assuming I'll probably have to learn to live with mine and live on antacids. It really is frustrating! Hope you guys get this figured out soon. Good luck! Diane
    lissa197 replied to Craftingdiane's response:
    I told my husband about your situation, and he said a very good luck to you on that test where the tube runs down your was the most awlful thing he said, and wouldn't ever do it again. We have since went to a hospital in our state capitol to a clinic to try and get him in faster but they say they are 6 mths. or better out on appointments, must be a popular problem?? but agrees he has a major problem and until someones gets to the bottom of the problem another surgery won't do any good, this is the first dr. that makes since and also took him off all meds except 2, he said that they are all in the same class and if 5 isn't doing any good then it's not going to make a difference only taking 2, and he is correct, but we have recently seen where FDA is saying these meds aren't good for you and can cause severe problems, think of that?? We are still fighting for help so as soon as I get updates I will post, and hope you will do the same, good luck to you, sincerely melissa
    Craftingdiane replied to lissa197's response:
    Yeah I'm definitely not looking forward to that test. Maybe I should cancel that appointment. Did your husbands test results show any problems with his esophagus? I also agree that we are given way to many antacids. They don't seem to have an answer and so they keep pumping you full of them. I've also heard they're not great for you. So that's really frustrating. The "specialist" I went to basically told me that if the tests show nothing, she'll just be prescribing more antacids. She put me on that Carafate but I stopped taking it because it made my stomach feel icky. So I'll just continue to take my Prilosec and Zantac and follow a GERD diet. I'm definitely better than I was a month ago. Keep me updated and I'll let you know how I survive that test. That is, If I go through with it.


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