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    Suffering from GERD
    tailabrown posted:
    Hello, I'm 23 and about three weeks ago started suffering my first symptoms of GERD. The first week of my GERD was the worst, I was having 3-5 attacks a day.

    I'm taking x1 Somac in the morning and x1 Nexium in the evening. Although the medication seems to stop the attacks for the most part, everyday still seems to be a struggle.

    Every day, regardless of what I eat I have chest tightness and pain all day long, it's particularly bad at night and on multiple occasions have had to sleep upright on my couch because laying down was too much.

    I'm really miserable, I hate every day, I especially hate every night, I avoid eating for the most part now and have lost weight that I didn't need to lose (I weigh 55 kilos and am five foot 8 inches) I've been following the doctors instructions perfectly, no fatty food, no spicy food, no acidic food, no alcohol, no smoking, no extreme physical activity, keeping my bed elevated, I am basically living off bananas, rockmelon and Mylanta double strength, I also started to get side effects from all the Mylanta and a rash on my face.

    I'm desperate for advice and guidance.

    I don't seem to have the burning sensation, I just have tightness and pain all around my chest, particularly under my breast bones.

    I get muscle spasms and pinches in my arms, sides, neck and back.

    Only once or twice I've had the metal reflux taste in my mouth, but never had the throat tightness/closing up.

    On one occasion I had terrible heart palpitations and fluttering of my heart, my heart was beating a million miles an hour and it took a solid ten minutes of deep breathing and moving around for me to stop it, it was terrifying.

    Are these symptoms normal?

    I want to know how long it took people after their first attacks to start to feel better and in control and for chest pains to subside - if they ever did?

    I'm really worried I'm never going to be able enjoy life again, I know I haven't had this condition for long but it's really draining and I'm now always tired from sleepless nights of GERD and chronically depressed.

    I don't want to spend my entire life on medication, and really hope I can have the surgery because my symptoms seem to be quite severe (my dad also has GERD, but his symptoms don't seem as bad as mine).

    I've been to the doctors a million times and am quite lost and confused.
    yipman responded:
    Hi-Thanks for reaching out, this is a horribly annoying problem that can really effect your quality of life.. I have been dealing with it for years..It got so bad I could not eat anything but rice and turkey/chicken with very little seasoning or the acid got so bad my throat would burn which started to cause asthma, voice changes , serious anxiety(a common symptom of GERD) Lethargy...etc..I was miserable..Docs want to throw meds in the mix and they can help to a point but they were not for me so I really dug in deep and found what works traditionally and Ill be concise here and get to it but I decided to look at this from eastern and western Easten or Traditional Chinese Medicine Gerd is caused by Liver imbalance due to Anger or Sadness which disrupts our digestion..once the imbalance occurs all sorts of symptoms happen...the body becomes "offline" so to speak. I thought this was nonsense but was open to anything as I was miserable for so long..any My LAc treated me and gave me herbs that immediately made my symptoms go away...I was amazed!! I could breathe, I could eat most foods again and if I had pizza(Killer for me) I took 1 extra herb and I was fine..SO-with all of that I started studying individually what herbs made me feelbetter on their own and allot work synergisticly but Here it is.. The King of GERD RELIEF (for me)
    It creates mucilage in the intestines and throat coating them and protecting the soft tissues from acid burn..GERD is not all about just acid its more about the esophoegeal sphincter not resonding by opening or closing as it should, I have found That S Elm helps with this too. I can eat right before bed Tho I try not too, can have pizza, pasta, hot sauce etc and as long as I take the Elm before and after I problems..I got my life back..I still have some joint pain due to occasional flare ups but I feel about 90% better..It took some time to recover the damge that living with GERD caused over the years and CODONOPSIS root helps restore the energy systems and the lungs..
    I worked about a year to find a solution and what I am finding is that if you give your body proper nutrients it will work on healing itself.It knows...!
    I make a tincture of slippery elm and
    I take a tablespoon of codonopsis root with green tea in the am(Clean Rocket fuel)
    I dose the elm throughout the day and watch my diet, get excercise and think positive thoughts the best I can(especially when I get the shakes which still happens every so often, another Gerd Gift:)
    ELECAMPANE has also helped with asthma and breathing and since i stopped the reflux wuth Slippery Elm -zero ashtma and breathing problems...
    I hope this helps to illuminate that there are ways to treat this and lead a fairly normal life and you must find what works for you ..I was hopeless and going down the tubes, but we must learn how to take care of ourselves sometimes and not leave our fate in other peoples hands.
    I wish you well and I will try to answer any questions I can when I can..Again this is what is working for me and not a cure for EVERYONE, because we all have different systems and specific diagnosisis.
    Be well
    tanyahall responded:
    I see you posted this 2 weeks ago so by now your medication should be working real good now and you should now be feeling better. Those over-the-counter medications please remove from your medicine cabinet they are the worst. You develop an allergic reaction to them eventually and they then cause a reverse reaction, they make your symptoms worst. Food is the culprit that triggers these really bad breakdown, you must have been overloading your system with all the wrong foods. Your digestive system is sensitive to certain foods, know that. Stop eating those foods. Stick with bland foods for a while mostly vegetables and fruits, the ones your stomach can handle. You will always have to watch what you put in your mouth, and what you eat in the evenings, cause that is the most critical time for us. Trust me you can heal your stomach, but it takes a long time of eating right for your stomach. As soon as you can stop medication, please stop! Find a good probiotic like Align, and eat foods that your digestive hove no problem digesting!
    marklewis1 replied to tanyahall's response:
    I had my gall bladder out two years ago and came home with GERD. I take Omeprazole when needed. Lately I have been having this pain start in my back and wrap around my stomach.
    Trivedi Effect
    franola replied to marklewis1's response:
    So you never experienced GERD before your gall bladder came out?
    erylove responded:
    do have almostthe same of ur had just my 2d echo test last month because of d pain i had with my chest..i even had muscle pain i my arms and shoulder that i mostly encountered everytimr i suffered my doc ask me to undergo 2decho test to rule out heart attack...thanks to God its my doc told i am really suffering from gerd...she gave me med for it...after 2 weeks it goes away but again at this very moment i was suffering from chest discomfort and muscle strain in my shoulder and arm....anyone from this forum atleast give us idea or clear suggestion to atleast ease the pain i am enduring.....thank you....
    tailabrown responded:
    UPDATE: Hi everyone, thank you all for your advice, thought I might give an update, after many series of tests including a barrium swallow and day surgery with a camera down my throat, it was confirmed that I DO NOT have GERD, which you could imagine was heart breaking for me because it left me without any idea of what I had. But after even more tests I was eventually diagnosed with autoimmune pleurisy (and potentially Lupus), thought to have been brought on by a collapsed lung and lung infection, however it can occur for no reason. It is quite manageable and my life is essentially back to normal. Autoimmune pleurisy is quite a difficult thing to diagnose, but for everyone experiencing back pain and muscle cramps/weakness/aches, I would potentially ask your doctor to research autoimmune pleurisy as these are tell tale signs, along with chest pain etc.

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