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    GERD getting off omeprazole
    ocecilia posted:
    I have acid reflux and I'm taking omeprazole 20mg for a month. I'm still felling really bad. I read online about how bad this medicine it is. Since 4 day ago I started getting off the medication slowly. Its been only 1 month but I can't get off so I opened the pill and took 1/5 this week.

    This gerd its terrible. I wish I never tried this medicine before...its ruining my life. Every time I speak to my husband its about gerd and how nauseous I fell. Yesterday I tried to eat dinner at 6pm everything was ok but at 10pm I started to feel nauseous again, my saliva feel so weird that every time I swallow I think I'm going to choked or something. I went to bed at 2am. I'm on a diet, don't smoke. I loose 15 pound and Im very skinny.

    I bought some DGL the other day but im not sure how to use it. Any advice please?

    I would like to talk to somebody about this. This gerd its taking a toll on my not only my health but as a person. Fell very lonely.

    Sorry about my English.
    doichinka responded:

    Really sorry to hear that you are getting through this. I have GERD for 8 years. From what I have experienced and know, when you try to cut off PPI intake, such as Omeprazole, it is possible to experience rebound in your acid levels, hence worsening of your symptoms for a week before it all gets balanced again.

    Another possibility is that 20 mg of Omeprazole may be a low doze. I used to take up to 80 mg per day of the more powerful Nexium, but don't take my word for that. I would consult with my doctor before increasing the doze. Anyway, if you take PPI, it works best if taken 30 mins before meal. I have shared these and other thoughts about GERD here .

    An_267123 replied to doichinka's response:
    PPIs are really bad for you. They lower the acidity of your stomach, making it harder to digest foods and can cause malnutrition, particularly starvation of the vitamin B12. This can cause nervous system issues. On top of that, your stomach will produce more acid making cells to compensate for the acid blocking properties of PPIs, so when you get off of them, you have a lot more problems with acid than before. This makes them addictive.
    I would suggest making dietary changes. Tea is really good to throw into your diet too. Licorice tea and chamomile tea are two examples of teas that are really good for GERD. They help strengthen the mucous lining along the digestive track which in turn provides more protection from acidity. Avoid fatty foods and carbohydrates. Those foods are bad for you anyways.

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