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    Chest Pain
    Jayne4694 posted:
    Can GERD cause Crushing Chest Pain. I do have GERD. I take Nexium 40mg 1xday. They want me to take it twice a day but they just aren't understanding it my insurance won't pay for twice a day.

    I have been experiencing crushing chest pain bringing me to my knees, it made me have a car accident and have every test they can think of to say that it is not heart related. Which is great because heart disease runs in my family.

    But could GERD cause crushing chest pain to basically mild chest pain daily to every other day.

    Any suggestions.
    kiwibob replied to sjmmiles's response:
    Hi my name is Ray Digby . 79years of age . 15%,of one lung ,A bit over weight, wear braces, to stop me putting pressure , on my stomach, thus trying, not to force the reflux , back up through the stomach, and burning the orphosicus. I try and keep, my tummy soft, and not tight with wind or gas , or what ever, you wish to call it . . I try, and not bend over thus, causing my stomach, to push acid back up . . But the best, and most successful results , come from a complete and careful control on what and how I eat . So here are the following things I do , and have success with.
    Don't drink coffee, or eat red meat, no fats, like pastry, chips, , refrain, from eating poison. Bread is poison, to you. It has yeast in it , and flour, is bad for you ,If I was you , I would start, by not drinking milk, going straight to vegetables . You should see a difference, immediately. If you have bad teeth, and have a lazy eating habit, change it . Take time ,to chew, and don't gulp, you food . Treat sugar, for what it is , a poison, to you . It ferments, in your belly, and that is gerd. No if's, and no buts, get it into your head , that these things I've told you, are the first step, in working out what is torturing you . I know , I too, have cried with the pain, I too have drunk, {Bi Carb Of Soda}. And belched the gas up. But that can burn , and be painful, Learn how to bring your gas up softly, slowly, don't force it up, don't use the bottom, of your stomach mussels, to force it up . Important!!!!!!!!!!!, make sure, you have a good gentle bowel movement. You must enjoy it. Don't push, concentrate, on getting your bowel mussels, to work for you gentley . When you want to go, don't put it off , for ten minutes. Go!!!!!!!. Relax, do it naturally . . Now, how to get your bum , working properly . Have a hand full of nuts . Peanuts, cashews, walnuts, If you have false teeth, and cant eat nuts, because they move around , do this . In {Australia}we can get a product, called {Polident Denture Adhesive}; You don't need much, just three drops on the top, and bottom plates, and you will need a crowbar, to move them . It took me twenty years to learn that ,
    So don't forget it .Oh before, I forget, when you are sitting , down, in a chair, be it a lounge chair, or car seat, make sure you are not putting pressure, on the lowest, part of your stomach. In other words, make sure your knees, are not higher, than the bottom , of your belly, thus, putting pressure, on your belly to force the gas up wards . Don't use {Nexam}. It plays up with, some people, and makes them heave as if they are trying to throw up . . You are obviously, on the internet, to be reading this, so Google { WebMD} that's spelt right , so don't play with it . Find your way around the programs, ignore, advertising , you are there to learn . Find out about your medicine, always!, go into comments , particularly, on your medicines . Don't worship, doctors , they are all the same , they all push the same crap. Treat your advice, and your pills with knowledge , and respect. Some of this stuff if worse than the sickness . Keep , an open, mind , don't be smart, after all, you would not be here if you new it all , now would you . ? So summing up. Go straight to steamed , veg's, after two days ,doing what I have suggested, you can then advance further, with the bits you have picked up .Because I may not go back to this page every day, I will give you my email address. If you play around with me, I will just block you, so don't waste your valuable time . I do know, a lot more this may just be the start , {[email protected] } Have a good one .kiwi P/S in the subject column , put"about my post on Gerd". That way, I wont throw it out because I don't know you .
    kiwibob responded:
    hi , i'm ray, i thought i sent you a reply, knoulage is hard to get . first you have to find someone who has walked the walk .
    one more try . email me i live in australia . { [email protected]} last try . ray
    kiwibob replied to Jenny082181's response:
    [email protected] ,if you have fixed it ignore this . if you haven't , email me . ray
    kiwibob replied to mollybduncan's response:
    email me at [email protected] . it is easy to control when you know how . your doctors in the states are as bad as your politicions . i live in australia . and we have more brains down here . ray
    kiwibob replied to mjurb's response:
    [email protected] email .e . i quess you haven't learnt anything in two years , so you have nothing to lose . ray digby
    jvernell responded:
    I am wondering. 25 years ago I felt like there was a "tiger paw" in my upper stomach, had an upper GI and was told has excess acid.It went away when my sister in law left for her gome in another state. About 4 years ago I had a feeling like a hot poker going from the sternum to my back the Dr had me have a ultrasound for gall bladder, nothing told me to take Prilosec and that seemed to work.Have it again but tums, Nexium etc only helps a little. Have had back issues too & was taking some back meds by prescription, seemed to help (not totslly) my back nut now the poker is back in full swing. I am miserable & my DR thinks I am looking for "trouble" He is at Cleveland clinic which means nothing! My old Dr was better but he doesn't take my insurance. Today I woke up with the hpt poker. Not nauseous just HOT POKER, my daughter, age 48, gets it too once in a while. I will kill the next Dr that tells me to relax and try not to stress!
    jvernell replied to blessedmommyx2's response:
    I Have the same thing with Drs, especially with women. IT'W STRESS, calm down and relax.... like that is easy. These are not imaginary!
    kiwibob replied to XSallyjoX's response:
    go to the search box on this subject, punch in ray digby . i have replied to this blog for a while . even my email address in australia is there .
    dbroomall2 responded:
    I take omeprazole 40mg 1aday for GERD works just fine, RX prescriber primary care DR. might try asking for this from your DR, good luck, god bless
    Ataymour replied to pdavin17's response:
    Hi dear Pravin, I am suffering from a esophageal spasm at the top of my stomach and the pain extands to my back and chest. Did you get healed? And how?
    martha12358 replied to redflorence's response:
    They diagnosed me with GERD, esphogeal dysfunction and acid reflux. I had to have a hiatal hernia wrap around my stomach and esphogus.They did the surgery removed the hernia stretch my stomach and wraped it around my esphogus. I haven*t been able to throw up for 10 years.I have chest pains. Nexium was not working. Now the surgery hasn*t worked after 10 years.
    martha12358 replied to XSallyjoX's response:
    I have GERD. I feel like something is in my throat - moving - like liquid bubbling or something stuck. Can't eat or drink anything good -sometimes it wont go down and I gag it back up.

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