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    Chest Pain
    Jayne4694 posted:
    Can GERD cause Crushing Chest Pain. I do have GERD. I take Nexium 40mg 1xday. They want me to take it twice a day but they just aren't understanding it my insurance won't pay for twice a day.

    I have been experiencing crushing chest pain bringing me to my knees, it made me have a car accident and have every test they can think of to say that it is not heart related. Which is great because heart disease runs in my family.

    But could GERD cause crushing chest pain to basically mild chest pain daily to every other day.

    Any suggestions.
    suzheart10 replied to tonyh's response:
    thanks for replying its so scary at times, er trip, fam doc, gastro, and ent doc, its always antacid pills, there has to be something.
    suzheart10 replied to thirsty's response:
    really MILK helps?? it is so scary to go through these symptoms and pain, guess trying milk wont hurt to try. thanks for the info and hope things are going better with you and milk, what are and does the potassium supplements do ?? thanks suz
    An_252034 responded:
    I just got out of the hospital, again, because of severe chest pain. I had all the heart tests, again, which again showed nothing. I woke up yesterday morning feeling like I got kicked in the chest - or it was imploding, and went to the ER. Stayed overnight. I have been diagnosed w/GERD and wondered if that might be the cause given the heart tests all came out negative. Facebook friends also made suggestions: 4 votes for gallbladder, 3 for gerd, 1 for hiatal hernia (me) and one for pulmonary embolism. Nurse said the xray &/or enzyme tests would have showed that. (can't have cat scan because allergic to the iodine used for contrast).
    Anyway - out of the hospital, it's pretty much cleared up but still sore if I have to yawn/breathe deeply. That's my experience -would like to hear others.
    pstrjo replied to pdavin17's response:
    Thanks for this response. I am going to ask my doctor about this possibility - have had enough heart tests - pretty sure that that's one thing they'll catch if this keeps up.
    RohailPro replied to suzheart10's response:
    Hello, I have read most of the problems mentioned above. There is a remedy to all the diseases provided we understand them and your own body chemistry. Please do follow following and these symptoms will gradually fade out.
    1. 2 Glasses of plain Water(Room Temp) every day in the morning.
    2. Avoid Beef,Burgers,Takeaways,Chips, Fried things and alcohol and Cigarettes

    3. Have 30 mins walk daily without fail.
    4. Have Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a queen and Dinner like a begger.
    5. The gap between dinner and the bed should be aleast 2 hours.
    6. Replace fast foods with Veggies and Fruit.
    This pro gramme will immensely help to get rid of most of the diseases related to stomach. Initially you might need to take Omerprazole or Nexum 1 daily for atleast 1 month. But gradually trapper it off. Hope this will help you get relieve of these symptoms. Best of Luck
    LadyBelle8 replied to mjurb's response:
    mjurb: I know you posted this over 8 mo's ago, but maybe you
    will chance upon my reply. It sounds like you may have a hiatal hernia. Years ago I was diagnosed with a Hiatal Hernia. If I ate when I was stressed, or ate in a hurry my food literally stuck in my esophegus. My stomach would not open and accept food. Then I would have to go into the restroom and regurgitate it in order to find any relief. I still had to wait a while for the spasms to calm down before I could begin to eat my meal again... The DR. suggested chewing Gaviscon tablets before I ate. And to only eat when I am calm, relaxed, and to chew my food slowly... Once the spasms start though, don't try to take anything until your espophegus and stomach has relaxed and feels like it has opened up. Or you will have to regurgitate that up too until completely calm. I had to learn I couldn't eat steaks anymore. And I had to use less seasoning in my food. Hot sauces, fried foods, were off the list of what I could eat too.. Now the Dr. tells me I have GERD, and put me on a medication, which hasn't helped that I can feel. So if I get the burning acid really bad, I take Maalox for a quick fix. And I am trying to eat completely Gluten Free for a short while now, hoping it helps with diarrhea. Evidently from what I learned. Lactose intolerance, Gluten intolerance, are all related.
    chrisank responded:
    JAYNE, Has your doctor ever gone over with you on how to eat with gastroparesis and GERD. That you should eat 6 to 8 small meals a day that usually consist of soft to liquid food. Stay away from fiber and fats. Although I have found a very small bowl of ice cream I can tolerate well. I cannot take medication due to seizures but I watch my diet. If I don't I pay for it. Your are right the pain is terrible but if you can change your diet you will notice a major change in how you feel. I also take peppermint oil in water when my stomach begins to feel acidic and that helps a lot. well good luck.
    beaconofhope responded:
    Says, "You are watching this discussion." I see nothing, neither visual or discussion thread.
    tubs5o responded:
    As of right now. I have chest pain diarrehea, and don't know how to deal with this. I took phillips liquid for heart burn. I don't even know if its going to work because its the second day. I don't want to go to the hospital because i believe its a waste of time and my insurrence is not going to cover. What should i do? Any suggestions?
    rosebud69 responded:
    Yes it can. Take Nexium or something like it. Stop with the foods that are high in acid for a while. I now take one Nexium a day. Saves money because I was eating Tums by the handful. You can get a cheaper antacid to. They all do pretty much the same thing..d if you want
    mlw9965 replied to SteveTL's response:
    Ask you doctor to check you for Schatzke's ring, which can partially obstruct your esophagus and cause the symptoms you describe. I had one, and they stretched it during an endoscopy procedure to remove the obstruction. This is connected to GERD,
    madalyndee replied to nacostemom's response:
    Sounds like eosinophilic esophagitis have they done an endoscopy to rule that out?
    dmorr00n responded:
    I have it also and it does cause the chest pain. It is terrible. I wanted to tell you that Nexium has a free coupon on their website that will help you pay for the product.
    Good luck.
    suzheart10 replied to allencarl's response:
    but do you have GERD my doctor gave me nitro as well cuz wasn't sure why i had pain, only used it twice and not sure if that help me or not
    suzheart10 replied to tgorden1208's response:
    im 1 1/12 in with gerd and have done all the same test and same doctors ER, my doc, gastro, cardiologist doc all say heart is fine even heart doctor, nothing seem to easy the pain but Advil helps, so so scary thought i was going crazy and having heart attack, along with anxiety cuz being scared. thanks for posting does make me feel better

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