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    milly96 posted:
    Hello, I'm new on here and would be SO grateful for any advice. My acid reflux came out of nowhere about 6 months ago. I went to my GP with tight,painful chest and a weird painful constricted feeling up my throat,neck and jaw. He sent me for a ecg which was clear. The symptoms continued along with a acidly taste in my throat. I left it a good while and went back as I had bu then tried all over the counter stuff including Nexium with no let up. This time I was sent for a helibactor pylori breath test that was clear too. So I left it a while longer and went back. I was told I have classic reflux symptoms and as they hadn't prescribed anything for me yet they gave me lansopral. Well ,as awful as the reflux is,I only managed these tablets for a week. I could hardly keep awake,had a constant headache and really felt awful! I've had blood tests which were clear too. I haven't been back since. I don't want to take these tablets. I've always had high stress levels,I also have fibromyalgia. Right now the reflux does not let up much. I have tried gaviscon, slippery elm( tablets and food) eating smaller meals,cutting out fat and sugar. It's not made much difference except I lost 10lbs that I didn't need to lose. Can anyone please give me tips as to things I could try other than the dreaded tablets? For the last few days I've tried apple cider vinegar,but I'm not sure if I should continue as it seems to make it worse. It burns quite a bit. I cut down fon 2 teaspoons to 1 today,but should I persevere? Honestly there is so much information out there how do you ever know what to do? I feel like I'm floundering around not knowing what to do( just like the fibromyalgia!) I'd be very grateful of any advice. I'm just lost as to what to do. Thank you
    ShineyHappy responded:
    Hi Milly, I like you am a relatively new member of the GERD club. At the moment, I've only formally been diagnosed for a couple of weeks, but initial cough symptoms started to develop about 6 months ago....slowly followed by all the other classic ones.

    My advise is to get back to your doctor and discuss with them. I was initially referred by my PCP to ENT, then onwards to Gastro. During that time I was prescribed Omeprazone by the ENT, and I think it probably took about a month to start having any effect. I came off them after a months treatment but the symptoms returned and the Gastro confirmed Reflux induced Esophagitis. I'm self medicating back on Nexium until I see PCP again next week, but to cut a long story short....I suspect that PPIs take quite a while to have an effect (if at all!), and this is probably not the point to self-diagnose too much and use home remedies - as they say, don't discontinue medication until you've spoken to your doctor!

    In terms of tip - I have to say , at the moment not a lot is making a difference for me....however, propping up bed helps I think, along with small meals and for me avoiding fatty foods.

    Good luck, and please let me know if you find anything that REALLY works!

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