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    Heartburn log website
    fedelab posted:
    Hi all,

    I have just created a website to help people suffering from heartburn and GERD so that they can keep a log with the relevant information whenever a heartburn episode occurs:
    I initially created the website for me as I do experience heartburn episodes occasionally.
    The website is at early stage, but soon it will include analytics so that you can discover patterns in your log history - for instance see which combinations of food and drinks appear recurrently, and get some insights whether the remedies you are taking are working for you.
    Hopefully this can give the community some help.
    undefined responded:
    This is what happens to me when I ingest azodicarbonamide, even in small amounts:
    1- 5 hours
    Unpleasant feeling in the back of the throat, can't really identify the source.
    Coughing or sneezing episodes.

    3 - 8 hours
    Reflux Acid or GERD like symptoms.

    5 - 14 hours
    Gas, Bloating, and intestinal noise with IBS like symptoms. Headache that becomes increasingly severe eventually becoming a Migraine Headache, accompanied by Severe High Blood Pressure 200/100 .

    11 - 24 hours
    General Malaise with severe gastric upset. Eating becomes very uncomfortable and there is a distinct craving for bread or bakery products.

    Beyond 24 hours as the cycle intensifies
    Interrupted sleep due to reflux acid episodes. Normal drinking water tastes bad, and it activates something that causes a severe acid reaction and may cause regurgitation. If left unchecked, the I may start smelling exhaust when exhaling. As the cycle continues to intensify I become completely debilitated and unable to perform normal functions resulting in lost time from work or school, and I am unable to complete normal tasks.

    The cravings for bakery products reinforce the whole process and make it much worse until I am too sick to do anything.

    Once the reactions to the chemical starts, it takes days or weeks, to flush it. If I keep eating bakery products, I inadvertently keep the reaction going and it gets stronger day by day.

    My Blood Pressure got so high, 256/115 that if I wasn't currently clear of coronary artery blockage (according to a recent stress test) , I would have died of a heart attack. My normal BP without any medications is 110/65 to 135/70.

    Many people are on forums complaining about the various symptoms I've listed here, but they don't know what's causing the problem. Most people don't recognize the connection of the symptoms they report to something they ate yesterday or the day before.
    I think it took time for me to develop sensitivity to azodicarbonamide, so it seems to get worse with more exposure. I can no longer ingest any azodicarbonamide, not even one small donut or a biscuit or a slice of bread, without a negative reaction lasting several days. Having this stuff in my food is deadly to me.

    I don't know how many people this stuff has killed without ever being suspected.

    Please help get this stuff out of our food supply.

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