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    Globus Hystericus?
    sickofit46060 posted:
    I've had this feeling of thick mucus or phlyem in the back of my throat for a few weeks now. I try and clear my throat but it doesn't seem to help. I talked to one of my Md's that thinks it might be globus hystericus. I don't really understand what this is and how to get rid of it? Everyone thinks i'm a little nuts but it's a real senstation that I can't seem to get rid of.
    Has anyone ever heard of this?? It's very annoying and I just want it to stop.
    calgal37 responded:
    Globus is a sensation of having a 'lump' in your throat. It's very real and very annoying. It can be found very often in those with acid reflux problems. It may be caused by irritation to the lower part of the esophagus and this irritation is relayed to the upper throat resulting in the sensation. A big help will be to tamp down the acid issues if that is the cause of the problem.
    sickofit46060 replied to calgal37's response:
    Thanks for your reply!
    I already take Prevacid so i'm not sure what else I can do besides avoid certain foods.
    Does this also effect swallowing? It's like my throat muscle isn't contracting sometimes (only like 2 x per day) Not always when i'm eating either. Very strange. All this has had me very anxious and i'm wondering if that's part of my problems too?
    Any ideas?
    Thank you so much.
    calgal37 replied to sickofit46060's response:
    It can affect swallowing, but be sure to check out the swallowing problem thoroughly. You don't want to overlook something that could a more 'physical' basis.

    The problem could be the dosage of Prevacid, or perhaps the medication itself. Not all PPI's work for each person, so you may want to consider trying another medication.

    Anxiety can also have a negative impact on the digestive system as a whole, so calmer is better - easy to say and harder to do, I know, but it is the truth.

    Take a look at what foods are suggested or should be avoided. Diet can have a big impact on acid issues. You can find a list of 'do and don't' foods at .
    fryjes responded:
    I am having this problem also. It's driving me nuts. I go to the doctor (ear, nose and throat) on Wednesday. I thought I would start there to make sure nothing is "really" stuck in my throat.
    I do have GERD. I've had alot of acid reflux lately and have been under a lot of stress. I too take prevacid, but it doesn't seem to be helping. And this feeling just came out of the blue on day and scared me so bad that I was afraid my throat was swelling. It drives me crazy because I clear my throat and try to cough just to try and get the feeling to go away, but I think it is actually making it worse. I'm praying the doctor doesn't see anything in my throat, so my next appointment will be with the G.I. doctor. I hope you feel better
    86chvygrl responded:

    I amd having the exact same problem. I started on nexium about a week and 1/2 ago and I have cut down to extremely bland foods. I will be doing this for about 4 weeks to see if it helps. right now I am still stuggling with feeling like there is a lump in my through and feeling like I am having some troubles beathing.

    I am a pretty high-strung person and have been working on being calmer every day. The calmer I am the better I have seemed to feel. I am going to be going to a GI specialist in hopes to see if anything else needs to be done. Unfortunately this runs in my family and my grandmother's stomach was so bad for the acid and nerves that the doctors finally just cut the main nerve to her stomach that causes the over production of acid.

    Since it has been a month since your original post have you found anything that has worked for you? Or are you feeling any better?
    turtleditty replied to fryjes's response:
    I have read all of these posts and have complete empathy. It started for me back in March with a GERD attack in the middle of the night. Tried Prilosec and that wasnt working so they put meon 40 mg of Nexium. I am not sure if it is really working because something catching my attention more is the fact that I feel like I cant swallow and I have a knot in my throat. I am currently going to both an ENT and a Gastro Dr. Today I had a "BRAVO" endoscope test where they test the pH in my esophagus for two days. My gastro Dr wants to narrow it down to either GERD or Irritable Esophagus Syndrome. I have had a CT scan and that was normal. I have also had two endoscopes show irritation. ENT saw swelling and put me on steriods, which causes heartburn (I found this out later). Anyway, something POSITIVE I have learned from a friend is that he has cured his GERD by eating an apple a day. I have tried this and it really does help my heartburn. At first I had to peel the apple because the skin felt like it would get caught in my throat but now I can work my way into eating the skin. I think it is the pectin in the apple that helps.
    If anyone has any advice on IES I would appreciate it. I have a feeling it is fairly new.
    sickofit46060 replied to calgal37's response:
    Since I last posted I went to an ENT that ran the scope thru my nose down into my throat and saw nothing (evidence of acid but not horrible). I also had a barium swallow that was negative for any swallowing problems. I'm at a loss now. I don't know where to go next? We are going on vacation in about 4 wks and I would love to get this under control before I go so I can enjoy my trip. I'm still not possitive it's GERD related but I really don't know. I feel like if it were allergies/post nasal drip, etc the ENT would of seen that? I'm so frustrated and starting to get depressed about it. I feel like they think i'm crazy.
    calgal37 replied to sickofit46060's response:
    Sickofit, If the ENT saw evidence of acid problems it would suggest that's where the problem is coming from - acid reflux. And if he didn't go any further than your throat, it's telling you that you're experiencing HIGH reflux - way up into your throat which is not good.

    It would also suggest that the medication you're taking - depending on how long you've taken it, what diet you're following and if you've made any lifestyle changes - isn't really working for you.

    You're not crazy and if your doc is treating you like you are it's time to see someone else. If the ENT saw signs of acid problems, you've got to get on top of it. Go talk to your doc and see what you can do to change things to try to feel better. If your doc won't listen to your concerns ask around and see if you can get a recommendation to another doc. Sickofit, life is too damn short to be miserable one more day than is necessary, no matter what condition someone has. You're going to have to work at it and becoming depressed isn't on the 'schedule' so kick that thought in the rear and get yourself moving.
    sickofit46060 replied to calgal37's response:
    I went back to the Dr. yesterday and she switched my acid meds so we'll see if that helps or not.
    When I saw the ent and she said she saw a little evidence of acid but nothing that would warrant me feeling like this. That's why I didn't think it was acid so much. My symptoms seem to be changing too. Today i feel like someone has their hand around my neck! Awful feeling. I think this might be a symptom of acid but i'm not sure??
    calgal37 replied to sickofit46060's response:
    Sickofit, everyone has a different level of perception of pain or discomfort and it has little to do with how much is seen. What your ENT thinks you may or may not feel with what was seen doesn't matter. The fact is you're uncomfortable and that's what needs to be kept in mind. Much of what you've said and the fact that there is evidence of acid suggests you've got acid problems and that needs to be addressed.

    In addition to the medication change, take a look at dietary changes. I know there are 'standard' foods that should be avoided, but there may be others that are not typically considered acid producers. Do you know that it's not a great idea to drink/eat dairy for instance? Some think it 'coats the stomach.' Nada. It actually ends up producing more acid.

    Take a look at the suggestions for a GERD-friendly diet at under the GERD diet tab.
    sickofit46060 replied to calgal37's response:
    Thanks so much for all your help! I'll definately take a look at that. I'll letcha know how this new med works-i'm trying to think possitive!
    ouch2002 replied to sickofit46060's response:
    Im going thru the same exact thing!!!!! Same symptoms, drives me INSANE!!!!!!!!!
    snlsmommy responded:
    I am experiencing this now for 3-4 weeks. It is driving me crazy!
    attorney responded:
    I understand your frustration. I had the same problem, underwent endoscopy, was treated for GERD, etc. I had six months of suffering with constant swallowing as my primary symptom. I was sent to a pulmonary specialist, and allergy specialist with no relief. I actually considered suicide if there was no treatment. Fortunately, my niece is a third year medical student at The Mayo Clinic. The problem you are having is globus hystericus and is not GERD related. It is often the result of anxiety disorder. The physicians at the Mayo Clinic recommended that I speak with my physician and get him to prescribe Xanax, 1mg, three times a day. It eliminated the problem.

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