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    feelings of loss
    alone259 posted:
    I have always considered myself a smart, above avg moral and giving person who can be strong willed but yet gentle and forgiving. I have been having moments when I just well up inside and have to fight to hold back the tears and feeling of loss. Anytime I hear of a military loss of life or just start thinking about the future. When ever I see my dog and think about in the future that I will have to put him down, or if I were to lose my wife to some unforseen accident or illness that would take her away from me.. I can't hold it back, I well up inside and break down with a sudden feeling of grief and sadness and 2 minutes later I'm fine. It hits me in waves. A day doesn't go by that it doesn't hit me several times a day. It's been going on for 2 years now and it's getting worse and it scares me. I try to control it, but the feeling just stops me in my tracks and I can't deal.

    I've been to my priest, my doctor and I'm ready to see a shrink because it's tearing me up inside. I see a coffin coming off an airplane for a military vet and I cry. I don't feel in control anymore and it's affecting me at my job and at home because after the initial feeling is gone something sad lingers in me I can't explain.

    I'm reduced to asking for help from a website. Any ideas? I just want it to subside.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    There's nothing wrong with seeking help wherever you can find it.

    Hi and welcome to WebMD.

    I hope you will consider seeing a therapist on a regular basis. There is no shame in needing help for a while and it takes a strong person to take steps to take care of themselves.

    Did your doctor have any ideas for you? Men can have hormonal shifts as well that impact their emotions.

    It may also help you to talk with others on our Depression community .

    You're not alone anymore.
    bonnieindiana responded:
    alone259, It sounds to me like you are going through a greiving process...that is exactly how I have been after my Dan passed in Feburary of this year...

    If you have not lost someone in the last 2 yrs. then I am not sure why that would be happening but maybe seeing a therapist is not a bad idea....

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