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    Welcome to Grumpy Groupies!!! This group is open to every one. I hope that all my buddies will join and use it often. Sad or happy, NO discussion is taboo. I do ask that you use Trigger in the title when necessary. Hopefully we can have fun and also support those who are having a hard time. Muahs
    Its getting ridiculous
    bpcookie posted:
    I used to love coming to the board, but now there are too many rules. Dont do this, dont do that, dont say this, dont say that. Its starting to be more stressful coming here, then handling problems on your own. What has happened to this board? We are Bipolar, we need an outlet, support, friendship, but if we cant get it here because of too many rules, then where do we go?

    Its like walking on egg shells.

    I guess hanging out here, in Grumpy Groupies, is the only solution we have anymore.

    What a shame
    skypper responded:
    cookie, i know what you mean, it's stupid and actually triggering (to me at least) in and of itself, i feel like we're being treated like catholic school children being slapped on the knuckles each time we say or do or even THINK something that doesn't agree with those in's SO sad
    bpcookie replied to skypper's response:
    Yea, its totally triggering. I got so upset today and stressed because of it, that it started causing me back pain and jaw pain. Like you said, it is triggering. This is a support board and now we are so restricted, that we cant get support or give it in the way we want. What ever happened to freedom of speech? I mean, as long as we arent attacking someone or cussing, then why be so restricted?
    hereinmyhead replied to bpcookie's response:
    I don't mean to be totally stupid here, and I REALLY hope it's not starting to look like I'm just "following you around" now, but I'm really bothered by this too, and I don't even think I have a clue if this is in regards to something specific, or just this (what seems) new rule over buried posts.

    I swear, I've read through the ToS I don't know how many times, and I don't see anything that mentions or even addresses such a thing. I could have missed it. That's the truth. My attention span is nil lately, and so is my memory, especially for unpleasant things. I'm also in kind of an ultra-paranoid season here, so maybe it's all in my head too, I don't know. I never thought I could be triggered by a message board, ESPECIALLY not one I love so much...or used to. Honestly, much of this week I've avoided the board because of this "vibe".

    Not to keep harping on this either, but if they really don't want discussions pulled off of the dead pages, then why keep them at all? Let it be a 1 or 2 page board, and if you miss something, or if you get missed, tough tittie said the kitty?

    <shrug> I'm going home. :-(

    Hugs to you.
    bpcookie replied to hereinmyhead's response:
    Im hoping that the *bumping* triggering posts have been straightened out. At least that is what it sounded like when Chris replied to me. But there are other things going on that are upsetting. Many others besides just us three feel the same way. There is a nasty little vibe going on. Too many rules being added to the board.

    Ive been feeling sensitive and paranoid lately too. When I am feeling like this, it makes it even worse when i feel like Im being singled out.

    I want our old board back. I miss our old board. It was so much more pleasant and fun. Now when you log on, you dont know if something will trigger you, and Im not talking about triggering posts either.
    mommaange1 responded:
    Ok, I am the one lost here, I must have missed something. I got the triggering post issue, but what else have I missed??? I too am not always here so I kinda feel in the dark. What rules have changed?? I just hope that I am not offending anyone. Maybe someone can clue me in.
    bpcookie replied to mommaange1's response:
    its not just the rules, its other things. Sometimes its hard to know what your allowed to write and what your not allowed to write. Sometimes a post will get deleted but someone else had written the same thing and their post remained. Its confusing.

    Also before the board changed over to their new system, which we call the old board, things changed a lot. We used to have an ignore switch. You could put some body on ignore and you wouldnt see any of their posts or replies. This helped a lot when you didnt get along with someone.

    Things like that :)
    hereinmyhead replied to bpcookie's response:
    It was also good to have ignore if you were just in a bad place mentally, and certain subject matter was too upsetting. If you found yourself reading something that was especially disturbing, you could just "ignore" temporarily, knowing that within a day or 2 that post wouldn't be on the front page anymore. Sometimes it had nothing to do with the person who wrote it...ya know?

    I'm curious about something else now too far as "rules", do they apply in your own exchange? Because I would think that one's own exchange should be more of a "free-for-all", provided the exchanged said so up front, like this one does (and mine too, only I hardly ever use it cuz I don't like talking to myself, cuz I talk too much, yanno...) And with that, I mean the newer rules, aside from the WebMd rules that go for everyone everywhere who uses the site. Of course I know not to violate them, and wouldn't.
    bpcookie replied to hereinmyhead's response:
    Our personal exchange has rules, but they are more lenient because its not seen by as many ppl as on the main board. When ppl come to this board they expect it to be a bit on the *looser* side. We talk about things here that if we would post them on the main board, some ppl would have kittens.

    With the ignore button I could put a stalker on ignore. Like, someone who is following me from post to post just to annoy me. :)
    maddie8415 replied to bpcookie's response:
    I'm totally with you. i don't get it. can we basically bump posts up by saying (hugs) or something instead of "bump"? wtf? We say "trigger" so potentially sensitive ppl don't read it!!! I think we *really* need that rule at the top. How would new ppl know?
    slik_kitty replied to maddie8415's response:
    "not bumping" is not a webmd rule. if we want to pull up an old post we can. nothing in the official rules says that we can't. i would just suggest that instead of putting bump in there, we write something innocuous. that way the powers that be can't say that we are bumping posts just for the sake of bumping. although, per their rules, they can't delete a post simply because it got bumped up.
    isntitironic replied to slik_kitty's response:
    I must be the slowest one here. What is this bumping thing and what are people so upset about? Sorry, I'm bipolar and just don't get it.
    maddie8415 replied to isntitironic's response:
    bumping is simply replying to someone's post with nothing really but maybe the word *bump* or something. It's just to get the post back up to the top where people will see it. I don't know exactly what went down and what was considering "bumping" for the triggering post, I mean, did she not want us to reply to it all for it to go to the top?

    This is all such bs, Cookie I'm glad you've let them know how to feel even though they've deleted some things you wrote. A lot of this stuff is ironic, like they think they're protecting us bipolars when the only real protection we need is a clear rule at the top to use the word "trigger" in the topic line of any post that may be upsetting to people who are in a sensitive place, and give examples of topics they might be. That's all. That's how it wsa before, rigth? Now there isn't even a rule up at the top saying use trigger....or I don't think there is? It's stupid. i have been kind of avoiding the board because of all this as well.
    bentandbroken replied to isntitironic's response:
    wtf,Im with you there kitty
    IrwinsLady responded:
    i agree but hey the Grumpy Groupies board is the best.

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