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    Welcome to Grumpy Groupies!!! This group is open to every one. I hope that all my buddies will join and use it often. Sad or happy, NO discussion is taboo. I do ask that you use Trigger in the title when necessary. Hopefully we can have fun and also support those who are having a hard time. Muahs
    Computer issues
    DizzyJgirl posted:
    Well, I have been without a computer for a while. Did not have the money to fix it but finally said screw it, I am getting it fixed and the bills can wait. lol I hope it continues to work!
    I just thought I would start out here with a smaller group that maybe knows me.
    I hurt my arm and was in a lot of pain for several days. On lithium, I can't take NSAID's and I needed those, so I stopped my lithium. Then I started it again. Felt sick. Dropped my dose down and have continued at a low dose for a week now. I feel ok on that. Need to call my pdoc and fess up.
    Hubby has health problems and I am busy with that.
    Then there is the usual "bah humbug" feeling about the holidays. Most of that is due to finances.
    I have missed you all and hope to find 5 minutes to catch up! xoxo
    ibex7 responded:
    Hello, DizzyJ, your 'puter looks fine,

    Please let me sympathize with your meds concern that I share. NSAIDs interefere with the meds I take,as well, and often leave me with the decision of which pill I should take.
    Lithium and Effexor are my main bipolar meds. Day to day stability as well as long term BP Type II control are my prime objectives, so these drugs are most important to me.

    So, what about headaches, lo dose aspirin for high blood pressure, arthritis pain in joints, chronic back pain, sore muscles, etc? Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen, and aspirin have all been shown to interfere with my critical neuroleptic meds. The result is that I choose to suffer the fleeting bouts of pain, and simply don't use OTC pain relievers.
    I use cold packs, hot baths, and topical ointments, but never risk my lithium regimen.

    It would be interesting to hear what others do for grumpyness due to pain.
    Best wishes - goat
    There are times you don't mean to say what you mean to say you mean.
    DizzyJgirl replied to ibex7's response:
    Thanks Goat! I don't usually mess with scares me. I will take tylenol only usually...and only when I have to. Tylenol was doing nothing for me, neither were ice packs, resting, heat, etc. I have been on a high dose of lithium forever (1800mgs/day) and have been wanting to try a lower dose but my drs keep saying "wait and we will see". I didn't intend to lower my dose but now that I have done that, I have been sticking with it. It has been over a week and I don't notice a difference, good or bad.
    Usually when I don't feel good, I just try to give myself a break and go easy on myself. Not always possible to do that though. I am lucky that my family isn't fussy and don't seem to be bothered if I let things go for a few days.
    Take care!

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