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    Welcome to Grumpy Groupies!!! This group is open to every one. I hope that all my buddies will join and use it often. Sad or happy, NO discussion is taboo. I do ask that you use Trigger in the title when necessary. Hopefully we can have fun and also support those who are having a hard time. Muahs
    My First Post Here
    ssmiddy posted:
    Hello ya all My name is Sean, & I got here via the Bi-Polar community.

    I'll be checking this community out on a semi-regular basis, and look forward to participating.

    Have a good 'un.

    bpcookie responded:
    Hello SSMiddy, very nice to have you here. This board allows anyone to post about anything, nothing is taboo. We use this board for fun, to vent, tell jokes, post when we have problems and issues (ppl feel safe to post here since it isnt as crowded as the main Bipolar Board), and just about anything you can think of.

    Take care.
    When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!
    ibex7 responded:
    Welcome to the group, Sean,

    Cookie runs a wide open message board and invites some of the gripes bipolars have especially about social stigma attached to our ilness.

    Replies have been a little slow lately, so don't be afraid to talk about taxes, weather, or just even your self.

    Best wishes,
    The Ol' Goat
    There are times you don't mean to say what you mean to say you mean.
    bpcookie replied to ibex7's response:
    Goat, your so good at checking my board and taking care of it when Im not around. I thank you dear friend. I would like to give you a promotion. It doesnt pay anymore then what your getting paid right now.
    When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!
    ibex7 replied to bpcookie's response:
    Oh no Cooks,

    I post here for relaxation and release of my chronic high blood pressure, NOT for recognition of my narcissistic leadership qualities. See Obama and the Democrats for THAT kind of job.

    My interest is purely for a "selfie" reason while I'm practicing taking up stand-up comedy when Social Security is bankrupt and domestic beer is up to $5 a bottle. I also apprreciate the specific way you toot your mania as a positive way to adjust bipolar stigma into nothing else but emotional furor out of sexual frustration.

    Keep up the good work as long as you can, sweetie. The real nuts are still out here, and waiting for what YOU have to say.
    There are times you don't mean to say what you mean to say you mean.
    mercygive responded:
    Hi ssmiddy,

    You are in great company with Cookie and Goat. I come for their sympathy mostly and sometimes just to rattle the cage. I've been good this year - so far!

    I hope this pic doesn't get blotted out, it's funny and it's how I feel when I want my meds to do what they are supposed to do

    bpcookie replied to mercygive's response:
    Mercy hun, I love it. Its totally how I feel.wwwweeeeeeee.

    btw thanks for the mail. Just got it the other day. muah
    When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!
    mercygive replied to bpcookie's response:
    This could be an ad for chewable chocks - huh?

    I am glad you like the mail because after I sent it I thought you might not like it or it would be too triggering - whatever... I hope you don't feel punished anymore, just loved. Muah
    bpcookie replied to mercygive's response:
    aaaaaawwwwww Mercy hun, your a true friend and a sweet heart. muah
    When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!

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