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    Welcome to Grumpy Groupies!!! This group is open to every one. I hope that all my buddies will join and use it often. Sad or happy, NO discussion is taboo. I do ask that you use Trigger in the title when necessary. Hopefully we can have fun and also support those who are having a hard time. Muahs
    An_262172 posted:
    Hello everyone. I wanted to find out if anyone has any information on fighting depression.

    Thank you.
    mercygive responded:
    I don't have any information per se, there is a lot of information out there about depression, but I would find a good therapist and support group to start. There are many ways to fight depression: Medications, therapy, positive self-talk, meditation, soothing music, exercise, healthy diet, healthy spiritual beliefs, support groups, defining and avoiding triggers. What are some things you have tried to help with your depression? What works for you? Mine is all of the above.
    bpcookie responded:
    Hello and welcome to Grumpy Groupies. Mercy has some great ideas. When I get depressed I open all my blinds. Light is important when fighting depression. Going for a walk in the sun or even sitting out in your back yard can help. When I'm sitting outside in the sun shine I will listen to music. Sometimes I will watch a funny movie to take my mind off of things. As hard as it may be, exercise really helps too.

    I hope this helped. Please let us know how you are doing.
    When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!
    dibbits0530 responded:
    Hi. Welcome

    I suffer Major Depressive Disorder and PNOS. There is not one second of my life that is not without depression. Laughter and making people laugh is a good thing. I'm troubled around people. Do you have any passions in your life? Cardiovascular exercise is the primary key to relieving depression. Walks, swimming, bike riding. Also keep drinking plenty of water. When your body is low on water, the oxidation process in your body does down and weakens us. It depresses the body physically which effects emotions. Do skirting around the house. Uplift your cardiovascular exercise and you strengthen your heart. It also brings oxidation into the brain which also alleviates depression.

    Hope this helps

    Thanks. david
    take from each day, all that is comes your way - then return, only the very best that you are
    mellyagain responded:
    I agree with mercy. All of her suggestions have helped me at one point or another. Finding what soothes you is important. For me, I am a water girl. Pools don't work. I need oceans, lakes, rivers. Just being able to sit beside that kind of natural energy helps me immensely.

    I have been know to put quotes on my bathroom mirror appropriate to my negative thoughts in eyeliner. Made what I like about me pages in my journal. Written stories to get through events that are triggering my depression. I have journaled, pulled the pages out and burned them in a symbolic way of letting things go.

    And I read. Anything from classical literature to non-fiction. Everything in between. In my darkest moments, I have goto books. One I keep on my iPad where I have highlighted passages that have helped me in the past to reference to when I need them. And then I delve into what I call my "mind candy" books. Things I can plow through in an hour or two. No thoughts, no heavy text. Just light reading, like a harlequin romance. Don't like those really, but I find a few authors and I go for it. Loose myself for a day or two.
    dibbits0530 replied to mellyagain's response:
    Absolutely Melly. There is a universal rhythm with the tide. Lakes are soothing with the rippling of the water's edge

    take from each day, all that is comes your way - then return, only the very best that you are
    davedsel2 responded:

    Everyone here has already given excellent advice, but I thought I would add my own perspective and how I fight depression.

    I focus on the good - the blessings - that are in my life. A wonderful, beautiful wife of 27 years who is also my best friend. Two great young adult sons that still live with us at ages 23 and 25. 3 small dogs and 4 cats that give unconditional love. My faith also helps and gives me hope.

    I also love water. My wonderful wife built, with the help of a dear friend and our eldest son, a 7,000 gallon pond with a huge waterfall in our back yard. We love to sit on our patio and enjoy the pond that is filled with koi fish, frogs, and many plants. Here is a picture of our pond:

    Sometimes it is very difficult to fight depression, but it is always worth the effort.
    dibbits0530 responded:
    Hopefully no Trigger Here

    Looking at Mr Edsel's post, he remind me of the most purposeful help for any illness, regardless of illness. That is deep abiding love. For me that strings lstems from God. I have been a student of mental illness since childhood. There is a common factor amongst a vast majority of those living inside mental illness. That is soreness of faith which is belief. It dibilitates our illness. We lose sight of the fullness of the Creator. It is why people are attracted to water. As a child, I would find a field with my soul friend and we would last down hand in hand and for hours, watch the movement of the earth through the clouds. It would transcend us and we would loose ourselves from this world.

    How can such a simple wonderment not take us away from our pain. It reminds me of how temporary out lives are.

    take from each day, all that is comes your way - then return, only the very best that you are
    dibbits0530 replied to mellyagain's response:
    take from each day, all that is comes your way - then return, only the very best that you are

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