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    Health issues
    mellyagain posted:
    All these years of seizures that the doctors all say aren't seizures. I had a bout of colitis that landed me in the ER where they midsiagnosed me as having a "virus" and sent me home. PCP caught it, treated it and sent me to a GI. Of course, it meant upper and lower GI. I know the routine. Anyways, I get to the appointment after I had had two syncope incidents the night before and hit my head pretty hard during one that left a nice goose egg. Brought them up to the anesthesiologist who after deep discussion with his nurse and my GI doctor comes back to tell me that due to my heart history and the preceeding syncopy episodes, they were not going to do the GI Series and I was to see my PCP immediately.

    He does an EKG, tells me it is normal. When I questioned what was meant by my heart history, he gets huffy, prints out the EKG and says normal, kind of tosses the paper at me. Schedules an ECHO to make me feel better he said. So now I am pissed. Tired of being treated like I am crazy. Get the ECHO done and am told my heart is "good enough" for the procedure. Now I start researching. EKG says Borderline. ECHO says can't see anything of importance (bad tech). Pull ECHO before through hospital. 3 of the 4 valves in my heart are regurgitating blood. The 4th couldn't be viewed. The regurgitation is moderate. Ummm....hello? My heart is good and healthy? Wtf? Can't get a referral to the cardiologist for squat.

    Research my psych meds and almost all of them impact the heart in some form or another. Do a med nurse stop with copies of the report. She reduces the trazadone immediately. In a week, I am down to almost 1/2 the dose. I see her in two weeks. I am positive that there will be a full changeover in my meds. Just unsure of how she is going to do it. Will it be 1 by 1 or a full out hospitalization where I detox on a cardiac unit guaranteeing a full cardio workup. She wrote a referral, but of course the PCP disagrees with her. Looking for a new dr, but with the Aetna/Humana merge and the timing of the year.....
    bpcookie responded:
    Dr.s and specialists have reported completely different things about my heart. When I was in my 20's I was sent to the hospital to have an EKG done because my Dr. heard something abnormal. Totally forgot about it. Then, in my 40's A Dr. hears something abnormal again. Does an EKG, see's something abnormal and sends me to a specialist who does another EKG and tells me nothing is wrong. uuggghhh A year later that same specialist sends me a letter saying I need to see her again to have another EKG done. I was like "you said nothing was wrong, so piss off"
    When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!
    mellyagain replied to bpcookie's response:
    It is just ridiculous. I hate seeing my PCP because all he sees is the bipolar unless I am sick sick like the flu or something like the colitis. I honestly thought the colitis was a virus agitated by some heat exhaustion. I never expected to find the report on my heart with moderate regurgitation. The reason they say it is normal is because I am pushing 70% of the blood in my heart out - the very minimal that can deemed normal. So I walk around having chest pains that are oh so very different than an anxiety/panic attack knowing I am going to be ignored until I see a cardiologist. I am always freaking tired. The seizures aren't seizures, they are syncope incidents because my brain isn't getting enough O2. So my risk of stroke is up there. Excercise, they say. Yeah, and when I do, my chest hurts so very bad. My low blood pressure that I managed to bring up a few points by eating salt? It's because of the valve failure. Should I be eating salt? Absolutely not because it is a legit cardiac issue. I am pissed. And the insurance merger is ticking me off cause all but one huge group of doctors are dropping my insurance, and my PCP is part of that group, so there will be no "fresh" views to get my referral, just his opinion I am freaking crazy.

    But my pdoc sees it and I am so very scared about how she is going to handle this. Seriously, if I detox off of my meds that actually worked for me, then what? I start at the crazy med roullette starting line again? And what happens if I have a stroke or heart attack during all of the detoxing? Making my anxiety go zoom, which is in turn, making the heart thing worse. I can really tell the difference now between chest pains and anxiety. Toss in a very close friend of mine had a major stroke a week ago, and seeing her struggle...I just don't know if I am mentally strong enough to go through that or open heart surgery to repair or replace the valves.
    bpcookie replied to mellyagain's response:
    Hey honey, I wish I had a suggestion but I haven't been through what your going through now. Just know that I am here, I'm listening to you and I'm your friend. I can't do much more than to offer you that. hugs hun
    When all else fails, go Bipolar all over their azzes!!

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