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    Orgasm in your sleep?
    HeidiBug731 posted:
    I'm female and I'll be turning 21 in July. I'm not on birth control.

    I don't remember when I started masturbating, but I quit it all together about a month ago. It was becoming somewhat addicting and I decided I wanted to save myself for my boyfriend, who I'm hoping will be my future husband a couple years from now.

    I used to notice that after masturbation, the next morning or maybe the next day, after going to the bathroom, I would end up with what I assumed was some kind of lining (clear mucus-looking stuff) either on the toilet tissue when I wiped or in my underwear.

    Just a couple nights ago I had a dream, not erotic, but I believe I was humping something or someone. I woke up and my body shuddered. I don't remember feeling great about it, like one does after an orgasm. I just remember thinking, "that was weird" and rolling over and going back to sleep.

    Initially, I thought the shuddering was from jarring awake from the dream, or from being so cold from the air-conditioning that was on full blast in the room. However, when going to the bathroom the next morning, I found the same mucus stuff in my underwear. Did I have an orgasm?

    I read on another forum that teenage boys will orgasm in their sleep or experience wet dreams "every 28 days or so" if they haven't masturbated or orgasm-ed. This is supposedly when the inside linings of the testes slough off and are ejected. This doesn't happen anywhere near as much when men get older because their having sex and the lining is ejected during normal orgasms.

    I wasn't sure how accurate that information was, but I was wondering if the same thing happened with girls. That would explain the mucus stuff in my underwear. But if that's true, then did I have that dream because I hadn't masturbated? And will I continue to have these dreams if I continue with not masturbating?
    Georgiagail responded:
    Sure; women can orgasm in their sleep. I've done it, especially when I've not been intimate with my partner for a while.

    HeidiBug731 responded:
    That's so weird, though. I've never heard of this happening or experienced it before.

    Why does it happen? Is it physiological where you're craving intimacy and that translates to your dreams, or is there a more medical reason behind it like what I read about expelling the lining. Again, that wasn't posted by a doctor so I didn't know the credibility of it. Though it sounds like it could be true.
    Georgiagail responded:
    Probably because I was horny at the moment.

    HeidiBug731 responded:
    So... a sleep orgasm is more akin to intimacy withdrawals as opposed to being something your body needs, yes?

    Do you think, after a time, when your body is used to not getting intimacy or being stimulated, then the sleep orgasms would stop? I'm wondering because if I'm going to have awkward orgasms in my sleep for the next three years, then I'd rather just masturbate. But if they'll go away after a time, then I'd rather continue abstaining.
    4oSomething responded:
    a clear mucus discharge is more likely to indicate ovulation, than mastubation or orgasming in your sleep. though it is possible for women to orgasm in their sleep....... the cuase wouold be from sexual arousal.

    teenage boys are likely to have wet dreams far more often that once every 28 days. it is from sexual arousal.

    the lining of testicles needing to shed every 28 days is a new one on me. I've never heard of such a thing. are you sure you were not reading about the lining of the uterus?
    Georgiagail responded:
    I think you are over thinking this.

    The easiest answer is for you to masturbate. It would seem that your body is used to orgasms (and has decided it likes them!) and thus your sexual dreams are not likely to cease.

    SuzFleeg responded:
    I have been orgasming in my sleep for a very long time now- it is just something that I have always done and I have always been comfortable with it. I think the first time it happened was in high school and it happens to me about twice a month. I wake up orgasming and it is, well, nice. It is just something that happens to some people- it is never related to how often I am having sex or masturbating but just the fact that people can get sexually aroused in their sleep. There is a documentary on discovery health that talks about being able to orgasm mentally and without stimulation which is what I think takes place in sleeping orgasms. I have also included a link to an article about that same topic. Hope that helps
    Emohkinz responded:
    I am 23, and a virgin. I've tried masturbating a few times when I was around 14-16, but didn't like it because I was and still am really tight down there, and only ever orgasmed once. Now every so often I get orgasims right before I wake up. It feels absolutely amazing, and I always remember it because it happens right before I wake up. I also notice that after I really wake up, I really have to pe bad. I wonder if having to pee is what's causing them...?
    An_253104 responded:
    I have just recently started having random orgasms in my sleep I am 30 years old and used to masturbate at least 3 to 4 times a day... sex was always available but I was quicker and couldn't reach one with my partner. I was just put on this new pain medication a few months ago and didn't feel the need to get myself off so I didn't. And a couple of weeks ago I had my first one, it was mild and the dream was about looking out a 2 story window and a woman wearing a teddy was sitting on the grass below I am not sexually interested in women in real life and I had one. I wasn't touching myself or anything! so my reason I believe i'm having theses is because I wasn't giving stimulation to my self so my body did it for me. I talked to my mom about it she said she has done it too and hers was not a sexually based dream either.

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