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    Includes Expert Content
    Moving feeling stomach not pregnant
    cutegal77 posted:
    This is weird, it's been now about almost a year now, almost every day i get this movement with no pain at all..inside my tummy more precisely below the navel or on the side of my navel...and it feels like as if a baby is pushing out against my i had a child 7 yrs ago...and I'm definitely not pregnant still getting my periods are pregnancy test negative...

    It seems to happen more when I'm sitting down..or lying on down on my side...and if let's say i wear pants..or anything that presses that area while sitting or laying down...i feel it

    I know i should see a actually..I did a few months back and told the doctor...and told me it was nothing to worry i let it go..but now it's ongoing..and can't stop imagining all kind of scenarios in my head...cancer and so what's wrong with me..does anybody knows??????
    Up2You replied to bellydancing's response:
    I am so glad to know that there is someone else out there who knows what I am talking about. I have been to three doctors (all of no help) trying to figure out what this movement in my stomach is. Mine in on my right side between my belly button and my rib cage. I only feel it at night when I lay down to go to sleep. It does feel like something moving and pushing ( i guess like a worm). I have had to put it out of my mind because the movement is significant and IS NOT GAS. I guess for those who don't feel it they just assume we are crazy. Now reading these responses I am disappointed to find that no one has yet to figure out what is really is and get rid of it. My doctor did order an ultra sound but it was early in the morning and the movement is only at night. So ultrasound showed nothing. This has been ongoing for a little over a year. PLEASE if anyone gets a definite diagnosis other than gas please let me know. I would like to go to sleep at night without the creepy movement. Thnak you.. Good luck to us all....
    CeeCee2010 replied to Up2You's response:
    I had the same, feels like ur pregnant movement and wondering whats going on? I did go to Dr because I too have the Mirena and was worried my dr gave me an ultra sound was fine. I had a c-section and the dr. said it could be the muscles and everything going back and healing but you know my son is going to be 5 this year and i still get that kicking feeling, everything is fine i go to the Dr and get my annuals every year. Im healthy!
    hutdawg replied to Up2You's response:
    I am sitting here on with my laptop having the same feelings in my abdomen. I can place my hand gently on my belly and feel it against my hand. Weirdest feeling ever! I have 3 boys and it totally feels like pregnancy kicks! BUT! I can't be tubes are tied. I actually googled "kicking inside stomach not pregnant" it actually put me to this website and these posts! Love it! I'll attribute it to has to be that. If any of you find out something different that it can be - PLEASE POST! Thanks ladies...let's just
    mombomommy8 replied to Up2You's response: there a lot of us..yay, well kinda!! Ok, technically it could be gas, however I have had this coversation with several people and a lot of them recommend a good intestinal well as a whole body would be kinda surprised to see what your body can hold onto...eww! i have had this ongoing problem and it is rather nerve racking to think of all the odd things this could be, my sister even had this problem and did a cleanse, for her it worked, so depending on what you are willing to try and honestly I would start simply and if that did not work I would definately start up some sort of forum..look at fibromyalgia, many Dr's at first claimed it was all in the heads of those that were suffering, our symptoms may not be severe, but they are all the same, and in the same general areas..too many people to be a coincidence!!...Good Topic
    _swank_ replied to mombomommy8's response:
    I have the same feelings and don't even have a uterus. Trust me, it's either gas or food moving through your intestines. You don't need a doctor and you don't need a colon cleanse. As soon as you eat again the food is going to go right back into your intestine and work it's way through like it's supposed to do.
    Adjei replied to Mark439's response:
    I am kind of relieved to know that other women have been experiencing the same weird movement. I went to my doctor for that and he gave me KAPIDEX capsules to try if that will help.

    I hate taking medicines unless I really have to, I will not take it. I looked up what KAPIDEX will do for me. I found it is for the relief of heartburn or acid reflex. I do not have hurtburn nor acid reflex so I am hesitant to take it. My husband says I should take the capsules and see if that will help so I might take it for one week and see. I will let you all know if it works for me.
    lovebeingamom2010 replied to Up2You's response:
    What a relief to know that I'm not the only one going through this! I have been experiencing these "kicks and movement" now for almost 2 weeks. I will say that I have had two children, and it does feel exactly how it would feel if you were around 5 months pregnant. I am still having my period, and like everyone else, thought I was pregnant. I had also been having bouts of dizziness, nausea, gas, and EXTREME exhaustion for the last 4 months or so. I am getting all negative pregnancy tests. My OB-GYN ruled out the possibility of me being pregnant when I told her about the negative results. She informed me to see my general practioner. He did an EKG, an x-ray of my stomach, and blood work. Everything came out normal except he said that I was constipated. I told him that I got everyday, and he said that didn't matter. He said that in the medical world, constipated means having your bowels 40% or more filled. He told me to take a laxative for 3 days and then take Allign for 30 days. Allign is a prescription med used for regulating the digestive system. He chalked up the fatigue and dizziness to allergies and told me to take a Claritin once a day. I have been doing all these things for 5 days now and I am STILL feeling something moving in my stomach! It is freaking me out, and I feel like I am losing my mind! My husband thinks I am crazy. The doc said I was not crazy. I am going in next week for my annual with my OBG-YN, so I may insist on an ultrasound just for piece of mind. I hope we can all get this figured out!!!
    FVG1976 replied to charliew123's response:
    I am with you. I had my tubes tied over a year ago and about four months later this started with me. I took some pregnancy tests also and they were negative. I have had a regular period right on schedule too. But my mother was pregnant with me for almost six months and took numerous pregnancy tests and they were all negative. Not until the 6th month did it show that she was pregnant and I was full term.
    lizkhadija replied to lovebeingamom2010's response:
    I have been doing threw the same as u. i feel movement, pregnancy test negative. i feel like doctors think i'm crazy i'm starting to think i will be soon.
    marlacc replied to lizkhadija's response:
    think it must be worms.
    lizkhadija replied to marlacc's response:
    It's not worms had that checked out too. I went to another Dr and told me it could be a GI problem the think is the appointment they made me is not till OCT 4th i told them maybe by then i could blow up lol.
    MrsOrr86 replied to lovebeingamom2010's response:
    am having the SAME thing happen to me. we dont have insurance, so it would be nice to have a better idea on what this might be before going to the dr. and them not telling me a thing.
    did the ultrasound tell you anything?? i do feel a bit crazy... and a little scared
    _swank_ replied to MrsOrr86's response:
    You don't need a doctor for this. Read through the replies. It is just gas or the movement of food and liquid through your intestines. I get the same feelings and I don't have a uterus. So does my husband. Lay your head on someone's belly and you can hear all the noise and movement. It's normal. Don't waste money on a doctor.
    MrsOrr86 replied to _swank_'s response:
    would agree.... but when i push down on the lower right side of my abdomen, something jumps! my husband tells me it must be muscle spasms. maybe he's right.
    jacs132 responded:
    I have this problem too!! I have also taken 4 preg test as I am not having my period either, been about 3 months!!! It is sooooooooooooo weird!! It is not painful though just strange! So glad I am NOT alone!!

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