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    Includes Expert Content
    Moving feeling stomach not pregnant
    cutegal77 posted:
    This is weird, it's been now about almost a year now, almost every day i get this movement with no pain at all..inside my tummy more precisely below the navel or on the side of my navel...and it feels like as if a baby is pushing out against my i had a child 7 yrs ago...and I'm definitely not pregnant still getting my periods are pregnancy test negative...

    It seems to happen more when I'm sitting down..or lying on down on my side...and if let's say i wear pants..or anything that presses that area while sitting or laying down...i feel it

    I know i should see a actually..I did a few months back and told the doctor...and told me it was nothing to worry i let it go..but now it's ongoing..and can't stop imagining all kind of scenarios in my head...cancer and so what's wrong with me..does anybody knows??????
    margi7 responded:
    I had the same feelings several years ago, after having an appendectomy. These feelings of something moving in my abdomen lasted for a good 4yrs before I went to my Dr. The movement had gotten really bad and I felt like my intestines were twisted. The Dr told me I may have abdominal adhesions. Abdominal adhesions are an overgrowth of scare tissue and may attach your organs to each other and move things around. They cannot be seen on x-ray, CT or MRI, the only way they are diagnosed is exploratory surgery. I did have the surgery and I did have adhesions, however, every time you have abdominal surgery you have an increased chance of developing more adhesions, so after my surgery I developed more adhesions and had a 2nd surgery. That was approx 4 yrs ago, I know the adhesions are back but have decided to live with them and deal with the odd feelings. The surgery is a temporary fix, the adhesions begin to form again after surgery and after about a month or so the feelings come back. So those of you who have the feeling like something is moving in your tummy, if you have had any type of abdominal surgery, this may be the cause and I do not recommend the surgery unless they are causing problems.
    _swank_ replied to Natisha89's response:

    Part of the reason health care is so expensive is because people go to the hospital ER for non-emergencies and then don't pay their bills because the doctors didn't tell them what they wanted to hear. The ER is not the place to go to get a diagnosis for chronic problems. It is for emergencies. The reason they don't find anything wrong with you is because there isn't anything wrong with you. Feeling movement in the abdomen is normal for men and women.

    If you really think something is wrong then go to your own doctor, not the ER. But you will be wasting your money.
    ChartreuseCannon responded:
    I've had this since I was a teenager. It's always kind of off to the left or right sides of my groin. A little flutter, or what feels like a twitch or a bubble popping. It's not a sign of pregnancy - it could be little muscle spasms, gas, your intestines doing their thing. They're harmless, but sometimes they startle me when they happen out of nowhere.
    brandysingh replied to jacs132's response:
    ok so im feeling this 2 and hve been taking a preg test every 1-2 weeks for about 4 years cuz we r trying 2 get preg and they r always negative it does feel like a baby kicking i have a 5 year old and so anyway my OB says that im having muscle spasms from a combination of 1 having a c-section and from the muscels beeing streched out during pregnancy 5 1/2 years ago but i still kinda dont buy it just like before i was diagnosed w/ fibromialgia n my dr and everyboby else thought that i was going crazy then they discovered fibromialgia i thing we all need 2 start a journal for every single time this happens n maybe they will listen 2 us n figure it out soon
    An_240160 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
    OMG! I've been having the same problems my appetite has changed, ive lost weight, and now for the past 2 weeks on the left side of my stomach I can feel like something is kicking and rolling across my belly, it sometimes happens on the right. I can be laying down on my back or sides, I actually layed down and watched my stomach move and it does! What really creps me out is I had a full hysterectomy in 2004, I have 3 kids and this feels wierd as if I was pregnant! Everyone tells me im imagining things but I know when something is moving. I have a stethoscope and listen to my stomach and dont hear gas and its still moving!! HEEELP
    Janet_89 responded:
    I have been researching this all week! I thought I was going crazy--I am experiencing the same thing. It feels exactly like fetal movements: like a baby is squirming and rolling around in there! I have even felt the 'baby flutters' in the pelvic area and lower abdomen. It does NOT feel like any gas I've ever experienced and feels exactly like when I was pg. I had the Essure procedure (sterilization) two years ago, still have periods, and have taken about 5 negative HPTs in the past two months, so I was very hesitant to go to my OB telling him I thought I might be 5 months pg!

    However, I did have abdominal surgery 5 years ago, so maybe the scar tissue build up is part of the problem as mentioned by one poster. Or maybe it IS just food moving through the system (why hasn't it ever felt like this before though?) Either way, this eases my mind a little. I can stop wasting my money on HPTs!
    redlioness00 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
    Wow shocking, In the past 2 weeks I have been to the doctors twice,and even down casualty once. Each time I have been made to look and feel like a complete fool, I was so upset that I just cried.
    Even now with this laptop on my stomach it feels as if im wresting on a baby, I can even see this happening. it even looks like a baby kicking, My husband and friend have both even felt this, but I'm not pregnant.
    My doctor explained that another common problem is a twitching of an eyelid and this is the same.
    It was said with tongue in cheek, and a large smile on his face.
    just seems crazy its so common and we result in looking on here for help.
    Jeenifer88 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
    I am experiencing the same problem but I have a regular period every month and I take birth control...I have takin test before and they are all neg. I feel the motion every night around bed time for the past year on and off...I can press my hand to my belly and feel it...I do have a child and definitly remember that feeling...worried it may be something serious
    hjag7 replied to Jeenifer88's response:
    So glad to see someone posted the same problem recently. I was hoping to find out what it was after reading all the posts. I have the twitching feeling alot during the day and it just started about two weeks ago so I thought I was pregnant. Went to the doctors and he said it might be a GI problem and that I wasn't pregnant.

    I'm bloated, gassy, with occasional diarrhea, green bowels and always tired. I haven't had the nerve to feel it because I think I will get even more freaked out.

    Since someone mentioned worms I went on this website and it gives you herbal remedies to get rid of them . The problem is that the tests that the docs do only have a 1% chance in finding them. So I think that I'm going to try anything I can get my hands on to stop it. Even the colon cleanse sounds like a good idea!
    hjag7 replied to hjag7's response:
    I would like to also add that I haven't eaten since dinner last night so there isn't any food moving in my intestines etc.. but I am still getting twitching.
    camille2713 replied to hjag7's response:
    Okay! So i have been having this for three weeks now. I am 26, with a 4 year old child. I too thought I was preggo imediatley. Ive taken 2 HPT and they were both negative. I am on Levora BC, never missed a day, never late taking them. It feels just like when I was 19 weeks preg and started feeling my son. I dont have insurance right now, so I am afraid to go to the doctors. I cannot believe its gas, because I havnt had gas? I tri-cycle my BC pills, so I am going to try having a regualr period every month to see if it stops. The internet terrifies me. You see : CANCER, CYSTS, MENOPAUSE, ECT....

    Im just frustrated that my insides are moving ALL DAY LONG! (especially when I lay and sit!)
    missaussie replied to camille2713's response:
    Well hello everyone i live in Aussie and what you are been taking about i have the same thing kicking feels like a baby is moving tried (well i do have two young non school kids to run after) tummy moving i have the mira(sp?) in this been going on for months now i did three test to see if i am pregant
    jescobedo responded:
    I am so glad I am not crazy, I have had this feeling on and off for years since I had my gall bladder removed. I've had it at all kinds of times, not constipated, with and without diarrhea, just sitting and watching TV. My mom even called me about a yr ago and said she was having the same thing. I can't be pregnant cause my tubes have been tied for 19 yrs. It doesn't feel like gas and I've felt it when I've eaten and when I have fasted. It sort of feels like a good memory, I use to love feeling my babies kick, but knowing there is not one in there is freaky. I have got to bookmark this page and see if we get a response from someone who knows exactly what it is.
    AnswersPlease4Me replied to Neva87's response:
    Omg! I have gone to the doctor probably about 5 times in the past 3 months because of this exact feeling! I feel like I sound crazy when I tell them over and over again about the movement in my stomach, which feels as if a baby is kicking! I have taken 3 home "p" tests and 2 at my Docs office. All of which came out negative. I've also had an ultra sound & a CT scan done. Just like you, NOTHING! I'm so worried about it, because it is SO consistent. It doesn't hurt at all. It feels just the same as when I was pregnant. I'm not pregnant though, that's what worries me.. If I'm not pregnant, then what is? And, I'm sorry, it's not gas nor is it food passing.. I know what that feels like. I just want answers! And thank you to everyone else who shared. It's nice to know I'm not alone.
    AnswersPlease4Me replied to AnswersPlease4Me's response:
    Ps My husband as well as my mother in law and sister in law have all felt this movement in my abdomen. All of them are baffled and just look at me like "WTH!" This is madness..

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