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    Endometrial Ablation Side Effects
    shilliams1 posted:
    I could use some help here. I had an Endometrial ablation done in May this year. Before I had the procedure done I looked all over the web and could not find any negative things about the procedure. Everyone raved about it, almost as a cure all. Well I spot almost all month long. The only time I do not spot is for about ten days right after my period until I ovulate, then I pretty much spot until I have my period. Most of the spotting looked like old brown stuff (w/o getting to graphic.) I did not want to go on hormones, I am happy with how I am and I have been on them before and I become mean, depressed and gain weight. So this seemed like the best option. Well it has been three months and I still have a period, not as heavy but it lasts almost nine days instead of the five before the procedure. And now, when I start spotting it is heavier, bright red, almost like a small period and I continue to spot the whole rest of the month. Also, before I would always cramp in my back, had back labor w/ my 3 kids, and I know what back cramps caused by periods feel like. Well the month after I had the procedure the back cramps came back w/ a vengeance and not only is it just during the beginning of my period, it is almost all month long becoming more or less intense depending on where I am at in my cycle. Just for a quick med history, I am 34, it took me 8 years to finally have my 1st baby who came after some hormone therapy, a couple surgeries, three artificial inseminations, and three invitros. She came on the last invitro. I was told I would never get pregnant on my own, 3mo. post partum I was pregnant w/ #2 than had #3 a few years later w/o help. I don't know if it is just me, but I am sure there has to be another woman out there who is regretting the ablation. Should I try for a second time? Should I just have a hysterectomy? What are my options? Thank you for your time, Shilliams
    indiekat7304 responded:

    I'm sorry for the problems you are having since your ablation but I'm so happy to have read your message. I had an ablation in August this year. I just stopped spotting this past week. My biggest concern is the back pain I have been experiencing. The best way to describe it is it is like early labor pain. I have four children and labor always started in my back. I had the Mirena IUD removed at the time of my ablation & tubal. I thought the IUD was the cause of my back pain but after reading your message I guess not. Although it has just been a few weeks for me sometimes I do wish I would have had the partial hysterectomy. By the way I am 41 y/o with four children. I have had issues with heavy periods after my second child 13 yrs ago and was diagnosed with enodmetriosis in 2000. Pain and heavy periods plagued me until my 4th child in 2007. I then had the IUD six weeks post partum. I spotted daily for six months until I had the IUD removed. The doctor thought my lower back pain could be from my uterus trying to expel the IUD. Unfortunately my back pain continues and it has been a constant daily issue for me. By chance have you spoke with your doctor about the pain and spotting? For me I would not do the ablation again...I would go directly to a partial hysterectomy. Some say the uterus is used for more than fertility purposes (bone density, sexual health, etc...) but I think I just want to feel normal again!
    jeremyanast02 responded:
    Hi, my name is Misty and I am 31 years old. I had and Endometrial Ablation today at 1:30 in the afternoon. I have had awful periods since I was 17. I had three kids in three years. Everyone told me that after having children that your periods will get better. Not true for me. They continued to get worse. My doctors would say you are just one of those girls who suffer during that time of the month, or they would say so sorry Misty, here is some 800 mg ibuprofen and Vicodin, have a happy period. Not only were they severely painful, but I was bleeding so heavily that I had to wear a tampon and two overnight pads. My hemoglobin levels were always okay so they just let it go. Earlier this year, about 6 months ago, I started my period 2 weeks early and almost literally never stopped. I was spotting for a couple of weeks and then bleeding heavy for two weeks or longer. It was awful. I was getting vaginal infections and taking way to much narcotic pain meds. Finally I went to my doctor again, she was a new resident and I had a breakdown. I explained everything starting at the age of 17. Finally someone was listening. She was very concerned and ordered ultrasounds and other tests. My legs would ache and I also had back pain so severe I would have to call into work or just lie down and suffer with medicine and a heating pad. After all the tests came back, they told me the lining of my uterus was 4cm thicker then it should be and I had endometriosis. I almost passed out with relief. Finally I knew what was wrong. I had a biopsy done and tried strong birth control to control the bleeding. I also become irrtiable and depressed on the pills and I couldn't take them. My periods were controlling my life. We scheduled the ablation, I was happy to be done with the whole period thing, I was exhusted and needed a reprieve. The surgery went well the doctor said, I could go home in about an hour. It took all of 20 mintues they told my husband. I was in the car on the way home and a cramp so severe hit me that I started sweating and felt like throwing up. I went home to lie down and sleep of the anethesia. I couldnt sleep, the pain was getting worse by the minute. The leg aches were back and then the labor pains in the back were there and I was so upset. She told me there would be MINIMAL cramping. It got so intense even after the vicodin and ibuprofen I was sent home with and the powerful narcotic I was given through IV at the hospital, I called her. She told me give a little while and to calm down it was okay and normal. I was anxious she said and needed to rest. I tried that. No relief. I went back to the hospital 5 hours after leaving. This surgery was supposed to be the next best thing to a hysterectomy. I was seen in the ER by the the same doctor who preformed the surgery. She was surprised. She told me no one ever came back after this surgery in pain. She wanted to give me another powerful narcotic to lessen the pain and send me home. I didnt care at this point, do whatever to make it stop. I am at home now. The pain is there, but now they are only MINIMAL cramps. My point is if there was going to be this much pain, I would have opted for the partial hysterectomy. I researched the surgey before, but I wasnt expecting the info on the precentage of woman who have to have repeat ablation not to mention the cramps. It was explained to me as being "virtually pain free". I wouldn't have another one. I think a hysterectomy whould have been better for me. I am not saying that ablation wont work, I have no idea because its only been 8 hours, but I will remember that pain for a long time. Everyone is different and we respond to things differently as people, but I feel a little better knowing that someone else has had the back pain since the surgery. Has anyome experienced the leg pain as well. It starts in my abdomen and spreads down my legs, never passing my thighs. Im just curious.

    Leah_ responded:
    I had an Endometrial Ablation about 4 1/2 years ago at age 48. I'm giving the proceedure a mixed review. YES, I'd do it again to reduce/stop BLEEDING. NO, I'd choose a partial hysterectoy because of the PAIN. I wish I'd known beforehand EA wasn't a "cure all" as the doctor, brochures & info I received led me to believe. YES: Bleeding interferred with my life. I couldn't go anywhere without a change of clothing and a stash of towels in the car trunk. I hated working, always fearing an embarassing mess. I have plenty of bad memories and fears associated with bleeding. After my EA my bleeding reduced to 4-5 "manageable" days monthly, and stopped completely after 5 months. During the controlled & predictible bleeding stage I began living again, and when the bleeding completely stopped, life was wonderful and I enjoyed years of freedom. NO--to the PAIN! Here's a major vote against EA: The moment I became aware the nurse was waking me up, pain engulfed me. Never have I felt anything so awful. The doctor said it was due to a D&C he did prior to the proceedure. I was heavily medicated and sent home. Never before had I wanted a pain killer hours before I could take the next dose, and never before had it not worked. Fortunately the pain lessened within 36 hours and disappeared within 4-5 days. That pain was incredible, but not bad enough to reject the proceedure. THE REAL PAIN WAS WORSE: My right hip hurt when I first awoke after the pain killer knocked me out. I thought I'd slept on that side funny and switched sides. When I awoke again it still hurt. I thought the hip had been strained in the stirrup, figuring it would feel better soon. The pain in my right hip radiated out to include my left hip within 72 hours. I expected it to subside within a week. It didn't. I was a runner and my hips hurt all the time no matter what I did. I took a couple weeks off. It didn't help. I began running again, but after running there were days when I couldn't walk. My runs shortened and I eventually stoppped running, the agony being too much. I asked my doctor if other patients complained about hip or upper thigh pain, but he wasn't aware of anyone. Sometimes the pain radiated from the top of my femur and ran about halfway down my thigh, or centered in the pelvic area around my hips. Slowly (6-8 months) the pain in my right hip disappeared, but the pain in my left hip hung on for years, only leaving about four months ago. It has not returned and I'm planning of taking up running again. Because I was in excellent health and had no pain prior to EA, I can't associate the hip/upper leg pain to anything else. While in pain I felt 90 years old, having to test my hips to see if they would hold me after standing up--getting out of a car, out of an office chair, etc. It was annoying wondering if my hips would hold, and scary wondering if I'd fall down and seriously injure myself. I'm now entering meopause and experiencing hot flashes. I'm on hormones that have started the spotting and bleeding again almost daily, but not enough to interfere with normal life. After years of not bleeding, I wish it was 100% over again. After losing years to not running and suffering pain, I'd seriously reconsider the proceedure. I gambled--and won and lost. I've enjoyed the best of life from the procedure I chose--no bleeding, no more anemia, not as tired--but have missed some wonderful things because of the adverse effects--reduced physical activity, losing endurance, rejecting some physical activities due to pain, etc. I'm sure there would have been unpleasant things to expereince had I chosen a partial hysterectomy. I did the best I could with the info I had, and realize there's no perfect cure no matter what choice is made. I'm moving forward as always--choosing what I can to make life good now and in the future. To all women reading this--yes, good things will come with your choice (EA or other) but not perfection. Choose wisely, then live happy. --Leah
    Jacqueline321 responded:
    I am 44 and I had an endometrial ablation done just 2 weeks ago. The back pain is incredible, exactly like back labor. I have spent this whole year bleeding, carrying a change of clothes with me everywhere, being in pain and having to be plugged up all the time and running through tampons like they were going out of style. I really hoped that this would be the cure all. Today I started discharging that old brown yucky stuff that comes a the end of your period and to say that I am not happy to see that, is an understatement. I am so tired of living with bleeding, light, heavy, it doesn't matter at this point, I am just over it. I have to go back to the dr the first week of december for my post op check up. The worst part is just not knowing at this point what things are going to be like. I was really hopeful that I would never bleed again and my dr was hopeful as well. Now I can't even wear a tampon, I'm stuck with pads which just adds to the disgusting feeling I'm already experiencing. I'm just so tired of this.

    Millygl responded:
    Hi Everyone.... I had my E/A Nov/19....Everything went well...I have been in pain (cramping) since that day not mentioning the back pain too....I am very emotional at times like depressed I feel very upset not wanting to do anything...I love dancing and I am not even in the mood for that....Not mention that I continue to have a very strong discharge alone with a very strong odor that is driving more crazy....I had some lab work the Dr recommended to see if I had a UTI...everything is fine...Now I will seeing him to see what can I do for this pain that is really strong and making me feel like so bad...I don't want to do anything....I am very down....feeling ugly....I am feeling down all the time...I am woundering if this is another side effect that goes alone with this...I can wait until I start feeling better and resume to my activities like I used to before this procedure....Thanks to everyone that comment about their expirences....I am glad I am not the only one having some problems with it.

    Bulldog82 responded:
    Have you gotten a second opinion from another doctor? I had my EA done on 11/15/09 in the doctors office. I was given two tablets of valium and two tablets of percocet. I received a shot of torodol (sp??) in the buttocks. I had two prescription lollipops (one during the procedure and one after the procedure). Then I had a cervical block. After all the medication, the actual procedure took something like 8 minutes, and I talked to the doctor and nurse the whole time. No pain, no problems. I am still spotting and that can be expected for a while. But I will take it over the extremely heavy periods I suffered previously. Otherwise I feel great! Sorry your experience was not a good one, but if it were me, I would definitely get a second opinion. Also my regular gynocologist did not do the ablation, I went to a specialist. He had performed over 500 of the EAs. Of the 500 over 250 were done right in his own office. He told me his worse case scenario in the office was a patient who said she had one bad cramp that felt like a heavy labor pain.
    Kerrischerubs responded:
    Hi, Just looking for some info and help on this matter of endo. ablation...I am 36 yr old with 2 children both born by c-section...I have always suffered extremely bad periods, plagued by massive clotting, bleeding quickly & heavily thru clothes, anemia, drowsy, depressed, back pain, etc. I also have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and used to take meds to make me have a period for I am on the opposite end of things by losing about 60 pounds and now getting my period each month on time for a change, but more intense new dr. suggested an ultrasound which showed a thick lining of my endometrium and sent me to my ob/gyn for a 2nd opinion on getting a endo ob/gyn did my yearly pap test and he said I should try the Meriden IUD (since I have never used a form of birth control and don't do well on meds), he said it would thin the lining, make the periods lighter or go 2nd choice he said was to have a D & C and then tie the tubes. I am fine with that because we are done having kids...but today I went back to my new MD who originally sent me to the ob/gyn and he said I should ask about this endo ablation cuz its not as extreme and if u wanted to have kids still u could. I am reading all this info and it sounds like most women are regretting having ti done...and seems quite painful? I need to decide soon, I thought I had only 2 options, now it seems this is the 3rd...what to do???? thanks, Kerri
    DeeDee383838 responded:
    For Kerri,

    I had this procedure done by a specialist and I have had MINIMAL trouble after the surgery. (I think it was last may, 2009??) The worst that has happened to me so far is cramps every now and then when I am supposed to be getting my period. They are NOWHERE near as bad as before I had that E/A!!

    I am concerned that you think that you are able to have children after this? Who told you that?

    I was specifically told by my doctor NOT to get pregnant! What the E/A does is get rid of the lining in your uterus; meaning that if you were to get pregnant, there would be no place for the embryo to attach.

    This is VERY dangerous, as it could lead to a tubular pregnancy and you could hemorrhage to death!

    If I were you, I would check with my doctor again, or talk to a specialist.

    Good Luck!!!
    mzbrina responded:
    Hi Leah : I just wanted to say that If I didn't know better I would have thought that someone had written your post for me. I had the same experience especially when the surgery was over. I told the nurse that I was in so much pain, in my back, my pelvic area and my thighs, She said the same thing that she thought that was rare that women normally don't have pain when they have this done but. I didn't care I was in pain I didn't care who else experienced it. and it did feel like I was in Labor and I was miserable. I thought maybe it was due to my fibromyalgia but it was a different type of pain. I thought when I got home it would get better after taking the medications for my Fybromyalgia. because it is a muscle relaxer, But it did what it normally do put me to sleep alone with the pain medications. when I woke up I was up for a while before I started experiencing pain again. my back hurts my thighs hurt it has been since the 1rst of February and It is now the 4th were is the speedy recovery, One thing I can say is that I did not have any spotting at all... I have just been in so much pain I can die . But your post was a big help to me and I guess I will just have to make the best of it unless it get to where I can't bare it anymore . Thank You for the opportunity to respond to your post. Sabrina
    ATLMarie responded:
    Thank you all for posting your experiences after having Endometrial Ablation (EA). I had mine done in 2004 at the age of 47, and experienced some medium cramping afterwards. My doctor told me that 90% of the women who have the EA stop bleeding all together. I thought I was going to be in the 10% who continued to have a period, because I had monthly periods for probably six months after; however, they were not as heavy as before the EA. After the six months, I began to spot during period time for seven days, and eventually would have a period once every other month. Then, the periods came every three months and on to only twice a year. All the time, severity of cramping and bleeding had come to a minimum. In three year's time, the periods stopped entirely, so I have not had a period in three years now. The only problem I had that no one else seems to have had is an odor. My vagina took on a sort of burnt smell and the doctor told me it would eventually go away. Well it's now 2010 (six years later) and the odor is still there, along with an occasional mild pain in the right side of my back. This pain would come periodically since the EA but would not be severe. I have to use Norforms which only masks the problem because in a few days, the burnt smell is back again. But I'm questioning if anyone has had the burnt-like odor. Help.
    muff36 replied to ATLMarie's response:

    Yes, I have had that *strong* burnt least I think that's what it smells like. It is definitely unique that's for sure. I had the endometrial albation done February 10, 2010 (3weeks ago) and for the first week after the procedure I noticed that odor was extremely loud smelling but was better after a bath, which I showered up until about a week ago.

    At any rate, a week after having the procedure, I began to get this reddish-brownish discharge, which I had initially thought was my period, but soon realized that it couldn't have been considering I had just went off my period 3days before the procedure & this started a week & a half after the procedure.

    My cycle has always only lasted 6-7 days & came every 28-days. I've been bleeding now for over 8 days & through internet research, I have found that this reddish-brown bleeding/discharge can go on for at least a month & from what I have read, in lots of cases longer. Has anyone experienced this?
    Roseelee replied to muff36's response:
    I had my ablation done in May 2009. I had light spotting bleeding for a good 3 months after the procedure but compared to the horribly heavy debilitating periods I had before the procedure, I didn't mind too much.

    After the first 3 months I stopped spotting and for another 3 or 4 months had a period but it was much lighter than my old ones. I used just a regular pad or regular tampon and never bled through. However I still had cramping.

    Now it is March 2010. I still get a period but it is very, very light. However, my cramps are horrible. Motrin doesn't touch it. For some reason Naproxin (aleve) does work so I take 2 or 3 of those every 8-12 hours as needed. And it lasts for more than a week. Just had my yearly" and my gyno said that 90% of women that have the ablation respond really well with no major problems. 10% have a lot of pain and/or the uterine tissue is so deep into the uterine walls that the ablation doesn't get that tissue. Then during their monthly cycles the uterine muscles contract to try and get rid of that tissue and they contract hard.

    If that is an accurate assessment of why I still have so much pain I would imagine that those that had endometriosis that resulted in uterine tissue being outside of the uterus would be experiencing pain wherever they may have that tissue.

    If I had to do it again I would just have my uterus removed. Many places nowadays use the "Davinci" method which is not as invasive as it was years ago. In fact, if this pain continues to increase I will have my uterus removed.
    An_193282 replied to Roseelee's response:
    I had the endometrial ablasion/d&C on 2/3/10. Started going to the gym 3 1/2 weeks ago. Has anyone experienced weight gain or water retention? I have gained four pounds, even going to the gym consistently. I know the weight gain is not related to muscle gain. I am one of the lucky ones. I have not had a period yet and the discharge is now minimal.
    holistichannah replied to Roseelee's response:
    Hi Roseelee,

    At last - a possible explanation for the hideous pain I too experience each month at period time (period as in a few drops of blood but that's it). My gynae has been puzzled as to why I am experiencing the amount of pain I am following an ablation in April 2008.

    The pain has been steadily getting worse to the point that I pass out and movement other than on all fours is all but impossible. It is scary that the possible answer is gained on a forum website rather than from a "professional".

    His suggestion is that I have a mirena IUD fitted which will make my poor old womb think its pregnant, and the progesterone will shrink any possible endometriosis (adenomyosis). Has your medical guy suggested this? Having your uterus removed is very, very drastic. I have researched and researched and researched this and it would have to be cancerous for me to consider it.

    On hindsight, I would never recommend this operation to anyone else, 10% of women is too many women in my opinion to suffer in this way. Ironically although my periods were extremely heavy they were never very painful and I know which I would prefer to endure. The agony I experience lays me out for 2-3 days, and the dread building up to it is making me borderline depressive.

    Anyway, thanks for your posting. I am in the UK so will have to research Naproxin over here to get a prescription. Good luck to you all.

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