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    my hair is falling out
    nikkis685 posted:
    im new to this site, so i hope that i am doing this right I am a 23 y/o female and i have 2 kids, a year apart, but my problem is that my hair is falling out.BADLY. LIke i take a shower and while im running the shampoo or conditioner through my hair my hair just starts coming out in clumps, almost handfulls, wheni brush it my hair almost goes all the way around the whole entire brush, as well as when i have it in a scrunchie when i take it out my hair is all wrapped around it, im just really scared, cancer does run in my family and i dont know if that could be an underlying cause, or whateve3r. If anybody could help me it would be great0ly appreciated! thanks Nicole0.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Have you seen your doctor? Are you on any medications? Are you on a diet? Do you use a pony tail band on a regular basis? Do you dye, perm, straighten or relax your hair? How is your diet in general? What type of brush do you use? The causes of hair loss are many in women and you need to see your doctor for a Diagnosis of the cause of your hair loss but until you see the doctor, don't jump to worrying about cancer. Generally hair loss related to cancer is related to the medications treating the cancer. There are a lot of things that are probably far more likely. (though I am not a doctor or health professional and it is impossible to diagnose over the internet)

    Let us know what you find out.
    Watercolor6900 responded:
    Thyroid problems can cause your hair to fall out. There are several things that can cause your hair to fall out., see your doctor.
    Nanabron responded:
    I know how horrible this hair loss situation is, I have had this problem for yrs, all say its hormonal but there must be an answer and hopefully something that can help, lets hope someone has an answer. regards Nanabron.
    greerkt responded:
    Hi Nicole,

    What you described is EXACTLY what happens to me. I have to clean the shower drain everyday. I'm so tired of sweeping the hair off the bathroom floor that I bought a hand-held vac. I had blood work done last week and I'm waiting to see what my thyroid test results are. Please let me know if you find an answer to the problem.


    jchrist929 responded:
    steph503 responded:
    My hair started falling out when I was 18. I have Alopecia Areata, an auto-immune disease in which your immune system attacks your hair follicles and makes you hair fall out. There are no other symptoms and it doesnt affect any other part of your body. It usually happens in patches or circles and a dermatologist is usually the one to make an appointment with. There really is no cure, but there are treatments that may work, your doctor would be able to show you your options . There is hope and it's not life threatening at all. Just make an appointment with your doctor and good luck!
    fairywright responded:
    Ladies - please, please go to the doctor and have your iron levels checked! I had anemia for years without a diagnosis, and my hair was falling out all the time - especially in the shower! Our drains were always having to be unclogged! Don't let the doc just test your hemoglobin - this tells you very little. Mine was always borderline normal along with my thyroid levels - they have to test your Ferritin (iron) levels, and your total body iron and IBC (iron binding capacity). My ferritin was 3 - this is rock bottom. It means I had virtually no iron stored in my body. Iron difficiency anemia will make your hair fall out, along with many other symptoms like bone crushing fatigue, nervousness, racing heart, dizziness, sore mouth, brittle nails, etc. When I took iron supplements in the right levels, the hair loss stopped. Especially if you experience heavy periods, it's vital to get your iron levels checked! You think your body has safeguards against heavy menstrual cycles, but eventually it can make you anemic.
    Patricia_Ann responded:
    In 1996 I was under a lot of stress (divorce, moving,work,my parents, my daughter, no money, etc.) anyway, I was on hormone replacement therapy because I'd had a hysterectomy and gall bladder surgery the year before. To make a long story short, my income had been cut down to 1/3 or what it was before the divorce so I stopped taking all medications (saving money). The first think I noticed was how full my brush would get when I brushed my hair; I even started saving my hair in plastic bags to show my doctor because I thought I was really sick. Once I got back on my medications it took several months to straighten out the damage I had done to myself. Please see a doctor as soon as possible or go to one of the clinics that are being set up at some of the drug stores and talk to the nurse there (it's cheaper). The longer you put off going the worse you can get. I pray whatever it is will be as simple as mine.
    mzkat1 responded:
    Hi hope all is getting better for you. My hair was falling out as well. I found out it was my some of my medications, some was for pain and some for bipolar disorder. When I had the doctor to change them it got better. I hope this helps
    jacsmom3 responded:
    I had that happen too after my son died. The stress is what made it fall out and turn gray. If you haven't had trauma before this happened, go to your doctor. He will run tests and if they are normal, he will probably send you to a dermatologist. There could be many different factors other than cancer. Like stress, hormones, or your thyroid. Mine never grew back, so it is thin now. I had to cut it short so the weight wouldn't pull the roots. I hope this helps? Good luck! sherry
    cgod64 responded:
    Hi Nikkis685,

    I was close to the same age as you when the same thing happened to me. I was 21 when I had my daughter and shortly after having her I started losing my hair by the boat load. It was very stressful being a single parent and I didn't go to the state for assistance I did it all on my own. When I finally got to a doctor that knew what he was talking about, he told me it was stress. I had taken on more than I could chew being a single parent and post partum depression wasn't helping either. He told me to do whatever it took to relax and get help with my situation because I was putting myself through more stress than I needed to be under. So I continued to work and support myself and my daughter but I did take assistance where I could, such as with daycare costs and some help through WIC. That isn't to say that is what is happening with you, you should absolutely consult a trusted doctor to be sure that something else isn't going on. But, I thought you might find something in my story that sounds familiar with what you may be going through. It isn't easy being a mother for the first or second time, and your life changes drastically, never mind the hormonal changes your body goes through after having children. I hope you find out what is happening with you, and please let me (all of us here) know how you are doing. And, when my hair grew back it was twice as thick as ever so be prepared to have the hair dresser complain how thick your hair is when it comes back in!~ Wishing you the very best! Carol
    pattydel24 responded:
    my thyroid was off a little and my hair fell out. is a simple blood test to check. good luck
    ggammel responded:
    Hi dear Nicole/nikkis685: By 23, I had twins and a 2 & 3 year old, 13 mos apart. One twin infant and I had low hemoglobin counts (anemia), but the medication was so expensive, we didn't buy my prescription. Turns out it was high potency iron, and without it, my hair fell out exactly like yours in clumps and filled my whole hairbrush, so that Mom bought me a wig, but all could have been saved if only we had bought my high potency iron prescription. I feel confident that you only need a little blood test to confirm your anemia, so you can get on high potency iron as soon as possible. Take good care of yourself! Blessings head to toe, Glenda Gammel Grandmother of 9
    jay246 responded:
    Go to the doctor immediately and have your thyroid levels checked. My hair started falling out just as you described. I have hypothyroidism and a goiter. With medication my thyroid levels were restored and my hair started growing back.

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