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    My Pubic and Armpit Hair is Changing Color - and NOT to Gray!
    Avone posted:
    I hope this is the place to post this. I posted in the skin area, but got no responses.

    So, I was born with red hair. I have always had red hair. However, about a year ago, I noticed I was started to grow a patch of jet black hair in the pubic region. I was shocked! I have always been red there, and red on my underarms, legs, arms, etc.

    Within the past few weeks, I have allowed my underarm hair to grow in as an experiment, and sure enough, there are patches of black hair there, mixed in with the red!

    I have not been to a doctor about this. It's very weird.

    Any ideas what could be causing this? I am 42 years old, no menopause symptoms yet, 8 years ago had a dermoid cyst the size of a cantaloupe removed, along with the ovary to which it was attached. It was made up of hair and teeth and tissue. Wonder if the hair was red, or black? I have an hereditary form of anemia, for which I take an over-the-counter iron replacement pill. I had meningitis when I was young, and it was severe. Can't think of anything else unusual about me.

    I appreciate any answers or opinions you can share with me. Has anyone gone through something like this? Oh - the hair on my head is still red. No black patches yet.
    Peggy9393 responded:
    I hope this helps. ?When I started to go gray in my mid-thirties, I used to be able to pull out a single strand of hair and see that it was brown (I am a natural brunet) on the end, then golden towards the middle, then brown again, and darker brown by the root. ?I believe it has to do with a change in the melanin (pigment) in your hair, which may be giving you "wisdom" (AKA graying hair). ?Being 50-years-old now, I have "become" a natural blonde, and I am sticking to my story! ? ?
    Avone replied to Peggy9393's response:
    Thank you Peggy. Mine isn't like that at all. There are no hairs on my head that are black. It's all red there, with a touch of gray coming in.

    However, in the pubic and armpit areas, there are pure jet black hairs growing in. No other color, just black. In patches all clumped together. They aren't scattered around, they are in definite groups. It's very strange, and I can't find anything on the internet about something like this.

    I do appreciate your comment, however! I have read a lot lately about melanin, but I would think if it was that, it would be in my eyebrow hair, regular arm hair, leg hair, and the hair on my head? Not sure if any of this makes sense to me. I am just an oddball, I guess.
    Avone replied to Avone's response:
    Whoops - let me correct - I do have red hair in pubic and armpit area - but the hairs that are black are totally black - no other colors mixed in anywhere on the strands.
    scgirl777 replied to Avone's response:
    Did you ever find out what was causing this? I'm having the same problem and I'm kinda worried.
    hughson1111 responded:
    Did you ever find out what this was because it has been happening to me as well. I have gone through menopause but this began happening after that; about 5 years ago. I am 57 now. I am a strawberry blonde, still am, and my pubic hair is black and white and strawberry blonde now.
    luzmilla responded:
    I am almost 70 and this has just happened to me. My hair has always been light brown with red in it. Now all of a sudden black hair in my blonde eyebrows and underarms. Since I didn't get an answer from my doc I thought I'd come on here. I hate it and want it to go away! I am concerned about the cause. Only red heads?

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