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    Normal Pap + HPV = colposcopy?
    An_194209 posted:
    I am a 32 years old female and just had a normal pap smear results but came out positive with HPV. When I was 30, I also had the same test results -- normal pap +HPV At 31, I had a normal pap smear and negative HPV.
    When I was 30, I was told that I need to come back in 1 year to have another pap smear and that HPV would clear out on its own. I was so freaked out that I asked them to see me in 6 months to see if HPV has cleared out but they would not. It did seem to clear out at 31y.o.
    Now, that I had positive HPV, my doctor(a different doctor with different insurance) told me to have colposcopy and that she would do a biopsy if needed after looking at the cervix. The doctor said that they give colposcopy to anyone who tests positive for HPV. So, I did have a colposcopy and the doctor did remove some tissue for biopsy (she said it seemed to be very small amount of tissues that changed color). Needless to say, the procedure hurt a lot and I still can feel the pain. I have to go back in 2 weeks so that they can tell me that I have heeled and get the results. She also said that I would need a follow up every 6 months.
    Now I have encountered 2 extremes in treatment and I am very confused and wonder whether the colposcopy was really necessary(along with all the stress and discomfort). Or perhaps, the first doctor did not take it seriously? Considering that HPV is so prevalent, it would be weird to expect a colposcopy performed on all the women who have it. Besides my pap was normal for 3 years in a row. I kind of wish I did not have this colposcopy if I really did not need it. What exactly should I have done or what to do with this situation in the future. Thank you.
    georgiagail responded:
    As a general rule, a colposcopy is done when a pap smear comes back as "abnormal" as this procedure is an attempt to determine (among other things) how deep the abnormal cells extend into the cervix. It allows the physician to take a closer look at the cervix.

    In your case, if it is true that there was a small amount of tissue that changed color during the colposcopy then taking a small sample for a biopsy wasn't a bad thing.

    tmlmtlrl responded:
    I had basically the same thing happen. First ever abnormal pap at 30. Did the colposcopy and biopsy--hpv. Bad experience for me cuz they lied to me about what was going to happen. They said maybe some coffeeground type discharge for 24-48 hrs....BS I had all sorts of crazy discharge and pain for 2 weeks. It was horrible cuz I expected it to be no big deal like they told me. Then I was told hpv usually clears up (which really means 'goes dormant') after 1 yr but we would wait 2 yrs before doing another colposcopy. Well 1 yr later another abnormal pap and she said she wanted to do another biopsy!! I was pissed that she wanted to be so invasive again and told her no. (side note: I have had deep thrust pain with sex ever since my colposcopy.) I told her I want to give my body a chance to heal by stopping the bc pill and stopping smoking. I did that and started taking vitamins, minerals, & supplements. All that was 1 yr ago. My pap is scheduled for June (with a new doctor) and I am feeling positive about it. I guess I want to tell you that hpv doesn't have to be scary. Do research. HPV can cause genital warts or can lead to cervical cancer. I have the kind that can cause cervical cancer--it doesn't mean it has to! It just means you should keep up with your yearly exams and stay healthy. If you have more than 2 consistant abnormal tests then you should probably do the biopsy again to make sure you are not developing cervical cancer because your best chances against it are early detection. But personally I don't think you need a biopsy everytime.
    You should not need a follow up every 6mos. Maybe a follow up IN 6 mos. You need to do some independent research and have a informed talk with your doctor to make sure they are not just taking advantage of your insurance.
    tmlmtlrl replied to tmlmtlrl's response:
    ps. the changing color during the colposcopy was the hpv. the biopsy was done to see how deep it is and see if it is cancer. They should explain to you the different levels when you go for your results.
    LoveYorkies responded:
    Have you had the HPV typed? Only a few of the hundreds of strains are linked to cervical cancer and those are 16, 18, 31, 32, 45, and 52.
    Generally, a normal pap result should not lead to a colposcopy or a biopsy. HPV infection does not always lead to cancer, as a previous poster already mentioned. Usually cervical cancer is very slow growing and in a woman over 30 yrs the cancer typically takes 4-6 years to progress from abnormal cells to cancer.
    I think giving a colposcopy to every woman who tests positive for HPV is unnecessary and bordering on irresponsible (JMO). It is an invasive procedure and can cause significant discomfort.
    I don't understand why your second doctor was being so aggressive when you had a normal pap result. In my opinion, your first doctor was more in line with current treatment guidelines.

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