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    Vaginal Odor
    nursing2014 posted:
    Hi there!!
    I have had a problem for several months now. I have had bacterial infections and they have been treated, recently went to the doctor and got tested for STD's and bacterial infection again and nothing. Even trichimonis and my doctor said it was nothing at all. My words to her was "so are you telling me I just have a stinky whohaaa"?? She really had no words for me...told me to stay in touch if it doesn't go away and also told me to try douching even though she does not normally reccomend that. So..I have douched, only going to do that one time and well...the smell is still there. I have been married for almost 12 years.. so this makes no sense to me although..I am ver embarrased about this, especially since I have no answers as to why I have a fishy or fowl smell. The last time I was on my period...the smell was awful. I told my doctor that too... does anyone have the same problems or any insight on this for me??
    quel_bell responded:
    Maybe it's just a hormonal change or change to your diet? I'm 38 and I've always been self conscious about odor and before I use to only wash my vajayjay with baby wash thinking it was the mildest but the ob nurse recommended using Ivory soap which has no fragrant chemicals.
    Wear cotton panties or use pantyliners (no fragrance) and change it often. Thongs and tight fitting jeans are a no-no.
    katrina2010 responded:
    bacterial vaginosis does cause a fowl odor, but is normally found with women who have/had multiple sex partners. I'm not sure in your case since you have been with your partner for 12yrs how common it would be to be exposed to bacteria vaginosis. I really would consider getting a second opinion, your obgyn doesn't seem very reliable since she told you to douche, which if anything would make the situation 10x worse!
    Suzieseesaw responded:
    I had some issues too but I discovered triple milled soaps are better then deodorant soaps for keeping odor away. Also I absolutely love Victoria's Secret Squeaky Pink wash! It's excellent and of course you should use a washcloth everyday. Oh BTW VS is no longer selling that wash but you can find some on Ebay!
    nursing2014 responded:
    I use dove soap, I also use a loofa but not "down there". It's not BV b/c the scent is actually different from how it has been when I did have it. I'm hoping it is just my hormones. I'm going to try to make myself eat yogurt daily and see how if that helps.
    21yroldmother responded:
    have had this problem myself . now what i do is take a bath cause a bath is you sitting in tha water which can get in ur vajayjay lol also use a wash cloth then after that take a shower to rinse off and also tha soap i use is ivory cause it so sensative a baby can use it . and as far as douching thats a no no IF its tha old fashion way and thts using one of those baby nose things and buying vinger & water and doing it urself cause stores brands can cause a yeast infection. and also you can have those smells if you have a yeast infection and if thats the case you could buy azo for yeast infections.
    Binkle21 responded:
    I had that problem once and would describe the odor like rotten fish. I went to my doctor and was told it was probably ocult blood. I finally treated it myself with Canesten, not the ovules but the tablets and it went away and never came back. It must have been a form of yeast although it didn't have the itch or discharge usually associated with yeast. Hope this helps.
    1Bobbybland responded:
    I have had this problem off and on, and I think we all do, so don't worry too much, as your doctor probably checked you out ... here's what i do: gently wash, front and back and rinse well. Dry, dry, dry gently and if you are confortable, leave your step-ins off for awhile. Then, when you dress, if you have any doubts, use some vinegar on a cloth and tap the area. That should do it and this gives your body time to adjust itself because you dont need roto rooter, just a little air. Your body can manage this area very well, and if it's nice to house a baby and welcome your man, that should prove that you dont need a blow torch to 'clean' what's already a perfect environment.
    limelm responded:
    I have had this problem off and on for years and found the best and healthiest is yogurt-- try to have some every day and you will see the results before too long good luck
    savedbyjesus responded:
    I know that sometimes yeast infections and bacterial infections cause these odors, but also if your ph levels are off, it can cause that as well. I have had all of these issues. It is very embarrassing. The doctor says that when women have hormonal birth, ppmd, menopause...etc., this can happen. He also told me that if you feel that you need to douche, do it with plain yogurt. Sounds really gross, but it does work. I have had to get on some medicine for my hormonal changes (I am only 32, btw) and it has helped. Anyway, I hope that you feel better and find something that works. I would also get a second opinion, I did and it helped.
    tabigania responded:
    I had the same problem on and off. After ineffective medical treatments I washed internally with bicarbonate of soda - it works!!
    reortiz responded:
    There's a product on the market called Replenish & it's a vaginal insert that I believe is used after your menstraul cycle, sex, etc. Perhaps, you should give this a try since douching did not work for you & good luck to you. ^_^
    kma625 replied to tabigania's response:
    I'm sorry to hear about the problem and understand how frustration it can be, my doctor told me the same thing you were advise ... it's just a bodily function ( tabigania) is correct bicarbonate of soda in your bath or on a loofah works .. to bad my doctor didn't me .. I learned from one of the elder women in my family... good luck
    thithi33 replied to katrina2010's response:
    It so happens that if your partner is having multiple partners I think you could be a target for bacteria.
    sdclark1 responded:
    i;m with katrina2010 a fishy smell usually means some kind of infection. u need 2 get a second opinion. douching went out a longgggggggg time ago. with all these new methods out here. u need to get u a doctor that is concern about your well being and not just a check. douching usually washes a lot of stuff out of you. and when u r not having good sex, u be wondering why

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