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    Vaginal odor after sex
    An_195478 posted:
    After my husband and I got married, I had a tubal ligation done. We had always had either protected sex or he would pull out before this. Since I had surgery we have normal sex, but now since he is ejaculating into me for 3-7 days after I have a really bad odor with slight discharge. I always pee first thing after sex, and I do take baths and keep myself clean, but this odor persists, and I have no idea what to do about it. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.
    georgiagail responded:
    A odor after intercourse (and especially when the male ejaculates inside of you) isn't all that unusual. You can, of course, get checked for any infection (such as bacterial vaginosis) but if cleared, the odor may only be taken care of if you go back to your husband not ejaculating inside during intercourse.

    sangel0614 responded:
    I actually have been having this issue too...I'm so glad I found your post so I don't feel alone! We have tried having sex without his ejaculating inside of me and I noticed that the problem went away. I personally think that it's simply his ejaculate sitting inside and starting to smell. It's hard if not impossible to get all of it out and so it just gets a bad odor. It's kind of embarrassing but thankfully he knows what's going on. I guess the only advice I have would be to not have him ejaculate inside of you anymore. If you find anything else out, please let me know. This is something I'd really like to figure out for us as well.
    fcl replied to sangel0614's response:
    " I guess the only advice I have would be to not have him ejaculate inside of you anymore"

    I disgree. You could also accept that sex is messy has smells and flavours and can be fun if you let go and enjoy.
    An_195479 replied to fcl's response:
    I totally agree that sex is messy and it does have its own smells. But I do not agree with having to go around for a week afterwards when every time I go to a bathroom and pull down my panties it smells like something died!!!

    I am a nurse, I know my hygiene and I know the smell is from the decaying, rotting sperm (which just sounds gross all the way around).

    My mom told me to douche but that is not good for your body and can lead to an increase in cerivcal I guess we are going back to pulling out!
    gdvbrewer replied to sangel0614's response:
    Thanks for answering, lol makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one having this problem. If I find out anything else I will let you know!
    fcl replied to An_195479's response:
    If it smells like something died for a week afterwards then there is a problem. Your vagina is self-cleaning and should evacuate the sperm by itself. It may be worthwhile getting checked for infection (bacterial vaginosis, for instance ...).
    An_195480 responded:
    Go to a doctor and see if you have B V or another type of infection.
    gdvbrewer replied to fcl's response:
    I am a nurse, I have had 2 doctors appointments in the past week. In the past 2 years (since I have had surgery) I always have this gross smell after intercourse with ejaculation. All of my pap's have been clear, all of my urine samples have been clear, and believe me I had an STD panel run that you wouldn't believe. In short I have had everything checked, the only thing they found was some cysts on my left ovary. No infection, PID, BV, etc. Besides being Bipolar and having a broken ankle right now I am completely healthy. The last time we had sex, the smell lasted about 5 days, and everything is back to normal now. The 6 years before we were married I never had any experience like this. The whole reason I had a tubal done was so that we could have normal sex. This was not a side effect I expected, and it sucks!!!!!
    sangel0614 replied to gdvbrewer's response:
    That's interesting. Come to think of it, I never had this problem until I had a tubal done either.
    str8fwd2011 replied to sangel0614's response:
    this tubal thing sucks!!! i mean it's been working for me so far, but i have this really bad awful smell before sex, like if i get really excited before sex that's when the odor seems to appear and is very loud, it's a turn off for me and my partner!! but i notice the smell occured after 4 years of having a tubal done, i'm in my 5th year now!! after sex cleaning up the smell is still there from 3-7 days!! i really do believe it's due to the tubal and of course ejaculating in the vaginal because i never had this problem in the past before. I went to the doctor complain had tests done and still nothing, but ladies i did find a solution to work, please do not use vinegar it enhances the smell(well from my experience) but i douche wit plain water nothing added, the position my partner have me in when he release in me(on my back legs up) i douche wit water that way and we have noticed that it worked!!!! but is this totally healthy even if it's only water entering da vaginal i'm unsure BUT IT WORKS
    HiPlainsGirl responded:
    My fiance' and I have regular intercourse and this has been a problem for me as well. I found out recently that plain yogurt (NOT vanilla) has the same bacteria found inside of our vaginas.I read that it's an inexpensive and more natural way to combat a yeast infection. I insert a little bit in there about once a week to keep the bacteria in balance. I put it in at night and then take a bath the next morning to wash it out. It has been helping keep that after-sex odor down. Summer's Eve wash helps with the outside as well to keep the odor down along with panty liners.
    itsmeonly replied to str8fwd2011's response:
    I recently talked to my doctor about this. I was married for 15 years. My husband had had a vasectomy and I never had a problem with odor. He died 2 years ago and I am now engaged and having intercourse again and all of a sudden after about 6 months I have this horrible odor. My doctor was not very helpful but told me to NOT douche at all, not even with water. I am very clean and so is my fiance, so I know it is not poor hygiene. I have read on this forum of using peroxide and water as a douche, and also of using yogurt inserted into the vagina to get rid of the problem. I don't want to change doctors but this is a real problem to me and I would like some help.
    cindyj1954 responded:
    I had the exact same problem with fishy vaginal odor caused by bacterial vaginosis, according to my doctor. She prescribed Flygel, which made me sick as a dog. Anyway I found Femanol online and it worked great for me. You might want to give it a try. It is sorta expensive but it was worth every penny to get rid of that horrible smell.

    kend7878 replied to cindyj1954's response:
    My wife has the same problem. Regretfully, she had a tubal back in 2009 right after her last child. The surgeon pretty much lied to both of us about the whole thing. We felt like suing him for the longest time. Anyway. We wish we had never tampered with nature. And we're paying for it now. Or should I say, SHE is paying for our mistake.

    She has been battling the odor problem for awhile. We didn't realize that it might be caused by sex. But after reading this discussion, I now know its the problem. But overall, I blame the tubal. Odor isn't the only issue. Her hormones have been screwed up since 2009. It has become a lot harder for her to lose weight since then. Her skin is suffering as well. You never know about doctors these days. They will tell a lie to get business. And I say that with a finger pointing at 85% of all of them. The best doctor in the world is YOU. Because they won't care for you like you do yourself.

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