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    Severe joint and muscle pain that occurs a week before start of period
    morthel07 posted:
    For the past 6 or 7 years I've been experiencing severe muscle and joint pain that occurs at least a week to two weeks right before the first day of me actually bleeding. It has gotten to the point where I can't get out of bed or move without doing some type of stretching. I constantly have to take Naproxen for pain relief. My primary doctor has prescribed me Soma to help me sleep due to the discomfort.

    About 5 years ago my birth control pills were changed from Ortho Tri-Cyclen to Yazmin and it helped to alleviate the amount of pain I was experiencing and the number of days of joint and muscle pain down to only 3 to 4 days before the first day of actually bleeding. The short duration seemed to have only lasted for 3 years and has reverted back to the old cycle of having pain a week or two before my period comes.

    The only time I did not experience these symptoms is while I was pregnant (of course) but soon after I started back my period it started up again and has seemed to have gotten worse.

    I've reported this to many of my doctor's and blood test have been ran but they have not seem to find anything wrong. Most recently I was told by my OB/GYN that there is no medical information that she is aware of that explains my symptoms and it being related to my monthly cycle.

    My primary doctor has suggested fibromylasia as the problem. When I researched fibromylasia the exact symptoms everyone mentions having is exactly the same symptoms that I experience when it comes to joint and muscle pain. I feel it in every part of my body it seems like. Fibromylasia to my understanding is chronic and someone who has this illness has it all the time. However, I don't understand why it only occurs once a month around the time I'm to start my menstral.

    Any ideas what can be happening? I'm looking for some type of answers but can't seem to find anything.
    ccos71704 responded:
    Hi Morthe107

    I too have been experiencing the symptoms you describe exactly. Mine has been for the last 2 years. My first experience I was actually pregnant with my second son. It was the 3 month of pregnancy, the day after thanksgiving, it started in the back of my calfs and made it's way through my body over the following 5 days. I thought I had just done to much that week. But the next month it was back and the following month. Even though I wasn't having my period it was cycling as if I had. I went to my primary dr. who took blood. When the results came back she was very concerned. My white blood count was very high and basically my body is acting like there is infection and fighting itself. I was sent to a rhuematalogist who test for everything but nothing was found except for the high white blood cells count during a "flare up" ( that's what I refer to it as). I was put on antibiotics 2 times but it did not reduce the pain. It always continued the cycle. Basically all the doctors couldn't figure it out and said it must be some crazy pregency thing. So I dealt with it the whole pregency. Upon having my son the pain stopped. For 5 months I was pain free. During 5 months of breast feeding I did not have one "flare up". But as soon as I stopped the pain returned. And it's been present ever since. And again no doctor can tell me why it's happening.

    My cousin ( a dietitian) and I have tried to do research with nothing avail to us. We thought it was some type of fibromyalgia. I've removed wheat from my diet, take fish oil, do yoga regularly, take multivitiams, eat tons of fruits vegetable, lowered red meat intake... Some months have been better then others but it still cycles. Stress also seems to make it worse. I've been keeping a daily journal to see if there is an increase or decrease of pain with the types of food, exercise or stress I'm experiencing. But there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason of serve months verse not serve. This month I'm planning to increase fish oil intake. Next month I plan on introducing folic acid and if I still don't feel better, I plan on returning to the doctor to ask for a script the Soma (my husband mentioned this might be something that could help with the pain on bad flare up months). Have you had success with the Soma?
    morthel07 replied to ccos71704's response:
    Sorry that you're going through this...Yes, my primary doctor prescribed soma for me to take during the flare ups 3x's a day. It does help me relax so that I can get some sleep. I haven't taken it 3x's a day because it really makes me drowsy from taking just the one.
    ccos71704 replied to morthel07's response:
    Hi Morthe107, It so good to hear back from you!!! I thought this posting would alert me through email when you responded back, but I guess not. I'm sorry I'm just seeing your posting today.

    I haven't tried anything prescribed. Im still trying to navigate this a little differently. If you don't mind me asking how is the pain? Is the Soma helping reduce the pain at all?

    As I mentioned in my last email I did increase fish oil intake. I also started daily does of Calcium 600 mg, Vitamin D3 2000 IU with Vitamin K 200 mcg and Magnesium 500 mg. I've been continuing a routine of yoga about 30 mins, 4 to 5 time a week (definitely still consider myself a beginner) and I've actually change my diet a lot. I'm continuing the wheat and gluten free and the whole food base diet (basically eating a lot of plant based food). I have to say my pain has dramatically decreased. Over the last 3 months I've noticed a big change and I actually didn't have any flare up last month at all! The other 2 months I felt it, but it wasn't debilitating like it has been in the past. It all may be a fluke but I'm continuing to track everything in my journal.

    Your the only other person I've come across to be experiencing similar symptoms as me. I would really love to stay in contact.

    I have some additional questions if you don't mind me asking?If you'd rather not totally understand. You don't know me from a hole in the wall. But just to give you some background, my name is Christine. I have two boys 2 and 5. I'm 36 years old. I live in Conneticut. I am a teacher for elementary level and taught for 5 years before I tooked extended maternity leave when my second son was born. I'm currently a stay at home mom raising my boys.

    I hope to hear from you soon.
    morthel07 replied to ccos71704's response:
    Hi Christine,

    Nice to hear from you again as well. The soma only helps me to get some sleep during the night. I too need to start making some other lifestyle changes myself as you mentioned. A girlfriend told me about taking liquid chlorophyll and it helping with menstral cramps. I've done research on it and it seems like it does help so i'm willing to even give that a try to see if the pain tha I feel can be relieved. We'll see...I'll keep you posted.

    Glad to hear that the things you are doing seem to be working for you. I've decided to go back to taking yoga myself. I did it 3 times and it kind of helped but I imagine I need to do it longer to see any real results.
    ccos71704 replied to morthel07's response:
    Good Morning!

    I am so happy to hear your returning to yoga!!! That is so great! If you can squeeze it in about 3x a week for 15-30 mins that would be great! If you can't always make it to class (which I know can also get expensive) you can do a class on line. has some great 20-30 minutes class for you to view by really thorough teachers.

    It so wonderful to hear from you. I actually am in the midst of a flare up, well kinda of. It started with the pain in my right arm, where the arm meets my shoulder. It really hurt to rotate my arm. It was a dull pain, but tolerable. Compared to what usually happens it was nothing. That lasted 2 days. Then I had no pain for a 2 days. Then the flare up began. It was in both my forearms, but again pretty tolerable. I thought to myself here we go again. But it only lasted a day! I pray these life changes continue to help improve it. I know I must sound like some granola nature chick (lol). Believe me the last thing I want to do is remove all the tasty food from my diet. With that said I have been watching a ton of food documentaries and I really believe there is a link. I have been learning to find tasty food in more plant based food. The last straw was to remove most dairy which I did. The one only thing I can't give up are eggs. We have a local farmer with free range antibiotic chickens so we get are eggs from them.

    Please let me know what you think of the chlorophyll. I'm gonna to do some research on that too.

    I pray your new changes help you too. Look forward to new updates.

    Best of luck
    lrn27 responded:
    if you should see this post email me at [email protected]/ I saw your post an have the same issue and have gotten no help as of yet undiagnosed
    mikedjames responded:
    I had this during my first pregnancy and the doctor thought it was ONLY related to being pregnant. However, I suffered with sacroiliac joint pain for many years afterwards and finally was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. This is very common for it to take years for a doctor to figure out you have AS. If you have lingering, prolonged pain in your SI joints after pregnancy, please ask your doctor (internist or family practitioner, not OB doctor) to work you up for AS.
    I have had joint pain for 2 years and nothing has worked as well as this natural remedy Omega XL pain relief . This natural supplement has truly changed my life! I had become pretty much home-bound because it was so painful to move around. But now, I'm active and pain free again.
    edahl874 responded:
    THIS IS IDENTICAL TO ME!!! It started happening about 6 years ago. For 1-2 weeks I have severe, severe muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and total exhaustion. I'm talking about only being able to stay awake for a few hours, feels like my joints are being crushed, and my muscles are being crushed like a can. I've been to at least 5 doctors and no one can find anything physiologically wrong. One doctor prescribed me Mobic (for arthritic pain), but I did not take it due to side effects. I am seeing a rheumatologist next month. No amount of OTC pain meds seem to help. I have tried tracking diet, exercise, and how I feel at different points in the day when I experience one of these "spells". I have noticed that it occurs around the time before my menstrual cycle. It has been driving me crazy for years, because when I'm not experiencing this pain and fatigue, I am happy and full of energy!
    ccos71704 replied to edahl874's response:
    edah874 I experience the kind of symptoms. When I don't have the symptoms I am full of energy also. Doctor are very perplex since I have nothing detectable to give us a reason why this is happening. I have seen 11 doctors in the last 2 years. Thank you for responding to this thread. It's nice to know I'm not a lone.
    deechuck1 replied to ccos71704's response:
    My doctor is trying something called nortriptyline. It seems to work leading to my period... I take it at bedtime. I also take 150 mg of Sertraline each night for 1/2 the month. Then 100 mg for the rest of the month. I wean down and up by taking 125 for two days when I switch. I thought it was working... I felt better overall each day. I didn't over do it. After work I did very little activity. I still did stretches but rested. 1. because I was exhausted after work and 2. because I wanted to preserve engery. Since there is no way to prove Fibromyalgia, I'm stuck working. I don't mind, it's just hard a lot of the times to get up and out of bed. During flare ups, I am useless. My job wants to part ways if I can't work consistently. I'm so worried. Now that my period has ended the pain has begun... so the nortiptyline 15 mg dose wasn't enough for the big bad period. I had such high hopes!!! My doctor told me to double up and take 30 mg tonight to see if it helps. We'll see... overall before my period I had little to no pain.. where in the past months I was in pain daily.
    oboice7 responded:
    I also have been experiencing this problem. Only this last couple months have been getting progressively worse! Its gotten so bad it hurts to move... just in time for the holidays.! (Yah, lucky me!) Anyway, just a thought. My youngest is 7 yrs old, and I remember long ago that the children's clinic after I had my daughter kept telling me my iron levels were borderline high. Has anyone had their blood iron checked during an episode for a condition called hemochromatosis? Most woman don't get it really bad until menopause, but my Aunt was diagnosed with this condition, and the symptoms are very similar. As soon as I can get an appointment after the holidays I am getting it looked into. If you research the condition it often goes undiagnosed. Its claimed to be rare, but now that doctors are becoming more aware of the condition they are catching it earlier. It is a genetic condition. I know when my Aunt was diagnosed they told her that her siblings should be tested as well. My mom was told she was a carrier... so its plausible that you ladies could be experiencing something similar. I know the last few months for me it was mostly a lack of strength and pain mostly in my hands and knees, but now its all over so its gotten worse. The great thing is they can treat this condition. All you need is to donate... or get blood drawn on a regular basis to decrease your iron levels, by releasing the blood from your system. That's why we all feel better after PMS. Hope this information helps. Look up the mild/starting symptoms, you will notice that if undiagnosed it can get serious, but mild now is joint pain, fatigue, and weakness... all something were experiencing! Never hurts to look into it. Good Luck and Happy Holidays! Let me know if anyone finds anything else!
    morthel07 replied to oboice7's response:
    Since I first posted this discussion, I've been doing better with not having a period every month by just continuing to take my birth control every day for 3 months and then stopping to have a period. When I do this, the pain only lasts a few days rather than the 2 weeks I experienced before and goes away right after my period starts. The only thing I can think of is is that my hormones are fluctuating like crazy during this time. I've also been taking birth control pills (different kinds) since I was 17 and I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it. My husband and I are going to try for another kid this year so I will see if I have the same issues being off of birth control during that time. I was not able to test this theory out with my first pregnancy being that I got pregnant the next month after stopping my pills to get pregnant. I'm hoping I'll have more time in between stopping and conceiving to see what happens to my body when I have a menstrual cycle
    shan12gry replied to ccos71704's response:
    I too have the same thing with the joint a d muscle aches a week or so before period.... Im going to see a naturpoathic physician to see if they can figure it out. I am wondering if it is a hormone imbalance.
    adelestephensonguy responded:
    As what I have learned, the part of the nervous system that is responsible for regulating monthly period becomes more sensitive to any changes in the body. Thus, this means women with fibromylasia will experience the pain symptoms twice than ordinary days..

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