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    Side effect from having bladder sling surgery?
    okwinddancer posted:
    In March 2009, I had a hysterectomy, bladder sling, and rectacile (sp?) procedure done all in the same day. I have noticed after time that my clitoris is shrinking. All procedures were done vaginally with no complications. The bladder sling involved cracking my pubic bone and I thought maybe this had something to do with it. I no longer have insurance and can only go to an Indian clinic and information is very limited. I just wanted to find out what is happening. I hope someone can shed some light on this. Thank you.
    someonewhocares3 responded:
    I'm sorry you're having issues. Shrinking of the clitoris is fairly common after hysterectomy. This is due to the loss of blood flow to the pelvis and genitalia resulting from the severing of blood vessels and ligaments to remove the uterus.
    someonewhocares3 responded:
    I don't know if you had your ovaries removed but the loss of hormones can also negatively impact the genitalia. Labia and clitoris shrink and vagina atrophies.
    okwinddancer replied to someonewhocares3's response:
    Thank you for your reply. I would have like to have been told this before I had the surgery. My doctor never mentioned anything like this. I thought at first it was just in my mind until the clitoris has almost disappeared. I still have my ovaries. I am just wondering if there is any kind of surgery out there to fix this or is this something I am going to have to live with? I appreciate your help.
    georgiagail replied to okwinddancer's response:
    It is an inaccurate statement that shrinking of the clitoris is "fairly common" after hysterectomy. Changes in estrogen levels after a hysterectomy where ovaries are removed or through natural menopause can causes changes in this area (for example, vaginal dryness) but your ovaries remain and I'm going to assume that you are not at the age for menopause.

    Most women don't realize that what they see as the clitoris is (literally) only the tip of the iceberg. Actual clitoral tissue continues to extend fairly deep into the pelvis. This is why some women have tiny clitoris, some have more elongated ones. However, the length that protrudes out the body plays no role in the sensitivity of this as the clitoral tissue inside is connected to a myriad of nerves.

    Is there some point as to why you are worried that it seems your clitoris has shrunk? Is there less sensation in this area during sexual contact?

    Remember that there is also a clitoris hood that tends to cover a fair portion of the clitoris.

    undefined replied to someonewhocares3's response:
    I know this for sure. Even having a hysterectomy, I still have organs and my libido works just fine. Women that say they no longer get off nor are they horney, you're either stingy with the vajaja or your man doesn't give it to you goid.

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