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    Includes Expert Content
    Severe cramp like pain after orgasm
    asecret posted:
    Hi, I'm new here so I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place...

    About a week ago I experience very severe cramp like pain after an orgasm. I didn't think too much of it as I'm a young fit 23yr old. But since then I have tried a couple of times myself to see what would happen.... its happened a number of times now, and the pain is horrible. My contraceptive is the Implanon (implant in my arm, and has been there for a year.) I've never experience anything like this before. I don't have periods due to my contraceptive, but I can remember what the cramps felt like, and it was oh so tame compared to this.
    I few years ago they found pre cancerous cells in my cervix, but I've had it checked recently and there had been no progression, and the rest was healthy. Is it worth having another check?? Does anyone know what would cause this?? There have been no changes in my lifestyle or my sex life, it just randomly started. Normal sex without reaching an orgasm is fine, and I'm more than happy to go without if this pain continues! I read somewhere that I should have pain killers an hour or so before sex... I'm 23, I don't think I've ever planned sex its usually very spontaneous. Good luck to me telling my partner we have to plan it!! any tips or advice would be much appreciated, though if it carries on for much longer I will most likely see my GP. I've decided I'll "rest" for a week or so and try again gently to see what happens, if its still there I will have it checked out. In the mean time, perhaps someone has had this problem and will save me the trip??
    Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
    Dear asecret: The easy question first, OK. I could not find any data to support a role for dysplastic PAP smear results in the creation of severe severe cramping with orgasm.

    MULTIPLE literature searches at the National Library of Medicine site did not yield any good citations on the causes of such cramping. Thus the following is my best GUESS. During orgasm many women will have uterine contractions. For some women this enhances the strength of an orgasm--occasionally it will produce pain.

    There is a substance in male seminal fluid (prostaglandins) that can create contractions of the uterus. Yet you mention that your cramps can happen in non-partnered sex--and you have not has a change in sexual partners or practices.

    Another hormone which can prompt uterine contractions is oxytocin. It is produced in the pituitary gland in response to cervical stimulation and nipple stimulation.

    I would really doubt that the Implanon, after a year of use, is the culprit in your new cramping. Given that there are no well established protocols for treating this kind of orgasmic pain, as a GYN, I would want to check for any tenderness of the uterus/tubes/ovaries. This would rule out a new infection or ovarian cyst as a possible cause. I would want to know if you have noticed any predisposing factors (eg sexual position) or anything that makes the pain better.

    If your GP cannot figure out the cause you may need to be referred to a GYN for an assessment. One can surely hope that this is resolve as rapidly as it onset!

    An_245134 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
    Hi asecret. I had the same phenomena happen to me last year. Now I do not experience the symptom anymore but my curiosity is still not sated. I first realized I was having painful orgasms when i awoke from a dream having an orgasm that was quickly infiltrated by a painful painful cramping sensation in my pelvic region. I kept my body as stiff/still as I could to ride out the pain. I was also on a contraceptive but it was a pill and about 3 mos. into it. I did not have a sexual partner at the time. I also tried having one where I could see if it was recurrent. It was. I had a less severe pain but of the same type and also a very dull, unfulfilled orgasm accompanied it the next few times. I did not try again for a while due to the bad feelings that I got while doing it. I went to see an OBGYN that was highly rated for women's surgeries and was pretty disappointed to just have been written a prescription for a male sexual arousal/enhancement drug. I gad also experienced bouts of tingly in my labia and dizziness when I'd kneel and odd muscle cramping in the glutes region. The doctor, from my description, albeit the fact he said I was unusually young for what he was diagnosing (I was 28 and I've never been pregnant), thought it was due to a lack of blood flow. The Cialis (not yet approved by FDA for use w women w blood flow issues) only caused me a slight feeling of arousal; but the pain had ceased after those three episodes (I stopped after a couple tries w the Cialis bc I found it didn't help w the dulled orgasm). A year later I think it may have actually been caused by pudendal nerve damage (look it up, it happens a lot w bike riders), or something similar. My orgasms haven't reached the great peaks they used to to this day but are much improved. I've had two exams since that one that I was ineffectually prescribed Cialis with gyn doctors, making sure I gave them a run down of my previous symptoms. I've also seen a neurologist and been checked for a number of non-/inherited nerve disorders that came back negative. This included MRI's and physical. I did not have Lyme disease or many of the other diseases. I have never received a positive PAP for cervical dysplasia but maybe we have experienced a related issue. If anyone else has any ideas, I'd be grateful to hear them also. I was in a car accident where my car was rear-ended and that, with the tingling like blood flowing back into an extremity, tingling (like it hurts when your arm falls asleep) and painful orgasm lead me to believe I might have nerve damage anywhere from the lumbar spinal region down. Hope the pain subsides soon!
    MrsH2010 responded:

    I, too, started having this problem in the last year. I would have great sex and then the worst cramps of my life afterward. I usually pop a couple of tylenol as soon as it starts coming on and then just lay down until it passes. It can be quite debilitating. Fortunately it doesn't happen often, and for me it seems to be only after vigorous intercourse. I said something to my GYN but she just said she thought I needed more lubrication. I have since switched GYNs but I haven't asked the new one about it. I hope you get over your pain!
    An_257064 replied to An_245134's response:
    I know this post is old but I still wanted to reply because the situation described is soooo similar to my own. I was also experiencing a dream that lead to orgasm and that bled into pain. An intense cramping very similar to menstral cramps but far more intense. I didn't know it was going to end.. I actually tried Lamaze type breathing exercises as my legs started to feel wobbly. Anyways before I could reach the bathroom for meds it was over and done. Also I get very dizzy when I kneel or go to tie my shoes and also sometimes get the labial tingling you described. I plan on making an appointment and I will defiantly ask about the possible involvement of that nerve however I do think poor blood flow is the culprit Behind all of my dizziness upon orthoststic changes. If you do get this is love to hear if you've come across anything helpful.
    angelaa36 responded:
    Hi I'm a new to this site and knew I had to join and post when I did a search for what I am goin through as well ): I'm 36 years old been diagnosed with intercystial Cystis about ten years ago and endometriosis about 7 years ago ? I actually had surgery to clear it out . anyway I had sex few weeks ago and all of a sudden started bleeding I wasn't due for a period for two weeks , prior to that week I had weird in comfortable cramps the whole week and was sure it was a sign of pregnancy or something anyway took a test was negative . The bleeding wind up lasting 11 days ! Went to gYn they didn't see any cyst and said my uterus looked ok . Every since then I get severe punchin like cramps when I orgasm, it doesn't matter of it's manual pain radiates to my back as well ! I'm started to get scared wtf is wrong with me ! Also I am peeing like crazy and if I can't get to a bathroom I'm in excruciating pain ! I'm waiting on my blood work, they checked again for pregnancy and hormone levels also waiting for Pap smear results I've had pre cancers cells in past but had a normal pap about five months ago ! I've also had polys on the past but they did not see polyps on sonogram lastly I've been Extremly emotional like out of control crying ! Idk if this is all related but I know the pain is not in my mind the orgasms are short n very painful I'm only 36 think I'm too young to be goin through menopause right? Anyway will give I guys an update as soon as I know
    sammilou972 replied to angelaa36's response:
    I am experiencing the same issue. My husband and I can have sex just fine with no pain after climax,when I actually do, but when solo I experience a major abdominal pain like a menstrual cramp. I have been on the depo shot for a little over a year. My periods were so painful that I was unable to move much during with out use of muscle relaxers and painkillers. I am not sure what has caused the painful orgasms but it has gotten to the point that I will not masturbate any longer for fear of the pain.
    An_259697 responded:
    I know this post was so long ago but I can't help but share my experience. I am too on Implonon and have been on it since April 2013. I only started experiencing the cramps about a week ago. I thought it was because my period may be coming but I haven't gotten it yet. I noticed only after I orgasm I experience the cramps because the days I dont orgasm, I don't experience cramps. I'm a little worried because I fear I may have developed cysts but I was cleared on my pap this april. Also, I don't know a lot of girls who have the Implonon since it just became populat so I'm wondering if it's that. Well, I'm going to check with the dr this week hopefully everything will be alright.
    yoselinelliott responded:
    I know this post is really old now but I am 20 yrs old and have experienced this as well. I also have the implanon going on a year and a half and at about the year mark when my after my husband and I would have sex and I climaxed I would get the most excruciating pain and feel extremely nauseous and then would through up. It went on like that for a few times and then stopped but now every once in a while after sex I get that severe pain in u abdomen was wondering if anyone has found anything out.
    kaio2 responded:

    That's what it was for me. Less than a minute after orgasm (either from non penetrative masturbation or penetrative sex) , usually a few days before my period, I would have the WORST Stomach cramp/pain of my life. I would need to have bowel movements and on one occasion i threw up, and for up to 20 mins I'm in excruciating pain, and I start sweating and I am literally burning up, dizzy and on the floor unable to do anything or focus on anything except writhing from the pain. And then after the 20 mins has passed, it's over. This has intermittently happened to me for a long while now, and when I went for tests for some unrelated issue I found that I had a vitamin d deficiency. After I started taking a vitamin d supplement a day, I no longer have this issue. I'm so glad because I got to the point where I was afraid to have an orgasm. My supplementation worked in about a month (my symptoms tended to be a month apart because it usually happened a few days before my period) anyway I'm 28yo for anyone wondering and 120lb weight. To the best of my knowledge, I don't have cysts or fibroids nor have I been diagnosed with endometriosis, although I do tend to have Very painful periods (these are some of the other reasons I have found on the Internet from other people that is potentially linked to this kind of pain). The other supplements I'm currently taking include one a day women's vitacraves and every so often I take 250mg nature made magnesium because I tend to be constipated but I really think the reason for my cured condition is the Rainbow Light Sunny Gummies Vitamin D3 1,000 IU because I wasn't deficient in any other vitamins so the vitacraves are just overkill and also I found out that vitamin d has muscle relaxing properties and I think there is some internal muscle involved in this. It's possible that the fact I'm less constipated from the magnesium helps too but I don't take that enough for me to really think it has done much.. But I could be wrong. So if u try just the vitamin d and that doesn't work after a month, maybe try the magnesium and see if that helps. Regardless I strongly believe it's the vitamin d that is at work here because now that I look back, my symptoms coincide with periods in my life when I'm indoors A LOT more than usual. If ur preggers or taking other meds please talk to ur doc first to make sure the supplements don't interfere with anything. Also I don't think the brand of vitamin d u take matters, but the one I named has been an awesome way for me to take vitamins, I literally hate pills and these gummies taste really good so I've been more consistent with them. Best of luck ladies! If this helps you please post a response and pass on the message. xo
    jjsunny replied to kaio2's response:
    It's interesting that there are so many new replies to this post. I took a shot and googled 'stomach pains after orgasm' and found myself here- I'm kind of glad to hear I'm not alone! I have just become sexually active again at age 38 and at this point have found similar pains "strong stomach cramps and back pain" within a couple hours after intense orgasms (not through intercourse). I'm not on any birth control at this time. The vitamin deficiency is an intriguing thought as I have noticed other symptoms previously that seem to be related to vitamin B & D deficiency. I'll be interested to see if focusing on these vitamins again help in this issue. Thanks for posting!
    katfish93 responded:
    Long time listener, first time caller lol I've been following this thread for a while hoping to find similarities with other posters and figured I should contribute as well. I'm 21 years old and experience severe stomach cramping after a self-orgasm. I've never experienced it while having sex with a partner though. The cramps have manifested themselves only in the past several months, and although they don't happen every time I self-orgasm, they are sporadic, unpredictable, and extremely debilitating. Like some other posters, I have the Implanon (birth control implant) and the cramps never happened before the implant. Also, a poster wrote about vitamin D deficiency. That's interesting because my body is naturally very very low in vitamin D. My doctor prescribed me 5,000 I.u. a day. I've noticed a decrease in the severity of the cramps, but they still come about. Perhaps because my body is so low in Vitamin D? Or maybe it's just a strange coincidence. About 5-6 years ago my pediatrician thought I may have cystic ovarian syndrome, but no further tests happened and when I moved to a different state, it was pushed under a rug. However, with these symptoms it could be a possibility. I have not discussed this issue with a GYN (because I haven't had a Pap smear yet), but it is definitely on my to-do list.
    sfstarr responded:
    Hi, I was reading through the comments and the story and I think I'm seeing a lot of similarities. I'm on the Implanon and I'm 19 and have never had cramping like this until a week or two ago. It only manifests sometimes during sex, but has been consistent when I'm self stimulating. Its been starting within seconds of finishing and is crippling. I've been on the Implanon for a little over a year now, but this just started not too long ago. Has anyone gotten anything conclusive or has it faded away for anyone?
    arealproblem responded:
    I have the same issue. It started while I was in college when I was about 20 and now I am 32. I too did have an issue with getting a a PAP with precancerous cells....however since that time I have gone to the doctor and everything has been clear. Every time after I have sex weather it is with a partner or by myself I get this horrible cramps that are very debilitating. When I was younger it was less frequent then it is now. It officially happens every time I have sex. I had a dream that ended in orgasm about a week ago and woke up to horrible cramps that made me crawl into a ball on my bedroom floor. One thing that is different from many of the women on this post is I am not on any type of birth control or medication. I have found that sometimes if I have a bowel movement or a hot shower the pain will go away. So I am not sure why this is happening but it hurts so bad to the point of tears. I have spoken to a couple of doctors about this and no one has been able to find anything wrong with me. one of the doctors prescribed me muscle relaxers and told me to take them before sex....this should not happen at all. This is causing problems with my boyfriend and I because I don't want to have sex out of fear of this horrible pain. Can someone please help!!!

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