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    Severe cramp like pain after orgasm
    asecret posted:
    Hi, I'm new here so I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place...

    About a week ago I experience very severe cramp like pain after an orgasm. I didn't think too much of it as I'm a young fit 23yr old. But since then I have tried a couple of times myself to see what would happen.... its happened a number of times now, and the pain is horrible. My contraceptive is the Implanon (implant in my arm, and has been there for a year.) I've never experience anything like this before. I don't have periods due to my contraceptive, but I can remember what the cramps felt like, and it was oh so tame compared to this.
    I few years ago they found pre cancerous cells in my cervix, but I've had it checked recently and there had been no progression, and the rest was healthy. Is it worth having another check?? Does anyone know what would cause this?? There have been no changes in my lifestyle or my sex life, it just randomly started. Normal sex without reaching an orgasm is fine, and I'm more than happy to go without if this pain continues! I read somewhere that I should have pain killers an hour or so before sex... I'm 23, I don't think I've ever planned sex its usually very spontaneous. Good luck to me telling my partner we have to plan it!! any tips or advice would be much appreciated, though if it carries on for much longer I will most likely see my GP. I've decided I'll "rest" for a week or so and try again gently to see what happens, if its still there I will have it checked out. In the mean time, perhaps someone has had this problem and will save me the trip??
    An_260684 responded:
    Maybe this will help someone...
    tomuch1121 replied to jjsunny's response:
    I no this post is old but this is what I came to after ask n the question about pain after multiple orgasms . I am 53 I know my body is strange after having my daughter I only had a period once or twice a year and if I washed my hair it would go off . When I turned 50 I never saw another one so about 10 years ago I started have n multiple orgasms between 7-15 I actually had partners that would count them not only that but to me it was embarrassing because every time I had sex the whole bed would be wet ,(guys call that squirting) but got use to that but about 2 years was the first time I experienced the pain in my upper pelvic . It didn't happen again for a long time . Now within the last six months I have had it happen 3 or 4 times only after climax n 7 or 8 times I then have to ask my partner to stop I bring my knees toward my stomach and lay there in a fetus lake position until I go to sleep. I cannot continue to have sex that night .Don"t know what to do should I stop in the middle of intercourse before it get to that point is it not normal to have them many orgasms if u have any suggestions please post
    An_260713 responded:
    I was diagnosed with endometriosis this year and 1 of my symptoms is pain after sex or orgasm. I spent 8 years in and out of doctors trying to get answers for my horrible symptoms and finally was diagnosed with endometriosis. Its worth looking into
    jestuart replied to kaio2's response:
    WOW! I have been having this problem for about a year now. I am 110lbs, 28yrs old, mother of 2. I have just taken out my IUD, Mirena, after having it for 5 yrs and just started a 1 month BC shot called, Mesigyna. I would have these sever cramps after orgasms (during sex w/my husband or even in the middle of a dream). I was convinced it was the IUD, so I was very excited to have sex after removing the IUD. SO imagine the fright I had when I had the same problem after. I would call these labor pains. After giving birth to two children, it definitely feels EXACTLY like labor. I feel a need to push, and I also end up throwing up. God Bless my husband who is rubbing my back the entire time, this lasting about 20 mins. I am anxious to call my Dr and get to the bottom of this problem as she too wondered if the IUD was the problem. I will definitely take Vitamin D as I am running out of options and I already take 8 diff vitamins. Thank you for your posts they have made me feel less alone.
    danainpaina replied to jestuart's response:
    Hi......I haev the exact same issue. I am going to try the Vit D as well. here is another site with tons of info on this topic as well:
    danainpaina replied to danainpaina's response:
  • have
    leigho responded:
    I had this problem for approx 3 years in my early 30's. Devastating to the sexlife when you end up vomiting from pain or curled up in a ball after sex...I saw 3 specialists without any answers..very frustrating when none of the experts seem to have even heard of this. The last specialist suggested getting a scan with radioactive dye so they could watch what was happening as her guess was that it was muscular relating to cramping around the uterus on orgasm... I stopped squeezing my PC muscles for 6 months which I had been doing to bring on orgasm... This seemed to reduce the frequency of the problem...and took buscopan the moment the pain started... The vitamin d might be worth trying as I tend to stay out of the sun..and may have been low on vit d. However I found the problem stopped when I stopped taking the pill. I was on a fairly high dose pill ( dianne35) to treat PCOS. So I'd try a lower dose of pill or non hormonal methods....
    ck138 replied to arealproblem's response:
    I'm so glad I looked this up, and found others experiencing this pain too.I'm 34 now, but my pain started at 29. My cramps happen during and right after orgasm. I get the cramps on my left side at times and right side at other times. It lasts about three-10 mins. I have a thyroid problem and am low on vitamin d as mentiined above. I have also been through fertility treatments. I hope we all can figure this out and have enjoyable intercourse again.
    ellenrobert responded:
    My cure has been magnesium. 200 mg 3 times a day and 400 before sex. I have had these pains for over 20 years and in the last 6 months I started take large amounts of magnesium (Vitamin D also and the two need to be taken together) and I have NO MORE PAINS. I am happy this was the cure but saddened that 20 years of complaints to doctors yielded nothing. I had a friend who took magnesium for her migraines so I thought I'd do some research for myself. I suggest reading the Magnesium Miracle.
    broyard replied to angelaa36's response:
    Hi, I'm 24 and have IC as well. I got off my meds for this about 2ish years ago because I was pregnant and breast feeding. When my husband and I would have sex in certain positions it would hurt which is normal with that bladder disease. We dealt with that and then I would have an orgasm it felt great then right after it would hurt. Now the orgasm hurts so it makes me not to want to have one now....
    Anyways, I have my urologist appointment in a few days but was curious if they found out if IC was the issue behind this?

    erdarc316 replied to angelaa36's response:
    Thank you for sharing this. To start I am a healthy 25 year old.
    I have experienced this pain after orgasm for 5 years and have done my best to live with it. During intercourse I avoid over-stimulation to prevent orgasm, however I still wake from dreams having an orgasm and pain and occasionally self-stimulate, but I have to take pain meds prior (as recommended by my GYN) and they usually only dull the pain.
    I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 16 and intercystial cystitis at 20. When I mention this pain to my doctors they simply relate it to one of the two conditions and recommend the pain medications prior to sex. As I mentioned this does not always fix the situation.
    I am starting a new relationship and hope to avoid any problems related to this. I will be trying to supplement with Vitamin D as others recommend.
    biochem23 replied to kaio2's response:
    I've been experiencing this pain on and off for years and just looked up the possible causes for the first time and found this forum. Ironically I just had blood work done last week and my doctor found a vitamin d3 deficiency. I wonder if this is the cause. It is a good opportunity for me to do a self experiment with a vitamin d supplement as I already take magnesium every day. I will start taking a vitamin d supplement this week and monitor whether the pain after orgasms goes away. I will report back after 2 months of a 1000 unit vitamin D3 every day. I hope this works! It would be nice to get back to my normal sex life.
    briz350 replied to biochem23's response:
    I'm 48 and when I was 29 and 31 I had this happen to me in the very early months of pregnancy. The cramping was DEFINITELY uterine contractions. I would be balled up in a fetal position breathing through them waiting for the cramps to pass.

    I chalked it up to the fact that I now had a pregnancy that had implanted in my uterus and thus it affected the muscles contracting or something to that effect. I have had it a few times outside of being pregnant but not in recent years.

    I also wondered if it was due to endometriosis. I was diagnosed about 20 years ago with endometriosis and got pregnant after that diagnosis. I know what you are all talking about. The cramping is VERY intense and unmistakable. I hope for those suffering it regularly, that you get to some resolution for this.
    cnnobuto replied to arealproblem's response:
    I am 51 years old with menopause in sight but not yet here. I started having severe cramping after orgasms about 2 years ago. It did not matter whether the orgasm was from G_spot stimulation, oral sex or intercourse. I started on Demulon 30 after about 5 months of this and while my periods regulated and became more manageable, the cramps continued. My husband helps after lovemaking with tylenol, heating pads and lower back massages which all helps. I stopped the Demulon after 12 months and this did not change the cramping so I have asked my husband to make love to me in a manner that is pleasurable but won't take me over the top. Sometimes they sneak up on me though and I let it come hard even though I will pay for it when it is over.
    My ObGyn cannot explain it. I am healthy and fit, have had 4 children and my husband and I make love every other day and have for 26 years. Midol also helps as a pre-emptive remedy but I don't like taking drugs.
    I have been supplementing with vitamins and minerals for 20 years and even had custom vitamin regimens. I don't believe I am deficient in any vitamins. Any ideas from the group or MDs would be appreciated. Thanks
    katseverance replied to briz350's response:
    Hello briz. Your story sounds just like mine. I began to have these cramps at night during my first pregnancy. Usually after an orgasm brought on by dream. They are horrible. I am 47 now, so I have been having them for about 20 years. Sometimes I have them in the middle of the night for no reason at all. I know I am getting close to menopause. This week I have experienced Cramps throughout the day and night that are severe and debilitating. They usually last about 20 minutes. I also have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids. My question is this: is anybody else experiencing these cramps during the day, and without orgasm?

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