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    Includes Expert Content
    Severe cramp like pain after orgasm
    asecret posted:
    Hi, I'm new here so I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place...

    About a week ago I experience very severe cramp like pain after an orgasm. I didn't think too much of it as I'm a young fit 23yr old. But since then I have tried a couple of times myself to see what would happen.... its happened a number of times now, and the pain is horrible. My contraceptive is the Implanon (implant in my arm, and has been there for a year.) I've never experience anything like this before. I don't have periods due to my contraceptive, but I can remember what the cramps felt like, and it was oh so tame compared to this.
    I few years ago they found pre cancerous cells in my cervix, but I've had it checked recently and there had been no progression, and the rest was healthy. Is it worth having another check?? Does anyone know what would cause this?? There have been no changes in my lifestyle or my sex life, it just randomly started. Normal sex without reaching an orgasm is fine, and I'm more than happy to go without if this pain continues! I read somewhere that I should have pain killers an hour or so before sex... I'm 23, I don't think I've ever planned sex its usually very spontaneous. Good luck to me telling my partner we have to plan it!! any tips or advice would be much appreciated, though if it carries on for much longer I will most likely see my GP. I've decided I'll "rest" for a week or so and try again gently to see what happens, if its still there I will have it checked out. In the mean time, perhaps someone has had this problem and will save me the trip??
    speeder491 replied to katseverance's response:
    Hey katseverance, I'm 24 and have a small fibroid as well. I have had these cramps for about 2 years now. I start getting them about 10 days before my period starts. They're usually brought on by orgasm, which leaves me nauseous, dizzy, sweating, and curled up in a ball in excruciating pain. Sometimes a hot compress helps but usually I just have to wait about 10-15 minutes until they subside and I feel absolutely fine. But I do experience episodes without any cause at all. I can be sitting at my desk at work and suddenly I get horrible lower back pain and abdominal cramps/pain. It sometimes makes me feel like I need to have a bowel movement, although I don't always have one after. I've found that foods that give me gas make the cramps worse, but even avoiding these foods doesn't solve the problem. My doctor suggested proctalgia fugax or endometriosis, and prescribed me 500 mg Naprosyn (naproxen sodium) to take twice daily starting about ten days before my period. (I don't get any cramps once my period has started). However I can't say whether this helps or not because I'm the typical noncompliant patient who hadn't actually followed the doctor's orders, so I can't really complain. Tipped uteruses run in my family so I think my pain is a combination of my anatomy and hormonal changes once I ovulate.
    lamimada responded:
    I started having severe menstrual cramp type pain after orgasm about 2 year ago. They started out relatively mild and in 6 months they were unbearable. I have been tested for endometriosis, cysts and fibroids. All of which I do not have. I have no adrenal glands and my pituitary does not work. I take medication daily to keep me alive plus a prenatal vitamin, 5000 IU vitamin D, magnesium and assorted others that arn't relevant to this discussion. I take a lot of suplements because I'm a Vegitarian and though I eat a balanced diet because of my health it's better to be safe than to get sick. I'm explaining this because unfortunately I have been on and am still taking all the suplements previously suggested with no change - I hope that it's just me though. Nothing is too weird to try as long as it's not detrimental in any way. I have been scouring the Internet for answers and have come up with only one possible solution that has not been mentioned here. One doctor suggests that a slight hormonal imbalance could cause the cramping. He went on to talk about menopause etc.... But that's been blown out of the water in reading these posts. Lol. But you can easily have hormone imbalance without having menopause. My GYN did the same thing when I talked to her. She said, "Just take a couple of Tylenol at least 30 min. before." I have a muscle disorder that causes me pain 24/7. I am already on a sufficient amount of pain Meds and taking even more just seems unnecessary. And who married or single plans sex precisely enough to be able to time taking a pill exactly 30 min before an orgasm. That just crushes all spontaneity. I also take a low dose birth control pill to keep from ever developing endometriosis as I am 48 but there are women here that aren't taking anything. I don't refrain from sex because of the pain even though I do have to curl up, push and breath for a couple of min. It is excruciating and I'm sure you will all agree that it's like being punished for climaxing.... There are hundreds of stories just like ours in just one search online so I'm sure there are at the least thousands of us suffering. Why doctors both male and female don't act like our sex lives are important enough to help figure this out I don't understand. It seems that if things arn't perfect for us, we are supposed to take a Tylenol but men have numerous remedies. I guess we get only 77% in the bedroom too. I'm going to continue to search and I'm going to find a new GYN and this time I'm not going to take "I don't know" from a doctor again! If and when I find ANYTHING worth trying or a cure I will come back and post the details. Meanwhile I hope that anyone who knows anything new that my help will please let us know. I thank everyone that has already shared their experiences. We may still experiencing the pain but like another poster said, "at least we know we are not alone". Everyone take care!
    lamimada responded:
    P.S. The condition we all have is called "Dysorgasmia". I found the information here:
    Ellynwynn replied to lamimada's response:
    It is happening here, too. I have had many of the other gyno issues that others have reported. I had irregular paps when I was young. I suffered through cysts and endometriosis. Yet, I never really had this symptom. Every once in a while I would get some dull aching or cramping afterword, but nothing like this. Three years ago, I had enough and got a FULL hysterectomy. Now, I am in excruciating pain after orgasm. It might as well be my old cramps returning, or childbirth, or passing a kidney stone....[br>It is enough to put one off of ever bothering with sex again.
    By the way, it just happened recently and I had taken pain reliever first. Obviously, that didn't work.
    An_259907 replied to speeder491's response:
    This is me down to a T I have the exact same symptoms as you. My pain after orgasm starts 10-12 days before my period is due but no pain through-out my period and after then 10-12 days before period starts again and I have pain it's like clock-work. I have been back and forward to the doctors who have been useless and told me it must be a STD of course when I had the test done and they came back negative it obviously wasn't that! I basically got pissed of with the doctors I went to them with info on fibroids ( as my mother had a large one removed the size of a grapefruit ) and endometriosis. I am now waiting on scans and surgery for a lap. It's always confused me as it does seem to be a hormonal thing after I've ovulated maybe and never changes pattern it's always the same every month. X
    psme84 replied to lamimada's response:
    I read the article you posted about dysorgasmia- I'm glad there are people in the medical community finally looking into this problem, but I disagree it has anything to do with menopause and the much more likely culprit is endometriosis. I'm 30 y/o now and for years I have been experiencing the same problem everyone else in this thread is describing. It's kind of ridiculous the medical community doesn't have anything more thoughtful to say other than take some tylenol and move on. How about do some actual research and nail down a cause?? Meanwhile they're prescribing all these crazy medicines and doing procedures because they don't understand what's going on with what is probably a very simple problem.
    Elizchristin replied to arealproblem's response:
    I must post as well! I have had horrible cramping with my period all my life. I have had several OBGYN find nothing wrong with me. I've tried everything. Unfortunately, the only thing that helps is taking up to 800 mg of Ibuprofen every 8 hours for 2-3 days just to avoid this pain.

    I was trying to fall asleep tonight and suddenly the thought occurred to me: the only other time I have felt this pain so severely is after orgasm but only close to my period. I have looked up a thousand different topics on this but after 20 years of dealing with this, only now I thought to look up "pain after orgasm"!

    I have NEVER found another discussion that fit my severe pain to a T like all your comments.

    I have tried vitamin supplements but they usually upset my stomach. However, after reading the above, I have new hope. I'll will commit myself to 2 months of vitamin D and Magnism to see if it helps.

    I just can't believe that no one truly knows what's going on and how to help us. But it is so good to know that others know what I'm going through. I have gone as far as to take myself to the ER 3 times over the last 20 years, only to be released and treated as if I'm either crazy or drug seeking. Especially since a couple of those times my cramps were gone by the time the doctor was able to see me!
    kelilynn replied to Elizchristin's response:
    Same extreme pain here. Im 37 and its been happening on and off for a year now. But i also have extreme pain if i need to pee and have to hold it. It also makes me double over in the same sort of way, but is obviously not as bad as the 20 mins after o. I have pain, body shakes, extremely hot and sweaty, almost faint and crying. I have not had any children, but i have to do the breathing to get through it. After i am exhausted, like ive ran a marathon and my muscle seem to be sore the next day as well. I have not had any bad paps and i am not on any bc. I take no regular medication. I just had pap by gp and obgyn. They assume pain is from pcos. But are guessing, because of course no one thinks its a big deal. Can anyone post who has any luck w anything, or post things u have tired that havent worked. Ill start mag and vit d, but am not hopeful.
    lhkinglmt replied to arealproblem's response:
    I am 55 years old and started having this problem out of the blue about a year ago. I am not sexually active so this happens from dreams that I have. I will awaken with the most intense pain in my pelvic floor. Its to the point where I feel like I might throw up. Has anyone got a diagnosis yet? WTF is this???
    An_265986 responded:
    I've read this forum & there are others online too that talk about the exact same symptoms but never any answers. I have intense pelvic pain following orgasm (whether from sex, a dream or masturbation) which lasts 10-25 mins where I can hardly breathe or move & I just lie there in a ball sweating until it passes. I'm 27 & have had this for all of my twenties. I have gone to all the doctors.. several GP's, gynecologist, gastroenterologist, pelvic physio, naturopath.. The Gyno did a laparoscopy & found & removed some endometriosis. I thought this must have been the problem & removal would fix it but my first orgasm after laparoscopy the same pain occurred. Although it feels like intense cramps or (what I imagine) labour like pain in the uterus area, I think the bowels which are located close by might be involved especially as I've noticed the urge to pass gas & once I'm able to pass gas the pain subsides, as if releasing some pressure (maybe gas is trapped pressing on something in there & when a nearby sex muscle contracts it causes spasming??) So I got a colonoscopy to look in there but that did not show up anything abnormal & the specialist suggested I try a low FODMAP diet as I also suffer from bloating/gas & constipation which equals IBS apparently - if they can't find anything else it could be. My next attempt to investigate this pain led me to a pelvic floor physio who felt 'up there' & suggested I do 'pelvic floor yoga' to try to relax it. I find the tighter my pelvic floor the more intense the pain. I'm about to give up my search as nothing has helped & I feel I've been dismissed & just have to deal with it. My sex life is suffering as my partner doesn't like seeing me in pain & there's only so much you can do to pretend it doesn't hurt when you're lying there afterwards pale & sweating. Has anyone had any more progress with their search for answers? I'm surprised that so many people have this issue yet doctors are clueless about it. I wish research was done on this. Ps I forgot to mention this pain used to only happen sometimes but it has gotten worse & more frequent over the years that now it happens almost every time I orgasm (or come close to in sleep). Also I've been on a low dose contraceptive pill for 10 years, I might try to go off it to see if that makes a difference.
    An_266524 replied to angelaa36's response:
    Hey, I'm 21 years old and I also have IC and it is a very common cause of painful sex or orgasms. If the pain during sex is a deep pain in your pelvis and/or vigina it could be the IC. Also, if you have a sudden urge to go to the bathroom during or directly after sex it could be also. IC can also cause you to pee very often and urinate small amounts by accident like by sneeze or cough. It can also cause blood in your urine, if you only see blood when you pee and wipe or tiny amounts on your panties it might just be your IC flaring up.IC is a disease that will last your entire life, your bladder lining is not flexable so when you hold your urine it will rip the inner part of your bladder causing it to bleed. A way to help treat this is to change your diet believe it or not. Things you eat and drink effect the flexability of this lining. Look up the IC diet online and follow it, it normally will help after about 2 weeks if your IC doesn't need further treatment. It mainly tells you what to avoid things like soda, types of juices, certian vegetables and fruits, and even some meats can cause flare ups. Hope this information helps, I'm sure the urinating issue is IC and possibly the sex but hope you went to the doctor to be sure.
    anony5556 responded:
    I made an account to post here because this has been something I have suffered through for almost 2 years and through experimentation I found the underlying cause: continuous use of hormonal birth control without a period

    I am 29 year old healthy female. Started on the pill and on and off of it from age 16-20, the pill type varied. Age 22 started NuvaRing and am still using it. At that time I was pursuing a MBA and MS while working full time, lots of travel, so I would often do continuous birth control. My career has been demanding with travel and I liked being able to not have a period (or maybe once per year).

    2 years ago after masterbating I had the strangest symptoms starting a few seconds after masterbation climax: cramping pain just like menstration, but a 9-10 on pain scale. I would feel nauseous, produce lots of saliva, and the worst cases throw up. I would feel hot, flushed, dizzy. Within the first 10min of being curled up in extreme pain I would make it to the bathroom to dedicate a loose watery stool that gives a few seconds of relief from cramps, but they come right back. This horrible experience lasts 10-20min after orgasm, and then I feel 100% normal.

    I spoke to my obgyn about it and she said it was normal and likely uterine contractions. I didn't push it because it was embarrassing.

    Looking online over the last few years people have many theories. I checked publications on this topic (I am a biochemist, not an MD, but I am comfortable finding and reading scientific journals). There is no research done on this topic, in part because the medical community has not considered such a condition important or the real meaningful areas are in infertility, not women's sexual enjoyment.

    In retrospect I wish I kept a detailed log. Basically 2 years ago the pain was intermittent and occurred less than 50% of the time I masterbated. Secual activity with my partner results in no post orgasm pain. I have been on continuous birth control over the last 4 years with an average period every 6-10mo. About 1.5 years ago to 6mo ago, the 50% of the time pain turned into 60-75%, but I noticed if I recently had a period it would drop down to almost 0. Then the first pain would happen after orgasm in a couple months, happening more frequently until I had a recent period.

    Now in last 6mo I have a 100% chance of this extreme pain after orgasm, only masterbation, 5% pain with partner but it is a 4-5 on pain scale. I took my Nuvaring out two days ago. I will have a period soon. I masterbated and climaxed twice. Zero pain at all. I have not been able to masterbate for the last 6mo at all without this pain. And I attempted and climaxed 30-50 times in last month despite the extreme pain I just can't control my horny lizard brain self sometimes.

    So I registered my account to share my experience and several years of experimentation on myself. I'm fairly confident the cause of this is hormonal birth control, long-term use, maybe uninterrupted use, maybe just the exact formulation of this type of birth control. I'm just excited I am fairly certain of the cause.

    Who is going to conduct a study on this? We need a publication so doctors don't keep passing this off as psychological, uterine contractions which are normal, etc and people coming up with their wacky hypothesis of vitamin D deficiency or some bowel disorder.

    Probably good to get checked out by a doc, but I think a lot of people are told to go home and deal with the pain or don't masterbate
    anony5556 replied to anony5556's response:
    My original post was poorly written (from phone). My apologies. if anyone is interested I can elaborate on parts that are not clear. I will check in again and experiment on myself in the meantime: will have my cycle in a few days, do a new course of NuvaRing, continue NuvaRing uninterrupted, and report back on the time it takes after this cycle for the pain during masterbation to return. My hypothesis is that the pain and cramping symptoms will return in 1-3mo of uninterrupted NuvaRing use and increase in intensity. I will continue to masterbate pain free for awhile and report back when I have an episode, likely when I'm back on BC hormones for extended period of time.

    A study with more participants should really be conducted.
    nohard replied to anony5556's response:
    Hi Anony 5556, OK below is an answer I put on netdoctor a few weeks ago after doing some research, see if it helps you.
    Hi Found this on the NHS.
    When you have an orgasm, your heart beats faster and your breathing gets quicker and heavier.
    In women, an intense, pleasurable release of sexual tension is accompanied by contractions of the genital muscles. A woman may be able to experience more than one orgasm shortly after the first, if she continues to be stimulated. A minority of women may ejaculate; a clear fluid spurts from glands close to the urethra during intense sexual excitement or during orgasm. The glands are called the Skene's glands.

    So if you think about these contractions of the genital muscles it could be that these for some unknown reason just keep going, perhaps its form an on going orgasm?

    Doing a little research come with this bite of info one was PGAD, ( Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder ) and how antidepressants could be behind them, so if you have been on these drugs at some time it could be from them, found this below.

    I experienced the symptoms of PGAD 24/7 at the onset, but now I only experience it once a week and it's very mild, only lasts a few hours and doesn't stop me from functioning normally. I DO NOT give in to the physical desire for an orgasm since the symptoms ate now so mild. The arousal began to subside when I started on muscle relaxants and gabapentin. I was taking 300 MG 3 times a day of gabapentin, and 500 MG of Methocarbomal 3 times a day, but my doctor said I could wean off of inoth drugs and I'm down to one dose a day of each and I'm still free of the symptoms most of the time. The symptoms start when I feel anxiety so I take .05 MG of Clonazopam when I feel anxiety coming on. Since my symptoms started after I got off of the antidepressant, Welbutrin, I am now back on 150 MG of Welbutrin twice a day. I sit on a doughnut pillow when sitting or driving to prevent the vibration from triggering a possible episode. The drugs I've found to be most helpful in keeping symptoms away are antidepressant, muscle relaxant, anti anxiety and gabapentin. Since I started using a topical medication containing all of these drugs except for Clonazopam, I'm able to experience relief without taking so much oral medication. I hope to slowly wean off of the Wellbutrin at some point, but for now, I'm living a normal life again, so it will take tome before u make that change. I feel terrible for all who suffer from PGAD. I think seeing a neurologist and an OBGYN are the best choices of doctors for this disorder. Both of mine did have to do research because neither of them ever heard of PGAD, but the meds they prescribed have made a world of difference for me.

    OK a couple of other things that may help was one women come of coffee completely and that has worked for her
    And another women says when its really bad passing stools stops it straight away.
    So two other things that may help.

    So do hope there is some help here.

    anony5556 replied to nohard's response:
    My doctors have already talked about contractions and suggested they were the cause which was normal and shoudl not cause alarm. But I don't think they knew how severe on pain scale and dismissed it too quickly in my opinion. I turned to using myself as an experiment and I think I'm coming to the conclusion that masterbation continuous birth control without periods=painful post orgasm episodes 100x worse than menstrual cramps. It has been 3 weeks since my last period in a long time, and I have masterbated several times each week often times multiple times per day. ZERO issues! The change as I hypothesized was to stop continuous birth control and to have a period to alleviate the post orgasm pain.

    If I supressed my next cycle, I hypothesize the pain would not return.

    "Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder" doesn't seem to fit for my case. I require direct purposeful stimulation to climax or to get aroused. The fact that I get horny sometimes (and more often just bored since I'm newly unemployed) is not something I would call a disorder.

    "And another women says when its really bad passing stools stops it straight away." There were previous comments that passing a stool provides some relief for a second. Yes, it can have some pressure relieving sensation which is relief but just a second as the intense cramping returns.

    Just to clarify, I am not on any SSRIs or other types of antidepressants etc. Medication I take is: ibuprofin if I am sore from exercise, which is no more than 1000mg/month and Nuvaring continuously without periods (except period 3 weeks ago)

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