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    Bowel wrapped around ovary
    MirandaPSU posted:
    I have been in pain for the last 1.5 months. Just had an ultrasound which revealed some small cysts on my left and right ovaries. I had a hysterectomy in May 2011 due to endometriosis/ my doctor is thinking that my bowels are wrapped around my ovaries...which is irritating the small cysts. I have never heard of this before. But it HURTS!! Everyday the pain is seems funny that the cysts are so small...cause the with the Pain being so feels like the cysts are huge. Has anyone ever heard of this? HELP!! It feels like Im is scheduled for Oct 12.
    Anon_6061 responded:
    Never heard of that not to say it can't happen. It's possible that the endometriosis could be back too.
    Hermione responded:
    I had to sign up to this website so I could reply to you.I have just had surgery due to endometriosis.I was meant to have removal of two cysts (one 10 cm large and the other one 5 cm) from my ovaries,but when I was on operating table surgeon realized my bowel was wrapped around cysts and she was unable to remove my cysts without damaging bowels.I have anther operation scheduled in January 2013 which will involve a colorectal surgeon and gynae surgeon working together due to the risk of damage to my bowels.I am in constant pain,I am also on medication for pain and being administered injection (zoladex) to stop my period,which will initiate my menopause in order to reduce my endometriosis and pain according to doctors.I am unable to sleep at night due to pain.
    You are not crazy,unfortunately before this I have never heard of something like this happening to anyone before.I just can't bear the pain anymore and the thought of my menopause being initiated before its time it is very scary.I wish you all the best.God Bless you.
    MirandaPSU replied to Hermione's response:
    @Hermione...If you don't mind me does your pain feel? Like...I always have this pain around my ovaries...sometimes tolerable...sometimes I need pain medicine to deal with it. Anytime I go to the bathroom it labor pains...then also...anytime there is something moving through my colon I feel it...I know that sounds weird...but I can...and it so sick of this. Im having surgery this coming Friday. Even though its the 7th or 8th surgery in this ongoing saga of mine...Im a little nervous. I hope they can fix something. I also feel like the endometriosis is inside my colon. When I had my hysterectomy (may 2011)...they removed endometriosis from my rectum area...and ever since then I 've always felt like they didn't get all of it. 3 months after hysterectomy and endo removal my symptoms came back...and they have continued ever since So...I guess we will see what happens on Friday. But...if you could tell me more how your pain feels...that would be helpful...the doctors always make me feel like Im crazy...or that its in my head...and i KNOW it isn't...and I know something is wrong...a person shouldn't feel like this on a daily/hourly basis. Thank you so much for your response...and I hope you feel better too
    Hermione replied to MirandaPSU's response:
    Hi again,
    my pain is very strong,while in hospital I was on morphine to control it,now I am on tramadol,dicoflenac and paracetamol.The pain never goes away,it is always there but kept undercontrol at times,while other times I can't control it and all I do is crying because it is too much to bear.
    One of the doctors while I was in hospital told me that if the pain comes back very strong and I feel something is not right to go straight to A&E,which is quite scary as a thought.
    I am at the moment surviving on painkillers until my surgery in January.
    I wish you all the best with your surgery.
    jokerfriendly responded:
    I had a hysterectomy 2 yrs ago. in mar. was in extreme pain. Couldnt sleep. in and out of hospital. After the second time in er. they referred me to the gyno specialist. And xrays and ultrasounds done. after that we found a 8 inch cysts on my left ovary. We monitored it and it did go down to 2.5 inches about 3 wks after they found it. After the ultrasound that day. The cyst burst! Wow!!! Nasty. but I felt ok after a fee days and thought great I'm getting better. About 1 wk later. Kept telling the hubby. Its back. I was sick and in severe pain all over again. The specialist sent me in for another ultrasound. And yes the cyst came back and it was now 5.6 inches. So surgery booked. He went in. Removed the left ovary but found lots of scar tissue from the hysterectomy and found that my bowels and intestines and dropped and were hugging/wrapped around both ovaries. He was able to remove the left one and scraped the right ovary away and was able to put a mesh in a buffer between the ovary and the bowels/intestine. Now 6 wks later have issues on the right and we will be removing it. the ovary. I totally understand about the pain and all. hugs to everyone.
    cmsmith1973 responded:
    I just had surgery 1 week ago to remove what ther thought was a cyst on my right ovary but when he got in there it was my intestine wrapped around my ovary. I've never heard of this either and I have a follow up appt this Wednesday and I intend on asking the Dr what this is all about
    gzuniga88 replied to cmsmith1973's response:
    Hey there, just wondering what did the doctor say. I think I might have the same issue. Just a little nervous..

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