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    Menstrual Cycle 6 weeks, heavy clotting, missed periods. Is this Perimenopause?
    Erinyes posted:
    I am 43 and for the last 3 years I have been having irregular periods. I will have one, miss 2 or 3 then have one heavier than normal, then miss again. The longest was when I missed 5 in a row.
    My mother told me this is most likely perimenopause, as the same thing happened to her. I do occasionally have hot flashes, and severe mood swings so I accepted that and went on with my life.

    Now though I missed 3 periods then started.. and it is not stopping. I have been on my period 6 weeks now. It was a smaller amount of blood, slower rate at first, then I started having clots. I have been passing huge clots every day. in between clots it is a steady light flow but flow will increase for an hour or so after a clot

    Some days I have several hours where I can't get further from the bathroom than 20 feet or so because the clots will come over and over. There is always a large amount of blood with them that dumps so quickly I am covered so I spend time changing clothes and cleaning up, only to have it happen again 20 minutes later, or 5 seconds after I walk out out of the bathroom only to run back in. These clots range in size from a 50cent piece to one so huge it would have completely filled the palm of my cupped hand.

    My mother insisted this is also normal as she often had periods of a month or longer before they quit completely as well as more clotting, but I just want this to END. I can't go to a doctor as I have no job and no insurance and paying for $1000s of tests just can't happen. I am not pregnant or having a miscarriage, etc as I haven't had sex in 12 years.

    I just want to know if this is indeed normal for perimenopause so I suck it up and deal. Though I would like to continue looking for a job and I certainly can't do that from my (or an interviewer's) bathroom so any idea on how I can stop it would be nice also. I do know several herbs that are helpful for reducing blood clots and increasing menstrual blood flow, but haven't tried them yet in fear of making it worse and living in the bathroom full time.
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    No, it's definitely not normal. Since you have been bleeding for over six weeks, you run the risk of being anemic from the loss of blood. You really need to see a doctor. Look for a Planned Parenthood in your area. I believe they offer low-cost gyn services.
    simplyblissed responded:
    Dear Erinyes,
    My story is almost exactly the same as yours. Have you found any new information?
    I do not feel I am anemic, I'm not exhausted.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Erinyes replied to simplyblissed's response:
    SimplyblissedNo I haven't found any new information. My period finally stopped just over 6 weeks long. I posted here because these forums supposedly have a RN expert to answer questions and it shows a doctor as a guest expert... but I guess my medical problem wasn't important enough to get a reply. I hope you get more help than I did.
    sjb05151956 responded:
    Jane's very good and thorough about answering questions here but she probably overlooked your post. If there's a lot of activity it doesn't stay near the "top" and can get overlooked.

    Here's an article about treatments for heavy menstrual bleeding - This table shows % flow reduction of various meds along with side effects.
    sjb05151956 responded:
    Nurse Practitioner Jane has addressed missed periods and heavy bleeding quite a bit on this forum. You can do a search and find those other posts which may be helpful.

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