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    Abdominal bloating and movement
    Mmomx2 posted:
    A few weeks ago I started having fairly severe abdominal bloating and feeling movement. It is kind of like when I was pregnant and the baby would move around. This has been almost on a daily basis since that time. I know a lot of people say it is probably gas or constipation, but I have tried to use MiraLax without much change in my bowel habits. I have also been feeling nauseous off and on throughout the day, but I have never vomited. My weight has gone up between 5-10 pounds the last couple of weeks, and it all seems to be in my upper stomach as the thighs and butt of my jeans are getting looser. It really does look and feel like I am pregnant. I am more tired than usual also and just worn out.

    I did have my tubes tied during a C-section 6 years ago so I ruled out pregnancy fairly quickly. I have always had crazy cycles so I cannot really depend on that to help me with any answers either.

    I keep searching the web and finding all kinds of things that this could be from the usual gas to abdominal aneurysm. I currently do not have insurance so I just cannot run right out to the doctor for every little thing. Unfortunately, as this is getting worse I am thinking of making an appointment. I just wondered if anyone else had any suggestions of what this might be.
    georgiagail responded:
    Consider taking a pregnancy test first. Tubal ligations can fail.

    Mmomx2 responded:
    Here is some more info. I was in a hurry yesterday.

    I had my tubal ligation 6 years ago with a C-section. About a year later I had an ablation for very heavy periods. I did not have a period for almost a year after that. Unfortunately, my cycles started again about 4 years ago. They also had gone back to fairly heavy and lasting 7 or more days. My September cycle, however, was very, very light and lasted only a couple of days really. In October, I had a light spotting for a day, nothing for about 2 or 3 days, and then another day of spotting. I am now waiting for my November cycle to start, which should be any day now. My cycles have never really been 28 days like normal. This was also a reason for the ablation. Some times I am 28 days, sometimes approx 20 days, sometimes less, and sometimes more.

    I did take a pregnancy test just because this movement and bloating was so much like when I was pregnant that I wanted to rule that out. It was negative.

    I also have noticed my blood pressure is up. This is something I have only had a problem with when I have been pregnant. However, high blood pressure can be a symptom of so many other things.

    As of now, these are the symptoms I am having: High blood pressure, bloating in upper stomach, nausea, tired, worn out, weight gain in stomach with weight loss other places, almost daily feeling of movement in my stomach. There are times that someone else can actually see this movement (kind of like waves) going across my stomach also. I also like to sleep on my stomach. I have not been able to do that for a couple weeks now because my stomach feels so hard that it is uncomfortable.
    georgiagail replied to Mmomx2's response:
    This would appear to be a gastrointestinal, not gynecological issue.


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