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    Includes Expert Content
    Need advice on where to now with TTC
    questionable posted:

    I need some advice on what I should do with TTC first child.
    My cycle has always been irregular - for example from January 2012 to Jan 2013 my cycle length was (days) 22, 27, 61, 31, 61, 89, 69.

    I know most gynos/Drs want you to try for a yr but is it fair to see someone if you have an irregular cycle?
    I saw a gyno in the past who ruled out PCOS, hormonal inbalance and basically said it is just me. I tried vitex for a couple yrs and it made no difference (i dont think).
    I'm scared that we will have trouble falling pregnant, and basically wont know when I ovulate.

    What should i do/try to get more regular?
    Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
    Dear questionable: You are correct, with a cycle pattern that suggests infrequent ovulations, I personally would not expect the couple to try for 12 months. Once you decide you really want to conceive, 6 months of trying may be sufficient. In your specific case you might want to get familiar with basal body temperature charting to see if you can identify temperature peaks consistent with ovulations. Ovulation predictor kits are very accurate in predicting the LH surge then ovulation, but can be very expensive if one has to test many days in a row.

    In terms of how to get a more regular cycle/more predictable ovulations one should first rule out obvious causes of missed ovulations (eg low thyroid, elevated prolactin, overweight, underweight, familial genetic disorders, etc.) After the initial evaluation you might be a candidate for an ovulation induction medication such as Clomid.

    Having said all this I personally know a woman who was told that with her irregular cycles that she would not be able to conceive--so she did not use birth control. She did conceive unexpectedly. It was such a surprise that the pregnancy was not picked up until she was 7 months!

    I would urge you to continue to follow up with your GYN when you decide you want to conceive. You can continue to have unprotected sex as pregnancy does happen even with irregular cycles.

    questionable replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
    Hi Jane,

    Thank you very much for getting back to me.

    I have booked in to see a Dr this week so will soon learn what options I have, and whether they prefer us try for a while longer before taking any sort of medication (and to also have any tests if required).

    We started trying around 2 1/2 weeks back, but by trying it is not monitoring anything and just not using protection.

    Its good to know that some people have fallen pregnant even with an irregular cycle. Theres hope yet!!
    iladee responded:
    Hi. I haven't had my cycle in 2 years. I MAY have PCOD, according to a recent ultrasound. My doctor of 30years told me that it will be more difficult to get pregnant but I would probably be using fertility drugs. I am 37 and have many health issues whivch also may have cused my periods to stop. I have always had irregular periods. I just am trying to give you because if my doctor, who used to deliver babies and was into gynacology, said that I still have a good chance, then you do too. I know how sad and frustrating it can be. Maybe we all can be a support group for one another.

    I am in need of losing 30-50 pounds so that may also trigger my cycle. Are you on any medications? Sometimes certain medications can mess with your cycle.

    GOOD LUCK! I will keep you in my prayers, as well as all women trying to conceive. I will look forward to hearing about your pregnancy once you get pregnant. I KNOW YOU WILL! Big Hugs! Ila
    DolphinBaby1369 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
    This scares me knowing that it is possible to be that far along in a pregnancy and not even know it !! Wow I have a question I have endometriosis have been on various birth control pills since the beginning of my periods . I am currently on the Depo Provera I have had a laprisciotopy many years ago. Is it possible for a women to get pregnant without having a period ?
    questionable replied to DolphinBaby1369's response:
    Thanks for your replies ladies

    I have read on some forums that some women have fallen pregnant without a period (some not having had one for 12 months or more). I guess there is always the chance!

    Im being tested again for PCOS. I dont have any weight issues fortunately but do have some other mild symptoms such as acne.
    I definitely recommend people see your Dr earlier if you do have irregular periods. This Dr was great and said i couldve wasted a yr 'trying' so it was good to see her earlier so we could work on some things to better the chances of conceiving - whether its a need for medication, lifestyle changes etc.

    I definitely will have you in my prayers too, and all others who are trying to conceive with irregular periods.

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