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    smjpain posted:
    HI Georgiagail it's been a long time since I have posted on this site, it might take alot of posting. So let me get started with major stuff on July 1st I had a Bladder lift done in Iowa City done by my Amazing Kind Doctor Catherine S. Bradley Urgyncolgyst. She is awesome I can't say it enough well I got really really scared in the operating room and started crying and would't let them put me under until I seen her. So she came and held my hand and head and calmed me down until I was asleep. Surgery was good she did it vaginal with two small inscions on the pubic line. But after that I wasn't able to urinate on my own so I had to have a Cath in well this was the worst experience of my life. First the cath got cloged and I got a really bad infection and I lot of blood coming out of tube instead of urine so then we found out that the cathader was latex and I am severly allergic to latex we go into my Hospital to have it changed in MC but had a my Doctor from IC sent an order for a non-latex size 16 fr and guess what the stupid nurse she puts in a size 22 non-latex so I was in pain again two days later had got another order from my Doc who was not to happy about that nurse. So then I got it changed in MC ER by a better nurse. Then for 6wks I had problems with the cathader and went through over 7 voiding trials without sucess so on Aug.9th Dr.Bradley did surgery again oh and did I mention I still had a really bad UTI and the nurse who put in the size 22 cath had to put in another cath and she jamed it in and caused bleeding yep she is going to be fired for the way she treated me. Anyways so stil having a bad UTI and that bad Fungal Yeast infection which I still have now when I came into the OR she was there to hold my hand make sure I was okay make sure nothing was latex and she also had to basically scream at my Hospital in the OR for losing the UA she said are you guys kiding my Patient is with me in the OR who I care deeply about I need to know how bad her infection is well they finally found it and she put me on IV antibiotics right there and when I woke up she was there again holding my hand and head and waited till I was okay before she went to talk with my patients. So She realesed the sling the leaking is better but I still am having to push to go oh also she did a cysto when I was under and because of the damage the nurse did and the cath being in so long I had a cyst and alot inflamation. I also am having severe pelvic pain, so she did a bladder institllation on monday but that made things worse and so I have to get into her again next week to figure out if something else is going on. Then the Yeast thing my Vulva skin Doc there is trying to treat me with 3% accidic acid treatment once a week for up 12 wks and hopefully it works. Also I have had an elvated white count since my first surgery and unexplained fevers my GYN in Mason thinks I might have adhesions again so I might have to have yet another surgery because the only way of finding that out is by doing surgery. So things are still not going well I am on major pain meds morphine and Lortab and I still have had to go to the ER to get IV pain meds I see my MC GYN on friday possibly tommrow and my Reg. Doc to find out why I keep geting temps of 101.1 or greater. AHHHHHHHH What are your thougts I saw my GYN in MC today he said that when he did my last lyasis of adhesions last year he had left a small nodgle behind my vaginal cuff today he thought that could be a problem and he said he will have to do surgery for sure since I am having so much pain in that area so he got a transvaginal ultra-sound the tech said that the growth was the size of a golf ball possibly more than one. I go back to see him right away on tuesday to get the results and to decide what the next step is it makes it difficult having an infection still plus I also just got back from the ER because I had reaction to the flu-shotThanks for your Reply!
    newgirl2010 responded:
    I am so sorry you are going through so much pain and have been through all of that. It definitely sounds like some negligence is involved. Did your medical charts indicate you had a latex allergy?
    smjpain replied to newgirl2010's response:
    Yes they it was in my charts

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