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    Includes Expert Content
    Pain in butt during period
    KTA85 posted:
    Does anyone else have a pain in your butt that also goes to your very lower abdomen during your period? It only last for about 20 seconds and comes and goes. The pain in the butt feels like pressure and sometimes hurts to stand from sitting or go over bumps in the car the front pain is kind of a sharp pain. I would love to know what could cause something like this and if anyone else has something similar.
    JHarrison_Hohner_RN responded:
    Dear KTA: There are several possible explanations. First, pain and contractions in the uterus (eg labor pains, menstrual cramps) can be referred toward the low back, rectum, or even down the inner thighs. The uterus is the source of the pain but the sensation is felt at a non-involved site due to the pathways of the nerves. One way to test this theory would be to use a prostaglandin blocking drug (eg ibuprofen 400mg) which would decrease uterine cramping.

    A second explanation would be endometriosis ("endo"). This is where uterine lining tissue is found growing on the bowel, bladder, rectum, ovaries, etc. The pain of endo reaches its peak during times of menstrual flow. Thus pain in the rectum might be from endo growing into the colon. This is a more difficult diagnosis to confirm. Sometimes hormonal medications known to suppress endo growth can be tried to see if the pain will improve.

    Your best bet for a more "for sure" diagnosis is to see a GYN and get a pelvic exam to look for evidence of endo or other pelvic problems.

    Yours, Jane
    WALL2 responded:
    I have the exact same problem. Only the pain has gotten worse each time I'm on my period. I can't sleep, I can't exercise, and I often miss out on other activities because of this problem. And I did not think that anyone else had this problem.
    Jenn2190 responded:
    Oh dear god....all this time i thought i was the only one!!!!! this pain i get is only during my feels like someone is stabbing me in my butt with an icepick! i can not relax to have a BM at all and when i do it sends shooting pain to my butt. the pain will come at any time and stop me in my tracks to the point where i grab at anything and gasp...:oh my god!" if i sit for too long, it is nearly impossible to stand and walk. it scares me to think that it might be "endo" i only t hink about it when im on my period...cause i do not have this pain in the ass...anyother time!!!!!
    Amberzhere responded:
    Ohh thank goodness..I had such a bad month. Jenn you are right I had the worst pain it felt like a sharp tightning feeling in my butt. However most of it I had pain all over my stomach and then horrible back pain almost like my back labor when I was having my daughter. The worst feeling ever. I the get these sharp pains to my butt and almost feels like all of my low abdomen was gonna fall out of my butt. This was the worst month I have had in 2 years of stopping birth control. What do you do? My doctor said it's my monthly cycle and gave me pain pills.
    Brookem89 responded:
    Did you ever get this checked out? I know exactly what you mean when you describe this pain, and I have finally had enough and made a drs apt. But right now Im going through my period and its killing me! It feels like labor or something. And iof you did speak to a dr how did everything turn out for you? Is there anything to do to stop the pain?
    IKnowWhatYoureGoingThru replied to Jenn2190's response:
    I get the same kind of pain! As a matter of fact, I'm going through it right now! It hurts to sit down. The pain shoots straight up the anus and I nearly scream out loud. Using the bathroom is too painful. It feels like being stabbed in the butt with a knife. I tried to discuss this with my dr. but she dismissed it, saying it was just diarrhea. It's NOT diarrhea! It is excruciating butt pain.
    I'm also unsure if it is endometriosis. I do not want to get a pap smear and laparoscopy to find out. Misery thy name is womanhood!
    tryman2012 replied to IKnowWhatYoureGoingThru's response:
    I am going through this as I type. I don't know what to do. It hurts so bad. I do scream and cry. Has anyone found out what their problem is? It only happens once a month but it is terrible and I thank goodness that is all.
    vicktoriajudie2527 replied to IKnowWhatYoureGoingThru's response:
    Wow me too but I can't poop becuz the pain is really bad. . So maybe I should go see a doctor. . But then they probably won't understand. . So what do we do? It even hurts to release or push out gas. . What do I do!!!
    boohoobear replied to vicktoriajudie2527's response:
    I have always had bad pains every month but after having my son they got worse not better e last 1 1/2 I've started to have the butt pains and it's getting worse also I don't mean to be gross but dou also suffer with the large discharge also?
    Nikki9328 replied to Jenn2190's response:
    This is the most accurate description I have come across! I am 18 and these pains are almost unbelievable that humans actually can live through this. I NEED ANSWERS because this feels like hell!!!!
    Nikki9328 replied to vicktoriajudie2527's response:
    YESSSS!!!! It seems as a lose-lose situation which is what's most frustrating. When they randomly hit you, you would think to just sit, fall, or immediately lay but that does nothing! It's like you have to poop but then YOU CAN'T! you have pressure and gas you want to release but YOU CAN'T because it feels just as bad or worse. Smh I just don't understand and neither do the doctors, what to do:(
    Cherec replied to Nikki9328's response:
    I can definitely relate! I too get these sharp pains. As a matter of fact, it kicked in last night. You can't sit, move, or anything until it goes away. I get these pains when I am on my cycle and it is almost over. I don't know what causes it. It has always been hard to describe it in words to but it feels like trapped gas. I think when I feel the pain, I also have gas pains. Passing gas and having a BM hurts but I bear with it and slowly push it out. It actually hurts more to hold it in than push it out. Once I'm able to push the gas out or have a BM the pain goes away but for me, it's usually just gas.
    Chelsea078 responded:
    I'm only 16 and I get these pains extremely bad. When I have my period I can't get out of bed for a day or two because the pain is just getting worse and worse. If anyone has any ways to prevent this please let me know.
    Patience1993 replied to Jenn2190's response:
    Yeah I have the same thing. Only I never had these pains until last year when I got the paraguard put in(Birth Control) Now I have These wounderful pains I don't know what to do with it they only come when im on my period, and It only hurts when I have to go poo as well or out of nowhere when im sitting down I have to hold my breath or something. ugh I need answers the doctors just tell me its nothing. o.O

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