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    Tipped cervix
    newpurity posted:
    I have a cervix that's tipped back. My gyn told me that this is not very common. In fact, the first pap smear I had, she couldn't find my cervix and told me I should tell my future nurses that my cervix is tipped back. My question is whether or not this affects sex or sexual positions. I have attempted to have sex twice (with the same person) and it was incredibly painful, so painful I started crying....nothing emotional, it was just physically painful. Perhaps certain positions are more comfortable with someone who has a tipped cervix?
    Cat78fish responded:
    My cervix is also tipped back. My gynecologist said it is fairly common but not to the point mine is tipped. He said fewer than 5 percent of women have it tipped as far back as mine and he has a hard time finding my cervix every time I go in for a pap smear. However, this should not affect sex or sexual positions unless your cervix is still relatively close to you vaginal opening. Did your gynecologist mention anything in terms of the length of your vagina? My vagina does happen to be pretty long and that in addition to having the tipped cervix means I am not in danger of anyone hitting it. If you are having pain during sex, it could be for any number of reasons. I'm assuming you don't have anything medically wrong with you (you didn't say whether the gynecologist found anything wrong) so I'm thinking that maybe you didn't engage in enough foreplay and therefore were not lubricated enough. If you don't produce enough of your own lubrication to make sex pleasurable, then I suggest getting an over the counter lubrication like Wet Platinum. Also make sure your SO goes slow with you. One position that I really like is me on top in reverse cowgirl position because it's easier for me to control the angle and speed of penetration and thrusting. One other thought I had is that your hymen may not have been completely broken the first time you had sex and so sex was also painful the second time. How old are you and were you a virgin before having sex with this person? Donna
    newpurity responded:
    Sorry I took so long to reply; I couldn't find where I posted this message! I am 26 now and was 25 when I "tried" to have sex. Actually, I'm not even sure if I really had sex considering how short it was because I was in a lot of pain. That may be true about the hymen; it may not even be completely broken now. I was a virgin before having sex with that person.
    women2women responded:
    I also have a tipped cervix, and though I'm quite a bit older than you, I didn't know until fairly recently. It's not that unusual, and it can cause pain during intercourse. My gyno explained that because of the way my cervix is tipped there are exposed nerves inside the vaginal wall, and when pressure is put on these nerves, IT HURTS A LOT!! Even tampons can cause a lot of pain. My docs advice was to find a position that doesn't hurt and where you can control the amount of penetration. This is easier said than done, but it is possible. A couple of tylenol, or motrin an hour before might help too. Good luck. I admire you for staying a virgin until 25!

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