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    Pain in the opening of my vagina
    swesco13 posted:
    I'm 28 years old and for the last 3 to4 months i've been having pain during sex. It hurts so bad that I cant have sex. one day my husband and I started to have sex and it felt like someone was cutting me with a knife and its been like that ever since. I first thought it was a yeast infection but It wasn't. so then I thought maybe it was a UTI. but it wasn't. so I went to my Ob and he did a bacterial and viral test that came back OK. I was just at the doctor on Tuesday to have byopsy done. I havent gotten the results yet. but no one seems to have an idea.. I went from having sex everyday ( sometimes more) for the last 10 years to maybe once every 2 weeks. If anyone has any ideas on what it could be PLEASE tell me.
    GigiSage responded:
    Here is an article about what you are experiencing, maybe it can help you ask questions to your doctor and get down to the bottom of things.

    Good luck and I hope you find some relief soon!
    jessiedholm responded:
    I'm 20 years old and have the same exact condition. I've gone this whole time with past boyfriends being able to have sex all the time, whenever we wanted to without pain and then this started with my most recent boyfriend. We have sex and during and after it feels like my vagina is either being burned inside or sliced open. Sometimes I feel it on one side more than the other. Usually after this we have to wait around four to five days until we can try it again, but then afterwards it just starts hurting again and its a crazy cycle. I also went to a Gyno and they said everything was fine, i got tested for everything and everything is normal and they had no idea what was wrong with me. The internet seems to think its called vaginismus.
    flamingo4744 replied to jessiedholm's response:
    Yes! I'm 25 and I've had this problem since I was 21. I've been to gynos and none of them can give me an answer. I also get chronic yeast infections but I have the pain without yeast infections too. Frankly, all the doctors I've seen have been absolutely no help. I'm afraid to have sex. It's one of the most frustrating things. Even when I masturbate I have this problem. Are there any answers? Or should I just sign up for a nunnery now?
    Courtneygirl19 replied to flamingo4744's response:
    YESS! I have this same problem that has unfortunately been going on for the past two years now. I've even gone to the gyno to get tested for every STD possible incase my long term boyfriend decided to wander....But everything came back perfectly normal. Sex does not feel good anymore which worries me about how long this might go on. I'm tired of sex being more like a painful chore, then a fun activity to share with someone. I feel a bad burning/tearing sensation, and the more we continue, the worse the pain gets until I have to say stop. I'm hoping there is an answer and eventually a cure!
    jessiedholm replied to Courtneygirl19's response:
    Hey guys, SO I finally have it solved! At least its been solved for me hopefully this news will apply to all of your cases too! I had gone to three gynos all females with this same problem, and one female doctor too, she sent me to a male gyno in my town and he knew what it was! Finally the pain is going to stop apparently its because of my birth control. About three years ago I was on Nuva Ring and never had this problem but then I switched to Loestrin 24 Fe and this issue started. I guess the levels of estrogen in this birth control were too low for me and were causing the walls and skin of my vagina to thin! Thats why its feels like little cuts are all over during and after sex, cus i dont have a problem when Ive had no sex. So he prescribed me a cream of estrogen that I apply on twice daily and it works! It started helping about four weeks in. Im gonna switch to a different birth control soon too. I hope this helps!
    Krisss replied to jessiedholm's response:
    Yes!!! i have been having the same issue and i do not have medical insurance. i go to the neighborhood health care but its not as helpful as a primary doctor. I have been sexually active for about 12 years now (in birth control the whole time) and never had any issues with pain during sex till recently. I was on lorstrin 24 for about the last 1 half to 2 years. I was dating my ex at the time and didnt have pain during sex but would have some light bleeding. well we broke up few months ago and now am dating someone new and not trying to be graphic but he is alot larger than my ex. the bleeding is not just light bleeding but heavy bleeding and pain. The pain is more so near the opening of my vagina, not pelvic pain. I feels like burning and cuts. I went to the neighborhood health care and she switched my birth control to low ogestrel bc she had said the loestrin wasn't enough hormones to hold my uterine lining intact therefore causing bleeding. Took the low ogestel for about a month and the bleeding and pain continued. i went back and She suspected I had a bacterial infection so prescribed me monistat. That didbt help either. I've been on low ogestrel for about 2 months and nothing has changed but told me the birth control takes about 3 months to get into my system. I am so worried though. I have never had this issues ever and I feel so helpless. I am a nurse and have been researching and cnt find anythjng else than. I hope near the 3 month mark of my birth control the problems will start to subside
    sweetpea38 replied to jessiedholm's response:
    Well i am not on birth control but i had an emergency hysterectomy about 8 months ago i had fibroids on my uterus and i have the symptoms these other girls are having, burning when i urinate even when i don't a little blood also and lower back pain i think it sounds like a kidney infection i have been going hours before peeing, i am 39 by the way
    georgiagail replied to sweetpea38's response:
    Yes; this does sound like a kidney/urinary tract infection.


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