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    sudden heavy bleeding 3 weeks after giving birth
    indianahowe posted:
    My bleeding after giving birth to my second child was normal for three weeks, but was not letting up like I thought it should. Then, I went to the bathroom one day, and freaked out because blood was gushing like nothing I'd seen before. I called my gynocologist. I was told to put a fresh pad on, and see how long it takes to fill the pad up. About five minutes later, the bleeding stopped. I was told that sometimes there is a scab in the uterus where the placenta had been attatched, and that the scab sometimes slips off. The next day, it happened again, but I had been chasing and wrestling my almost three year old son. Same scenario, I started bleeding heavily and then it stopped about five minutes later.
    Two days after that, it happened once again. This time however, it was much heavier. The bleeding lasted a little longer, but still it stopped. So, I called the doctor again. Unfortunately, it was just a few minutes before they were going home for the day. They told me there was nothing they could do for me if the bleeding has stopped, and if I started bleeding continuously, I should go to the emergency room. Lay down and put my feet up, and take it easy. So, that is what I did. My mother took my older son home with her, and I followed the doctors orders for 24 hours, when the bleeding started yet another time. Fifteen minutes after I put a fresh pad on, I felt the bleeding had not stopped, and went back to the bathroom to check. I should note that through all of these episodes, I passed several blood clots averaging in the size a little larger than a golf ball. Anyway, I went back into the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and passed a blood clot that felt like the size of a football. I fainted after that.
    I was taken to the ER, and then had a D and C. There had been several pieces of the placenta still attatched to my uterus. The tool they use to perform the D and C could not even do the job. The doctor had to pull the pieces off with her fingers. It took twice as long to perform the D and C, and I lost a lot of blood. It was a very scary ordeal.
    Looking back, I don't know how well anyone looked at the placenta. I do know that the doctor was in a hurry for other reasons, the placenta did not come out right away, and she had to take time to sew up my episiotomy. I did give birth naturally with both my sons, and everything went well at delivery with each of them. Next time, I will have them check the placenta two or three times.
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    Ilaisaane responded:
    indianahowe, I had the exact problem like you and have not been able to conceive ever since that incident. My question is, were you able to have children after that incident? Just curious. I have been seeing a specialist to help me. There is a problem with my uterus after that. Please let me know. Thank you.

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