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    5 Reasons Being A Sports Fan Is Good For Your Health
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    claragrundy posted:

    Would your friends and family call you an extreme sports fan? Do you feel like sports actually runs in your blood? Do you feel like you could almost live and breathe sports? Has anyone ever told you that it isn't the best obsession, or that you need to chill out on your sports love? Fear not, it turns out that being a sports fan is actually good for your health. Some people have preconceived notions that if you're a sports fan you lead a sedentary lifestyle as a couch potato, isolated from the world because you're so into the game. Recent studies have shown that as a sports fan, you may actually be more likely to be not only a healthier person, but happier as well. Here are the top 6 reasons.

    1. You May Lose Weight

    Contrary to unhealthy lifestyles sitting on the couch, being into sports may encourage you to lose weight by increasing your motivation to become active. If you're into sports, even the simple act of watching them on tv can stimulate your brain to want to move more. That activity that you see on the screen, it's subconsciously taking a spot in your mind, encouraging you to get active. If you team up with someone else or a group who is into the same sport or team that you are, that's even better, particularly if you're decked out in your favorite sports merchandise or team gear that shows off your die-hard enthusiasm.

    2. A Longer, Happier Life With Your Community

    Every sports fan knows that it's more fun to be able to cheer for your team with someone else, but few really take a moment to consider why this is. Sports isn't just about hometown pride, it's also about the community aspect. If you're grouped with people who share a love for something that you do, you'll bond over it. That sense of community can contribute to your sense of belonging. Studies show that people who have that sense of community are able to bounce back quicker from tough times and illnesses in life. If you have a close friend who is also a fan, chances are you'll feel more connected to them, and the same can be said if your significant other is a sports fan and roots for the same teams you do.

    3. It Can Help Prevent Depression

    Although you've probably felt extremely depressed if your team lost a big game, the aspect of sports that can help prevent depression is that you're a regular participant in being a fan. The attachment you've formed to your team is what makes all the difference. It has to do with feeling a connection with something, that sense of being less disconnected from the world through your connection to sports. Particularly with how much technology we have these days, it can be easy to keep people at arms length and feel uninvolved, particularly if you aren't a sports fan.

    4. Keeps You Mentally Sharp

    Many sports fans actively engage in breaking down the details and stats of the games they love to watch. This sharpens your mental faculties, helping to make sure you exercise your brain. Particularly as we graduate school, work our jobs and eventually age, it's extremely important to keep our brains actively engaged, which we do through by crunching the numbers of our games.

    5. Builds Up Awareness and Self Esteem

    When you're engaged in the world of sports, it not only builds your self-awareness, but it builds up your awareness about great ways to change the world through charities that sports teams are often involved in. Having this awareness leads to you being able to engage even more with the world, and this leads to a healthier self esteem. This is why kids who are involved with sports often have a better social life at school, and are able to stay present and aware. So get out there, root for your favorite team and be proud of it!
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