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    24 Foods That Can Save Your Heart Slideshow
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Everyone talks about foods that are bad for you around the holidays, but what about good food choices?

    "Fresh herbs make many other foods heart-healthy when they replace salt, fat, and cholesterol. These flavor powerhouses, along with nuts, berries — even coffee — form a global approach to heart-wise eating. Read on for 23 more delicious ways to fight heart disease , stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes."

    Were any of your heart healthy favorites left off? Share your diet tips with us below.

    DeadManWalking57 responded:
    My goodness. Pretty good list.

    But left off are:

    Pomegranates, which eaten regularly in juice, whole fruit and teas help reduce the size of arterial blockages via cholesterol effusion. Paraoxonase is more prevalent in people who eat them, which beside the cholesterol effusion, is also a strong anti-oxidant.

    Pistachios, with the best ratio of mono-unsaturated to polyunsaturated fats, and very low saturated fat content and the lowest total fats of any nuts. In comparison, almonds and walnuts are highly imbalanced in their oil content. Helps EPCs, I think.

    Prunes and plums. Dried prunes are extremely high in anti-oxidants, among other things

    Were berries on that list ? Blackberries and strawberries are very high in anti-oxidants and flavonols, also anthocyanins if my memory serves.

    Parsely and dried parsely have among the highest amounts of anti-oxidants per ounce of all foods.

    Dark chocolate, very high in flavonols, and improves EPCs

    In my 5 years post emergency bypass surgery, when my doctor almost guaranteed I would develop heart failure, due to my inoperable blockages, I have felt the best and been able to exercise the most when snacking regularly on dried blueberries, prunes, pistachios, and dark chocolate covered pistachios.

    In contrast, I started out snacking on walnuts, and six months later needed two stents. Last year, I tried having one each of a walnut, an almond, a cashew, and a peanut, once every day. In a month, I had some chest discomfort during exercise that I had not had in 2 years. I stopped the nuts. My arteries are that bad and that sensitive to additional oils.

    The key thing in foods to win the battle in heart disease, are 1) anti-oxidants 2) stimulate EPCs, 3) stimulate cholesterol effusion 4) reduce LDL, and 5) improve HDL.

    High fiber foods all help to carry fats out the digestive system, and keep it out of the blood, thereby helping reducing LDL. So obviously high fiber foods combined with a low fat diet are a highly beneficial combination.

    These foods not on the list have helped keep me healthy and well recovered from 7% total heart blood flow prior to my surgery. I also eat a lot of the other 24.
    DeadManWalking57 responded:

    Check out the heart heakth tips and resources I have posted with links to pubmed.

    And maybe you can find out why I can now only find dark cocoate covered pistachios by mail in New Jersey. They used to be local at Trader Joe's.

    DMW, and also out shooting hoops ocasionally and playing some full court basketball. Not bad recovery for someone with a dozen downstream inoperable blockages in their heart.
    DeadManWalking57 replied to DeadManWalking57's response:
    Black Pepper helps with nutrient absorption from other foods eaten with it. So put a little black pepper on many of those healthy foods, or at least regular meals.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to DeadManWalking57's response:

    Great additions to the list! I tried looking up the pistacchios with dark chocolate, but Trader Joe's wanted me to tell them where I lived (which doesn't help since we're not neighbors).

    Maybe you could tell the manager at Trader Joe's that you were missing that item. I did that in the past (Milk Thistle supplement) and the manager told me they had a supplier issue, and when they'd be back in. Also, have you tried any nut or candy store in your area? Maybe a chain more health conscious grocery chain like Wild Oats, Whole Foods, or New Seasons?

    Anyone else have some ideas to help out DMW or items left off the good heart food list?


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