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    Chest pain after cold drink
    An_193141 posted:
    After taking a drink of a Sonic slush I thought I would get the "brain freeze", instead I experienced extreme pain in my chest. I was luckly in my car, parked, about to get out when this happened. It made me very, very sick to my stomach, dizzy and started sweating. I actually thought I might pass out so I closed my eyes and turned up the air in hopes it would pass. I came close to calling 911 but kept waiting for it to ease off. After about 15 minutes it did start to ease a bit and after 5 more minutes was able to get out of the car. Since that experience I have tried to really watch drinking anything cold, but I would like to know if this is a sign of something serious. I do have GERD and a Barrett's Esophosus and have recently had a echocardiogram. I did just start back on blood pressure medication due to my last Dr. visit blood pressure reading was 180/96. It stays at a good rate now with the medication.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I think a call to your doctor is completely appropriate in this situation.

    Here's an article about 12 Heart Symptoms to Never Ignore
    You had a few of these!

    Please check back in and let us know what you found out -

    missilka responded:
    I've had the same thing happen. It only happens when I drink something very, very cold, like a slushy. I thought I was just weird. My friends get a brain freeze. I get a LUNG FREEZE. The pain in my chest is so bad that it actually makes me bend over in agony. Yes, it hurts until it subsides. Needless to say, I don't drink very cold drinks anymore. I have never told my doctor about it, but I've had good heathy checkups.
    carole39 responded:
    Ever since my heart attack and stents I get chest pain after cold icy drinks or foods. Very scary and painful.
    wildcard432 responded:
    Last week ago i got real sick (diabetic) and my heart rate spiked and wouldnt go down.. got to the point where i was rushed to the hospital. Now im home iv noticed these same symptons .. nothing close to as bad as OP.. but i understand what hes saying.. it hurts like crazy in a spot that if you feel pain its kinda scary. Ive read its a muscle under your chin and when it tightens up you feel this pain. Dont know whats the cause all of a sudden but if the pain last super long like that again if possible take a drink of room temperature water, takes the pain away right away. Hope all is well.
    cecijack responded:
    I have a Schatzki ring in my esophagus and it must be at the level of the heart - because I get very sharp pain around my heart area after taking the first few sips of a frozen drink.

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