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    Dr Beckerman or Harrington, your opinion please
    cvcman posted:
    I had a DES in my LAD over 1 yr ago for 95% blockage, no heart attack. At that time I weighed 197 and quit smoking 15 yrs ago. Since I have been working out everyday biking or running and eating very healthy. I now weigh 149.
    My blood work today came back:

    Tryglicrides= 50
    Dr is very pleased....My question is this, I understand I am always at risk for another blockage BUT if I keep doing what im doing can I keep this at bay or even reverse any other build up ??
    I am still on the Plavix and asiprin. My BP is about 98/60 resting HR is in the low 50's
    What SHOULD be my long term outlook ???
    BillH99 responded:
    This is not unlike my history.

    Two years ago, at 68 I triple bypass. No MI, but a 70% blockage in the left main and another one in the left circumflex.

    I also lost some weight. Not as much as you have, but I did not need to lose that much.

    And my exercise and lipid profiles are similar to yours.

    Last year I was looking at a procedure (not heart related) that recommended unless you have an expected life of 10 years or more.

    I ask my cardiologist if I should consider it. He said "I expect you to have a long life".
    cvcman replied to BillH99's response:
    yea i wonder IF the bypasses are better or more reliable than the stents...My concern is if I now have clear open arteries and if I keep on my regime will it hold off any of the others clogging up
    James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
    I think you should be very optimistic!

    Your cholesterol numbers are awesome, your blood pressure is low, your resting heart rate is too. You exercise, you eat well, and you have lost a bunch of weight. You take the right meds (although some would suggest you could discuss stopping the plavix) and you are living a very heart-healthy life. I think you are a role model for a lot of people.

    Happy holidays!
    cvcman replied to James Beckerman, MD, FACC's response:
    Thanks Doc didnt answer my question,lol I asked if I could keep any future blockages at bay or reverse any plaque IF I keep doing what im doing... ?
    Also isnt there some infor that says 2 yrs after a DES before stopping Plavix ?
    Thanks for you nice words !
    James Beckerman, MD, FACC replied to cvcman's response:
    The truth is that we don't know.

    There is some data that suggests that high dose statin therapy combined with a more plant based diet may slow the progression, or even reverse (slightly) plaque build-up. But for any given individual, we can never predict with complete confidence.

    Current guidelines support stopping plavix one year after a DES, although studies are underway to explore longer term treatment.

    Hope that's helpful
    cvcman replied to James Beckerman, MD, FACC's response:
    ok..what IF my heart problem was caused because I USED to smoke...BUT I stopped 15 yrs ago and now have a good excersise program and good diet and take a I to believe I may never have another problem ??
    Thanks doc
    James Beckerman, MD, FACC replied to cvcman's response:
    It's impossible to know - but I think you should feel good about the changes you've made and the steps you are taking to lower your risk. I wish I could say that we could reduce our risk to zero with appropriate lifestyle and medication interventions, but the truth is that we can't!

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