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    Pulmonary Hypertension
    jujulang posted:
    I just got results back from my echocardiogram and it shows a PA of 50-55. Dr called and is scheduling lung xray and pulmonary function and appt with a cardiologist and I'm scared to death. The PA was 37 4 yrs ago and not high enough to find out what was causing it or to treat it I was told. Here I am 4 years later and it has progressed. I am a former smoker 55 yr old female.
    I'm having a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach it's lung cancer.
    Does anyone here have PH and if so, how is it being treated?
    Justhealthier responded:
    Hi I did post a reply a couple day ago, I will copy and paste it here: I have PH (pulmonary hypertension), here is a good site to go to so you can learn more about it. Also if you were told you have PH you will need to see a special pulmonary Dr. who deals with PH. On the site there is a place where you can "find a doctor" in your location.

    WebMD also has info on Pulmonary Hypertension.

    The Gold Standard test for PH is a right heart catherization (sp) to see what the artery pressure is - we are told that the echo only gives an estimate of what is going on with the pulmonary arteries. My echo showed 48, my cardiologist will be doing another right heart cath after my next visit on the 16th.

    It is treatable with meds. But first you need to have your tests done, see the cardiologist then make an appt. see a PH specialist. If you look down at your previous post you will see that CardioStar also responded. I went to "pulmonary Drs. but they do not treat PH" that is why I stress seeing a PH specialist. The PH website will tell you a lot about PH. Please visit the site. Julie
    jujulang replied to Justhealthier's response:
    Thank you Julie. What is causing your hypertension and how does the medication work for you? Is your prognosis good?
    Justhealthier replied to jujulang's response:
    I am still in the testing phase - been to 3 regular pulmonary doctors who told me nothing was wrong even though I now have clubbed fingers and toes. I can't breathe while walking, can't do a flight of stairs and never passed a pulmonary function test.

    I went to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion, I have bronchiectasis with bronchial wall thickening, pulmonary fibrosis and now PH. I have had blood clots in both lungs when this all started in 2007. On top of all this I have an autonomic dysfunction with neuromuscular weakness of the diaphragm.

    Just recently on a normal chest X-ray for surgery they found I had an enlarged heart - my cardiologist said it's not my heart but my lungs so he sent me to have a Cardiopulmonary Stress Test - I get those results on April 16th. My next step is the right heart cath to see how high my pressures are then I can go see the PH pulmonary Dr. for treatment. Julie
    jujulang replied to Justhealthier's response:
    Gee, I'm really sorry to hear all that. I am not having symptoms other than the shortness of breath when I climb the stairs or try to play with my Grandson. I can go for a walk and be ok though. I also have major anxiety and panic disorder so I am really going to have to work hard at keeping that in check. I'm worried about the right heart cath and not sure if I want to have it done at my local hospital or take the trip to Mass General or Dartmouth Hitchcock. I guess I will have to wait and see. You've had one of those already? Right now I'm going to worry about one test at a time I guess.
    I certainly hope they can figure yours out.
    Justhealthier replied to jujulang's response:
    If you visit the site I gave you, you will find out some people don't find out that they have PH for years - you have found out right away which is good - treatments can start soon for you.

    I had my blood clots in 2007 and now I am told I have PH. The tests are normal for this disease. Try to not worry about it - keep getting the tests then the treatment. I have had 3 right heart caths the last one 2008 and my PA pressure was only 30 borderline PH, so they did nothing except say I don't have it - now I do.

    If you stay here on the heart board - I'll post my update on my results on Tues. Good Luck with your tests I'll be praying for you. Julie
    jujulang replied to Justhealthier's response:
    Hey Julie, how did you make out? I had the X ray which was normal. Tomorrow I go for my pulmonary function test. Someone had intimated to me that it's possible becuase I was having anxiety and my systolic bp was so high, it could have increased the pulmonary pressure. I sure as heck hope that's it. My primary has insisted I stop reading the internet!! I told her easy for her to say, she didn't have the bad echo, I did.
    Justhealthier replied to jujulang's response:
    Hi Juju I went to the cardio doc yesterday but he got called out during my appt. for an emergency. I was told they still are not sure what is going on - he believes it is exercise induced PH based on my test.

    I have to have another Pulmonary function test to see what my lung volumes are because my report says I have chest restriction. It was a very confusing report - I'll need to see the cardio doc after the PFT to go over all this again he said.

    I hope your PFT goes well for you. Julie
    jujulang replied to Justhealthier's response:
    Hi Julie,
    My PFT was normal I was told. So, now on to the next test I guess. I am waiting to see the cardiologist on the 30th to see what his thoughts are. I wonder if it's sleep apnea now causing it. Who knows, my mind is boggled by all these tests and dr's.
    I hope you get some good news!

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