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    M y heart pain
    An_253046 posted:
    I have a leaky left valve and have had an ekg at 19 because of a heart murmur. I was told I believe on a scale of 1-5 or 1-7 I was only 2 away from surgery. I was told I would not need surgery till I was in my forties. This is all I was told with no insurance and a very large bill I still cannot afford. I have noticed that when I am sick I have some heart pains. I feel very sick now and my heart is hurting. Not very bad but some mild pain or distress. I am 26 almost 27 and I feel body aches everywhere with an unusual heart beat ,which has now finally calm down but still light pain as I breath. I have not slept for 28 hours as I feel very very sick with maybe some kind of bladder infection, I don't know. I feel as I need to urinate or defecate but cant with pain and bloating and gas, the gas is painful and smells bad and with rectum bleeding. This is how sick I feel and cannot sleep. I have had sever heartburn and have stopped smoking cold turkey for a few weeks now using nicotine lonzings pills with a pot of coffee yesterday as I as very stressed. I have fear of my heart as I have no support at this time an I am also close to homeless at the end of August. The pain comes and goes , can be and has been kind of steady when it was pounding fast, but I try to calm it down and it feels sick. I refuse to call 911 but I would like to know if maybe I should consider another ekg very soon or maybe an er visit that I surly cannot afford. I will also have to walk 15-20 miles to the hospital, do you think my heart will be able to handle it? I am very sad because I truly can not afford this at all. could the gas be hurting my heart or could I be very stressed out? Also I would like to know if there is any kind of home remdys I can do to help me untill the end of August when I can afford an ekg?
    wisconsinsticks responded:
    I m asking all this instead of going to a doctor beacase one I have no money, no car, no ride, almost no home, I am getting paranoid because people are saying call 911 and this and that, but I don't feel as if I am dying at all, juts feel sick and if this is some really bad or serious pain that it would be almost normal for me and I have no I deal what is bad and what isn't. I just don't want no cops or ems or fire trucks to come because I can not afford it. I will run and hide I swear. I am almost sacred and my parents would kick me out faster that the end of this month. They don't see something Like this as an emergency but a lie. So I am sad. Should I just start walking the 15 mile walk or just keep quite. I just know I may need heart pill but wont be able to buy them either because I have no money so it almost seem pointless to see a doctor. Just asking for some suggestions, I will get buy, when my heart feels like its on fire than I will dial 911, but till than I would only like some answers from someone who knows. I have told one person about this and told her not to say anything. I would give her to ok if and when I need her if her car can make it here from a 45 min drive. My life is horrible right now and I feel horrible so please no one try to come for me I will hide. I am very embarrassed about this subject matter for my family sees it as a shame and is frowned upon. The doctor who looked at my ekg which he didn't even do, said I would just need heart surgery before 40 and is all I know about my leaky heart. Just looking for answers suggestions of some kind of support as I am deeply sad for my own health with no real way to get better. Plz don't call the cops one me, I can not afford it. If need be I will turn myself in if I feel like I am dying. Also I would like to say that as I continue to release gas my pain in my heart is too. Now I am just stressed about it all and very very sad for my over all health. If I do nothing will my heart stop soon? Or will I have sever Heart pain and collapse and die? I have no I deal so I am looking for an expert opinion. Thanks for reading as I am releasing some stress just typing this, and yes I am very lonely and isolated as I have not really had human contact in weeks so I sure can type a lot to what seems to be myself. Thank you cyber doctors or people. I would like to be left alone today thank you no one come for me please I need some sleep. I am worried that someone will come for me as this has happened before in the past and I was token to the hospital against my will when someone called 911 because she is slow and felt very violated but was sedated and I don't like this and feel kind of fearful that someone will do it again to me. I am sacred for life and afraid of the ambulance and emt with a very bad fear. So please don't look for me if I feel like I were almost dead that I ll call 911 but I mean it no one repot me please. I will run. Don't mean to sound crazy but I have a horrible fear now of people coming and I have bad dreams and no Insurance I am hundred of thousands in debt already and don't need any more.
    wisconsinsticks replied to wisconsinsticks's response:
    Well this community thing kind of sucks I am the only person replying to my own comments or discussion. I gotten some sleep but still feel sick, my heart pain is now little to none but my body is very achy. If some can explain heart pain to me it would be good to know thank you I am still alive
    billh99 replied to wisconsinsticks's response:
    I am glad that you are feeling a little better.

    But this forum does not have a lot of traffic so the response may not be that quick.

    But I saw your earlier messages and with all of the conditions and limitation I did not know how to respond.

    Forums like this are to give general information. There is no way that anyone can tell, over the internet, if you have a heart condition that needs immediate attention or not.

    The type of pains from heart conditions can vary. And in some case there is no pain.

    On the other hand there are conditions that can cause sever chest pains, like a heart attack, but come from other sources.

    The difficulty in urinating and the bleeding can be very serious problems in their own right.

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