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    DoloresTeresa posted:
    I think there is something wrong with me. I simply cannot eat everything I want as long as it is just plant based and lose weight. I still have to count calories. I am sure that if I adhered strictly to a raw foods diet I could, but I enjoy beans and oatmeal and rice and potatoes along with all kinds of cooked vegetables. I especially enjoy homemade vegetable soup with all kinds of vegies and rice or oats and beans or lentils. I try to stick as close as I can to about 300 calories for each of four meals. A bag of frozen brocolli, a small sweetpotato and an apple, for instance contain just about three hundred calories. If I had a two thousand calorie smoothie every morning like EG along with whatever I were to eat the rest of the day, I could get a job in a circus.

    It seems everyone on fuhrman, McDougall, esselstyn are reported to eat, with the gurus permission, without counting calories and still lose tons of weight. What am I doing wrong?
    EngineerGuy responded:
    Hi Dolores,

    The system kindly deleted my post, so I'll mercifully be more brief.

    First of all, you are super, and a slow metabolism means you will live longer. You'll have longer (better) telomeres, and fewer free radicals and metabolic waste products.

    Please take my comments as only thoughts for your consideration.

    Some people have to cut our whole grains entirely, in order to lose weight. Fuhrman discourages white potatoes. Perhaps reduce white potatoes, then rice, then oatmeal, and perhaps increase peas, squash, maybe corn. Try black rice, occasionally.

    I look forward to 2 cups of steamed greens daily. I cook up enough for a week or two, and freeze it in tupperware containers. I like mustard greens, kale, any greens, red cabbage, celery, mushrooms, onions, peas, corn, tomato paste. Season with minced garlic, italian seasoning, chipotle chile pepper (just a little - very spicy).

    Try not to eat 4 hours before bed. Go to bed slightly hungry. Drink a glass of water, and the hunger passes. Maybe eat an orange or fruit.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    DoloresTeresa replied to EngineerGuy's response:
    EG, I am happy to report that I am being wildly successful at my new diet. I eat absolutely nothing at my daughter's house when I am there visiting or babysitting-- which is a couple of times a week. Her kitchen could be on a Fuhrman poster that is captioned---Don't Do It This Way

    It is hard to resist the salty,sweet processed food and cheese but withdrawal is getting easier. I am going cold turkey but I dream of corn dogs, pizza and chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs, hot and spicy pizza flavored gold fish crackers, cheese sticks, chips and dips.

    AttyWSW replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
    Delores: I too have cravings. Once it was KFC, them subs.... I had the strangest craving yesterday for spring mix! I'm eating lots of salads and green leafy vegetables, but cravings for spring mix was new for me. Must be working if I'm craving greens!
    Good luck! I'd also suggest reducing the carbs. Those and added salt can make you stagnant in your weight loss.
    DoloresTeresa replied to AttyWSW's response:
    AttyWS, Here's the thing about carbs: While I don't eat huge amounts, sometimes a sweetpotato or rice or oatmeal with some meals, I try to keep my calories to 1200 per day with four evenly spaced meals. Unlike most diabetics, especially rabid low carbers, I feel that some carbs are actually beneficial for the diabetic. I have had diabetes for about 20 years and take no meds. I am not at the weight I want to be but this morning my fasting blood sugar was 78 as it has been for a while. I have added more green leafy vegies and raw foods and my fasting sugars came down from the mid 90's. My retina specialist whom I see twice a year because my eyes are something I don't want to fool with is amazed that I have no retinopathy, cataracts, AMD. I guess his other diabetic patients have these problems.

    An_192677 replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
    Hi Dolores,

    Hi AttyWS,

    Congratulations on doing better!

    Re: My retina specialist whom I see twice a year because my eyes are something I don't want to fool with is amazed that I have no retinopathy, cataracts, AMD. I guess his other diabetic patients have these problems.

    You clearly are a champ !! :-)

    In the book "Eat Right Electrolyte" it shows photos of retinas of people with diabetic retinopathy, who regained 20/20 vision after 2 years of careful diet (on our diet). The same for macular degeneration. And, the before retina photos were BAD !! The body has an amazing capability to regenerate, if we stop abusing it, and give it high nutrient food.

    The saying "all things in moderation" fails for me in 2 ways. 1) For myself, the first bite of cheat food is my downfall. Contrary to some who can cheat in moderation, I simply want MORE ! No amount of cheat food will satisfy me. I know that eating rich food will give me momentary pleasure, for the exact time that I am chewing the food. After that, it stops giving me pleasure. 2) And, with my heredity, if I cheat on a daily basis, I will not meet my health goals.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    AttyWSW replied to An_192677's response:
    E.G. I totally agre "all things in moderation" does not work for me. I did the ETL program twice before only to revert back when I had one foot in the nutritarian world and one foot in the non-vegan world. For me, I have found it has to be all or nothing. This time I don't want to undo the progress I've made so I'm going to try to stay true. I still don't make my own salad dressings and I do flavor my beans with meat but otherwise adhering pretty strictly.
    An_192678 replied to AttyWSW's response:
    Hi AttyWSW,

    Thanks for your valuable perspective. One foot in each world did not work for us.

    My wife and I make dates, usually at social occasions, where we will break the diet. Sometimes when I'm tempted, I think, "Can I wait until the date?" Sure.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy

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