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    AttyWSW posted:
    Now that I've got your attention.....I have a personal belief that my sex life has been better on a vegan/low fat diet. Don't believe it is my imagination. I feel like I have a higher libido, more stamina, better blood flow (no need for Viagra!). No complaints from my girlfriend! (not that she ever complained before). Maybe high nutrition eating lets blood flow better down there much like it does for ones eyes?

    Can anyone else attest to this or offer similar observations?
    xring responded:
    I've heard about the connection from several medical experts - that blood flow is crucial for sexual function & that requires clear arteries everywhere & diet if one of the major factors.
    Politicians should serve two terms. One in office and one in prison.
    EngineerGuy replied to xring's response:
    Hi folks,

    Absolutely. No doubt about it.

    ED can have many causes, including psychological. But blood flow and health are big factors. This is all part of improving the quality of life, as we improve our health.

    Yet most people, who would not consider a diet like this, only see deprivation, when they cannot eat their favorite foods. Yet I see only deprivation, when the favorite foods I used to eat, would rob me of my health. (Not that I don't mind cheating on the old favorites, sometimes.)

    How much health do we want to sacrifice, for the momentary pleasure of eating rich foods? My choice, for myself, is that I don't want to sacrifice any health, for the momentary pleasure of eating rich foods. I'd rather eat veggies, and skip rich foods, and skip ED. Dementia does not appeal to me, either.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    DeadManWalking57 replied to EngineerGuy's response:
    Hey Dude EG:

    Figures this might be a popular topic. I've had non-ED lack of libido due to some extreme "squabbles" with my spouse, as well as issues to end my marriage the last six months. Just staying away from her, not talking since everything thing seemed to become an argument.

    But recent interest from another female (no contact) assures me all still works well.

    I stick to my very low fat diet. The daily exercise is not quite as easy, but managing 4-5 days a week. I big factor for me in a near vegan diet (chickens still support me), is apparent improved immune response. I've also stopped hairloss in its tracks, and have less body odor after and during exercise.

    Now if I could just get rid of the flatulence. At least even that is more annoying and amusing, than room clearing.

    EngineerGuy replied to DeadManWalking57's response:
    Hi DMW,

    Really sorry to hear of your troubles in the marriage. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. No fun at all. Happily, I've been remarried for 25 years now, and it's much better.

    I'm glad you're not clearing out rooms. Yes, that can be an issue. You can keep a food dairy, and learn which foods are tough for you. Broccoli is bad for some people, but no problem for me. Potatoes are really difficult for me, in any form, strangely. Beans are big. Lentils are least problem, and cook up easily, so about half of my beans are lentils. Pinto and others are not so bad, but kidney beans and black beans are more difficult. It seems to follow the amount of soluble fiber.

    One technique is to get the wife to be as gassy as me. Thankfully she loves beans. But men seem to be more smelly than women. Their shxx doesn't stink. I don't know how they do it.

    Chewing beans well, and eating them when you are not stuffed, helps. A full stomach pushes stuff through the stomach sooner, which increases gas. Gas occurs when beans get to the small intestine, without having the stomach do a complete job. Of course, the resistant starch inherently does make some fermentation in the large intestine. Very healthy, but ...

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    xring replied to EngineerGuy's response:
    "One technique is to get the wife to be as gassy as me."

    Who usually wins the contest?

    Ever have a discussion that starts with:
    "Honey, we have to clear the air about something..."
    Politicians should serve two terms. One in office and one in prison.
    An_192685 replied to xring's response:
    Hi Xring,

    LOL. I'm afraid that I usually win the contest. I'm a guy, after all.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy

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