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    Best wishes for Dolores
    engineerguy posted:
    Hi Dolores,

    Again, please get to being real healthy fast !! Thank heavens your heart attack was mild. You are a super person, and we need you.

    If I may be so bold, may I offer suggestions, only, hopefully, to be helpful.

    Your 100% blockages, in spite you your excellent lifestyle, show that your heredity is telling you that you have to be stricter than most, to be healthy. Thus the chapter "Moderation Kills", in Dr. Esselstyn's book.

    Because of person to person variation of heredity, we cannot say "it's the clams" or "it can't be the clams", because what may be great for one person or one group, may be far to moderate for a specific individual.

    In my experience, my IMT got worse, following Pritikin strictly for 2 years. Ornish ran a study with heart patients, where the Ornish diet group had 1/2 the heart problems, compared to the standard medical care group. But, the Ornish and standard medical care group, both had no change in their IMT.

    When I converted to the Fuhrman program, I was able to reverse my atherosclerosis, based on IMT. I lose 10 pounds, and ate far more vegetables. On Pritikin, I ate zero fat, meat fish or poultry or dairy, or nuts or seeds. On Fuhrman, I ate plenty of nuts and seeds.

    Dr. Fuhrman would suggest that you, as having diabetic tendencies, change from 4 meals daily to 2 meals, maybe 3. The metabolic condition of drawing from your reserves, instead of drawing from food as it is digesting, is very healthy. I think it gives some of the benefit of weight loss (drawing from your reserves) without weight loss.

    Dr. Fuhrman also would suggest to be lean enough to pinch an inch by the navel, for a woman.

    Being lean is very healthy, and essential, to one extent or another, depending on your heredity. Also, it is absolutely true that the fastest reversal of atherosclerosis is with weight loss. Losing weight provides rapid improved arterial health. Being lean also contributes to continuing the good arterial health, and continuing the improvement.

    (Many doctors mistakenly advise to keep weight up. This is wrong advice, based on studies showing that the leanest group of heart patients often do poorly, as well as the overweight patients. When a person nears end of life, their cholesterol will lower, and weight reduce. So, if cholesterol drops or weight drops, due to nothing that the patient is doing, that might be a bad sign. If cholesterol or weight drops due to lifestyle efforts, that's very healthy.)

    Do take statins and other medications prescribed by your doctor, as these are helpful. Statins contribute to reversal of atherosclerosis. Dr. Esselstyn and all the doctors we follow, use them for their patients, if indicated. If you are able to identify and improve the lifestyle aspects that are key to your metabolism, perhaps the medications can be reduced or eliminated in the future. How's your homosystein level? Your CRP? Lipo-a ?

    My best advice follows here: Get medical advice from Dr. Fuhrman ( , $50/mo to ask medical questions). Doctors know a lot of stuff. They can identify problems based on blood tests, etc. that is extremely valuable.

    Or, choose Dr. Esselstyn. Several people have contacted Dr. Esselstyn by phone. Really, the diet is the same as Fuhrman, except for the question of nuts & seeds. My opinion is not to worry about whether to eat nuts and seeds, for the time being.

    It's far more important to get medical counseling from Fuhrman or Esselstyn for your blood tests, and get any additional information they ask for. Place your faith in the doctor you choose, and follow precisely, with confidence.

    Sincerely yours, EngineerGuy
    engineerguy responded:
    Hi Dolores,

    Oh, and do exercise. Exercise only on the days you want blood sugar to be in control. (Hearing that advice was when I decided to exercise every day.) (Sure, I miss occasionally).

    I recall that you exercise several times a week, but I am not sure. So, what I write below is for anyone reading, also.

    Start with what you are doing today. Just walking is excellentm to start. Very slowly, increase the exercise, first distance, then intensity. After you are confident your heart health has made some improvement (weight loss or cholesterol number improvement, etc), increase your exercise intensity, best by doing intervals. (More challenging for a short time, interspersed with easy).

    Imagine in natural or "primitive" times, before modern technology, and before heart disease. How many people then, did not have exercise in their daily lives? Exactly ZERO. Very true, today, exercise is not convenient. But today, healthy lifestyle is not convenient either.

    Bone crusher workouts are not necessary, for good health, and heavy workouts are hard to maintain. But do gradually increase aerobic and weight bearing exercise intensity. Get teh Fuhrman Osteoporosis DVD. Excellent discussion and 15 min workout tape!!

    Of course, I know you watch the salt. (LOL - I remember one of your posts, where you said I ruined you life, with my advice about salt, prompting you to give it up.) Watch the salt very closely, especially restaurant food.

    A cup of steamed greens daily? (I cook 2 large covered pots, with just enough water in the bottom so they don't boil dry. Then freeze in little plastic containers, for 2 weeks at a time.) Lots of mustard greens, collard greens, rainbow chard, green cabbage, red cabbage, celery, peas, garlic, italian seasoning, 4 6 oz cans tomato paste. Onions and mushrooms. I blend some of the onions. I blend some broccoli. Use the water and the greens. The greens are a little soupy, with the water. That's great. The water is very full of nutrition from the greens.

    Have you read Super Immunity?

    You saw the DVD "Forks Over Knives". I saw your post on it, on the Diabetes website. (They removed my post, saying I was "soliciting").

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    josvin84 replied to engineerguy's response:

    My best wishes for a quick recovery to good health. I hope to hear from you soon.

    DoloresTeresa replied to josvin84's response:
    Thanks, EG and Josvin for your good wishes. I do not know if I had a mild heart attack. Is going into v fib and needing a crash cart a mild heart attack? I haven't made up my mind yet about nuts. If I decide on eating them and I have another heart attack, you realize I am coming after you with a loaded pistol, EG. (By the way--my brother and I were supposed to drive from Phoenix to Salt Lake City in a couple of weeks but now he doesn't want to be away from a major medical center on one of those long desert highways with me in the car. So Salt Lake City will have to wait.)

    Best wishes to all,

    engineerguy replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
    Hi Dolores,

    Congratulations. I don't think you had a heart attack either!

    Fuhrman points out epidemiological studies showing fewer people diet of ventricular fibrillation, when then ate nuts. So, all the more important to eat 1 oz nuts & seeds daily. If you are concerned, just measure it out to be 1 oz weight, until you can estimate it well.

    Of course, we have both been Pritikin devotees, and excluded nuts, in the past. By the way, Pritikin folks have changed, to allow some nuts, at least they did while Jeff Novick was there.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy

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